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Saturday, February 9

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  • Saturday, February 9

    Where to begin. We still don't have hot water. They came and installed a new tank at the rate of $720, and yes that was the lowest price going for install and take away. It was not giving hot water an hour after the guy left so we called back and another guy came and checked it and said the 1st guy had caused it to trip and he reset it and told us we'd have hot water in 5-10 minutes. It didn't happen and we called back. They are coming today to install another tank, cuz apparently that one is defective. I-yi-yi, it's enough to drive you insane, and the thing is when he emptied our old tank the water was boiling hot. He didn't know why it wasn't getting into the house and I've never heard of it so we're stumped. DH told them for the price we paid we need a new tank, because believe me they were going to try to troubleshoot this new one and we're not falling for that. I need something that is going to work for the rest of our lives. That shower was so cold that my feet were freezing afterwards.

    My wellness visit with my PCP was a real eye opener for me. My dr informed me that my bad cholesterol was still high, higher than the reading last year so I have to start taking the statin. He told me that I needed the med because of my arthrosclerosis and I asked him why he didn't tell me I had that disease. He said he had told me, back in 2015 he did a venous doppler and I had forgotten about it. I'm also supposed to be taking a baby aspirin per day and I didn't know that. I stopped taking the BA years ago becuz of the Naproxen. You should not take 2 NSAID's together. Now I'm no longer taking that med, since 2013, and my doc is the one who stopped it. I don't know if when he told me about my hardening of the arteries that I didn't understand him, (he is East Indian) or if it just didn't sink in, but I have got to get off the salt food and try to remedy this. It's scary and add to that the very frustrating episode of the tank and I was totally ready to scream by nightfall. Lord, give me strength.

    The tile guy is doing a great job and he will start putting the tile up today. It's coming together. He is giving us a break before he does the floor tile cuz we need it and so does he.

    Other than the bad cholesterol being out of whack my other blood work was fine. I learned some exercises to relieve the sciatic nerve pain from the nurse. She has had sciatic pain almost since birth and is quite knowledgeable. I asked her why doc didn't tell me about them and she said he's never had sciatic pain, but I do remember now that he referred me to the pain management doctor at the time and told me about the shots and some exercises they could do. Anyway, he is sending me to the pain management doctor for some injections. Maybe they will help. Hope so.

    I will have nothing on my plate today cuz I need a rest. It's too much happening around here and my whole being is off kilter. I need a zen day. Peace & Plenty.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Wow...days of cold showers would keep me dirty! I do not for the life of me understand why they charge so much to replace a hot water tank. But then you think about cold showers and I guess they know we will pay the price! Looks like you got some changes to make in getting your health fixed. I think sometimes doctors throw so much info at us that it just doesn't stick or it isn't what we want to hear so tend to not let it register.

    Today is going to continue cold but sunny. Tomorrow morning is a batch of winter precipitation. I am tired of being cold. Need to make a grocery run and the Blues play this afternoon. Yesterday i cleaned!!! Dusted, ran the vac, mopped. Kitchen rugs are still in the dryer because that was one trip to many to make down the stairs. The kitchen needs a good take apart cleaning but you just can't do everything in one day....but I used to!!

    Good to see you Sassy..Karlinann I love knowing you have been here and started our day. I refused to take the pain shot for my shoulder and suffered longer than I needed. Still bothers me at times like today after pushing the vac and mop yesterday. Get the shot and do the exercises. Good luck with the hot water!!!

    I should get going...need to be ready for hockey. Did you Hallmarkers hear there will be a Christmas movie every Friday night? Why do they make us so happy?


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      Good morning, Rounders.
      We have 39į outside right now, and Mother Nature will allot us only 65į today. She must be busy with all that snow in the NW. That storm will touch some of the area in N AZ,.....and I wonder if that part will get snow, or just low temps and rain?
      We will see.

      I didnít sleep well at all last night. Tossed and turned, got up for an hour, then went back to bed and tossed and turned some more. I donít know why. But I got up late this morning, and am not feeling all that rested. Oh well.

