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Sunday, February 10

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  • Sunday, February 10

    Paula, be sure to look at the last post for yesterday. I listed all the exercises.

    DH and I are both so worn out and I am over the construction, debris, interruption, and disturbance in our daily lives. Unless you have Asperger's Syndrome like me you wouldn't understand. Also, on top of being stressed out about the water tank being defective I had a blow up with the tile man first thing yesterday morning. He had told my dh the evening before that he would need the driveway to cut the tile and he wanted us to park on the street. Well, dh did not tell me this so I parked at the end of the driveway to allow room for the tank guy to get the defective one out of the garage and install the new one. Any other service trucks are not allowed to park in our driveway or on the lawn area, only on the street. Since the tile guy had all his tools in our garage already I figured he had everything and I could just stay in the driveway and he could park his long truck on the street. Well, he got *&^%* off about that and raised cane immediately. I told him I would park on the street, but I didn't want to. Long story short, he kept right on harping about it, I had a meltdown, he had a meltdown and threatened to quit. I told him we'd already paid him to do the job and he was going to finish it, and I was so upset that it took me most of the day to calm myself. I think we both shed tears. It was awful. We made up before the day was over, but it left us both scarred and he worked later than usual to hurry up and get this job done. He has stress going on in his life as well, but I could not for the life of me figure out why he needed that truck right in his face. I am the 68 yr old homeowner, the one who owns this house and sweated to pay for it and had to go to the grocery store yesterday afternoon and carry those heavy groceries in from the street with my bad leg dragging behind me, four trips. Let's put it this way, he will not get any kind of referral from me and in my book he is unprofessional and discourteous and rude. I could have had a heart attack from the stress he put me through. Anyway, he is going to finish this job and get the **** out of here. I wish my dh had never called his #. I spit on him.

    I hope all of you have a great day. Who knows what our day will bring.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning

    Ah, Karlin, what a stressful day for you....I agree , the man was very very unprofessional. and you have toooooo much going on all at one time.. isnt that just life tho"? never get problems or projects one at a time. they come in bunches.

    After we had breakfast/lunch together yesterday, Son Mike got off on airplane on his way back to Colorado.. texted me about 11 pm. he was finally completely Home.. we had both a wonderful week, and one filled with lots of emotion. "Mom" still gets the confidences that was stressing him ..and it helped him to talk out some Stuff... also he is very concerned when he sees how his Dad is growing weaker, thinner..and just plain older....plans to make more quick trips home..

    today is resting day.. not sure about going to church,,really cold (13)..and really tired.. made just cuddle down in the recliner with books.and the crochetting..The Lord will understand..

    be back to read..


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      It is an icy morning here. In the middle of freezing rain and my idiot granddaughter just drove off because she had to go to work. It is like she is fearless and she should know bad things do happen to people no matter how careful they are. She just had proof of that a month ago! She still thinks she is invisible! Plus you cannot reason with her. So guess I will just sit here and stew until I hear she is safe....or not. We have had the call before.

      Yesterday I had Andrew and his cousin Logan all afternoon. Their grandfather had surgery. I do not mind Logan and they entertained each other but they were not here 20 minutes before Logan had his pants in the wash machine. Freezing cold and they found mud. The Blues won so it was a pretty good day. Yesterday we played Nashville in St. Louis and today we play Nashville in Nashville. It is a rivalry and people travel to these back to back games like Cardinals Cubs fans travel between Chicago and St. Louis. I will be traveling to my chair to watch and on this icy day I may travel in my jammies and big red robe!

      Well Karlinann, you had a day! I have had run ins with repairmen. Years ago we had a guy doing a remodel who would not talk to me because I was a woman. My husband would go off to work and leave me to communicate and this guy literally did not acknowledge me. I bet his wife had a great life with that old poop! Hope you can get back to normal and relax. When you are being paid for doing a job the attitude should be left at home. And I sure understand hauling groceries without help!!!!! Enjoy your new bath and get your control back.

      Maye how wonderful your son spent that time with his dad and mother. You have a very loving family and yes, the Lord will understand cuddling down in your recliner.

      Well, Sierra just texted to say she has made it to work without incident. Hope others are as lucky in this mess. Not sure if Andrew will be back today. He is growing up so quickly and yesterday he was standing there and I noticed how he is losing his baby fat and slimming down, getting taller. No more babies in this house!

      Karlinann, hope the sun is shining and a warm breeze blows for you today. Maybe if it is strong enough it will blow up here and melt the damn ice!!! Spring Spring where are you?


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        Well, the wind from here won't blow anything but chill, maxie. So hope you get warm wind from FL from Karlinann.
        If you don't feel it, hot soup might do the trick.

        Yesterday went great! I was able to help and walk around without a limp and all the nerves and muscles were working together pretty well.
        The flowers looked good enough but you could tell they were done too early for a Saturday reception.
        I did not stay for cake. What?! It looked beautiful but that is one of the last things that usually gets done before the couple leave.
        I did talk with some friends I hadn't seen in a long time and that was the best thing that came out of all this work. That and the bride's sisters who kept telling Becky and me that no one could ever make it up to us all that we had done to help their mom.
        The girls just don't realize I could never do enough for this family to repay them for all they have done for us!
        When I was practically living at the REdding hospital for 6 weeks when our older daughter was in a car accident this family was reaching out to us and the kids at home and just doing things without having to be asked. They never said, Let us know if you need anything. They just showed up and did it. It was a great lesson for me in how to help.

        Church today and then home to do a little laundry that I would have done yesterday.
        Think we are having a chicken and biscuit casserole. Something hot and comforting.
        and, thank you for the exercises, karlinann.

        I best get moving and go put on some makeup and church clothes. (Nightgown is comfy but probably not my best Sunday go to meeting look!)

        I hope the Blues win and the winds die down, the ice melts and the sun comes out!
        The almond trees are blooming! So we really don't want any freeze around here.
        My cold seems to be a bit better (I am not coughing non stop and not sneezing at all.)


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          Those are indeed wonderful friends. I am sure your flowers were beautiful but to leave without cake? Not sure I could have done that!!

          You are a wonderful friend Paula...good friends make other good friends and people are lucky to have you in their lives!

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        Karlinann...I totally understand where your coming from and your melt down...I to have aspergers. May I asked when you received your diagnosis. I was in my early 20's

        I was supposed to go to the funeral home today for my friend from work who lost her father. Well everything is a sheet of ice. to the point that the funeral home actually postponed the funeral until 1. Mom told me I could go if my drive melted..I am not taking a chance at all...I am not great at staying up right on ice.

        I am volunteering at a very formal event in a few weeks...I thought that I had my outfit picked surprised me by helping shop via amazon and our phones this morning...she is having several shirts sent to me I will pick from them and we will return the rest. My kind of shopping.

        I am gonna get back under my covers as soon as I put my work shirt in the dryer.


        • karlinann
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          Beth, I am self diagnosed since 2015. My daughter is the one who told me about AS, cuz she has it too. She has it worse than me, and gets depressed, etc., but I have always been a positive person and do not get depressed. I do however have meltdowns, am extra sensitive, cannot deal with crazy people, am totally focused on whatever I'm doing, cannot stand a lot of distraction, noise, changes, and just chaos in general. I think we inherited the AS from my mother's side of the family. I will tell you how extra sensitive I am; I have very fine hair and if one hair falls on my neck after I comb it I can feel it and it aggravates me until I remove it. I'm talking baby fine hair. There are a lot of things that I'm sensitive to. I am sure I had it in my 20's too, but I was so busy bringing up a daughter on my own that I didn't have time to think about it.

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        Good Afternoon! The sun keeps peeking in & out, but it is still frigid. We are suppose to get some snow, but I'll believe it when I see it.

        Yesterday wasn't super productive at all. We spent the morning getting ready & then going to Blaise's first karate tournament. He did awesome! He got a 2nd & 3rd place. It was an in-house tournament. It was to introduce the newer students to how tournaments are done. Afterwards he went home with his Mom. Kathy & Xander came to the tournament. Cork & I then headed into town to pick up Corky's weekly supplies, then went out for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet. We haven't been there in a long time. We came home & I took a long nap. We had a relaxing evening.

        This morning was church & SS. Cork went & picked Blaise up btw church & SS so that Blaise could go to SS. I've been puttering in the kitchen preparing food for a customer & food for cards tonight.

        KarlinannÖ.lil' peace maker here....I know he was rude YESTERDAY, but remember how thrilled you were with him the days before & what a nice job he did. You were ready to tell everyone about him. Maybe he wasn't feeling good or something horrible happened at home before coming. You two were fueling each others fire. BTW...did the other guys charge you for having to replace the defective WH?

        Have a good one all! Stay warm.


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          No, they came out and replaced it promptly. They said that only happens once in a blue moon.

          I know I was so hopped up about his work and him when he first started, but I didn't know him. The more he was here, the more I found out about him. He is not a nice person after all. He kept us waiting all morning here and didn't even pick up the phone to call and tell us he was not going to be here today after all. Wouldn't you expect a phone call? To me that is a common courtesy. DH sent him an email this afternoon and he called and said he had some things to do and he would be here at 2 pm til 6 pm. He then called back at 2:30 and said he was not coming and he would be here in the morning. I let him know that he needs to be here by 9 am cuz dh has a Foot Specialist appt. at 9:30 and he cannot be late. We'll see. I do realize that people have stress in their lives and I sympathize, but I do not have the same feeling as when he started. He told us he has been doing the tile biz for 35 yrs and I'm wondering how. He has no people skills.
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        Good morning, everyone.
        i took a sleep aid last night, and woke up late today.
        Not much happening here.
        The weather temps are all over the place...60ís today, 50ís tomorrow, 70ís the day after.....itís really crazy. Can only wait to see how it will really play out each day. We still have little break away from the cloudiness. I need sunshine. ☀️
        I had 2 days of blocked sinusí....which produced nosebleeds. Also a couple days of tummy distress and running to the bathroom. Praise the Depends! I think that has more or less settled down now.

        Karlinann, sorry you went through that episode with the installer. Hope it will all be finished very soon, without further bother.

        Janet, Itís so nice when a visit goes so well. I am glad for you.

        Paula, hope your feeling 100% better by tomorrow.

        Beth, itís alway nice to have new clothes to wear.

        Cookie, you have a lot to keep up with. No wonder you need naps.

        Well, Iím really not ready to start the day. ☕️ Iíll no doubt find where I left my energy once I get busy.
        Hope you all have a good day today.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.