      Karlinann, sounds like those guys are making pretty good progress on your shower. Yes, a break from the noise would be restful.
      Your doctor sounds much like my onconcologist/hematologist.....Iíve managed to not see him for the past year or more. (He is also from India). When he went on a couple of trips, I managed to be seen by his assistant and she did a lot of research and I understood what she had to say. She is an NP, but SO good at what she does. She found my new med, created for my unusual conditions, plus made sure I got them at a reasonable price.

      oh, I followed up the medical call I got. I wonít be seeing her mid month, but a couple weeks later in early March. She must have gotten sick and had to reschedule everyone. That will be 2 months from my last lab work and follow up. It has been monthly, usually. But my lab work has been stable for the last several months, so I am not worried.

      Well, today will be another busy one. Trying to get stuff sorted, and keeping a close eye on E. He needs to mail his monitor back. But he gets about 1 pain a day that Iím aware of. Probably more if he is busy. I ask him to stop and sit with me a couple times a day, whenever I notice any ďsecretĒ distress. He does. So things are going slowly. His next appt is mid April, unless he will have to call the paramedics. Men!

      Not much else new. Sassy, it was nice to see your post last evening. You are a busy lady. Iíd love to see some of your craftings.

      To all, stay warm if you are in the northern states. WA and OR have several inches of snow. Paula, will the storms be affecting you very much? ☀️

      Well, wherever you all are, have a happy day. ☕️

      Maxi, we were typing together, but you posted first. LOL
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning..woke up in a mood to bake. I will see what I have on hand


        • karlinann
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          You can bake me a cake! LOL!

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        Hurrah! We have hot water! It took me all morning to decompress, but I'm okay now. Life is good again.
        "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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          So cold here! North wind that is making it seem colder...

          Karlinann, can you tell me a little of the exercises so maybe I can find them on YouTube? This pain started in October and it is not going away.

          We are taking some of the arrangements and bouquet to the reception and leaving in an this wind!
          The flowers did not come out at all like the pictures I saw the Bride wanted. However, when they got married on Wednesday in San diego that bouquet was falling apart! Both her parents told us different things about it but by like every time she moved petals would fall and by the time they were taking pictures on the beach the bride had Had it and threw the bouquet into the ocean!
          So at least this bouquet is together and very nice: just not the pale pink in it she wanted...blame it on the flower order!
          I had no idea how much a bouquet cost: $400.00!!!

          Ok, can I just say that I am going for the cake? No, really. Well, for the friends whose daughter is the bride, but I don't even care how much the cake cost. It is from the best bakery in Northern Ca and I figure for all the effort into making these arrangements and driving them down in this awful weather, whatever it takes to give me something to look forward to is OK.

          And can I just say I feel Awful today? If it were anything else I would be in bed all day. As it is, I have a mask which I will be wearing around people...ugh. We kprobably won't stay long enough fro the cake...

          Debbie Downer here, huh?
          Hurrah for hot water! I would be taking a sponge bath with water I boiled. I am not a hardy Pioneer type.
          Hope you all get through your day in a better mood than I apparently am in.


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            Paula, I hope you can get relief from whatever you caught (germ-wise) before the weekend is over.
            Get well.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              The exercises: Pegleg- while seated try to bring one knee over across the other one. Easy does it and you may not even get it upon the other knee first try, but you will be surprised how effective it stretches and loosens with repetitions. 2. While seated in an office chair beside your bed, facing the side of the bed, place your legs on the mattress and slowly bring yourself closer to the bed. I cannot do this one because our bed is too high. 3. While lying flat on your back on the bed bring your heel slowly back toward your body. Do this one slowly and repeat as many times as you can. Don't overdo. The last one I cannot perform yet, but maybe the pegleg will let me loosen up enough eventually to do it. Good luck Paula.

              ps When you do the exercises it's good to have someone press their hands on the spot of your hip where the sciatic nerve begins.

              Did you say cake. I would be so there. Girl I'm dying for a piece of chocolate cake, but I'll wait for Easter.
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              "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh