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Friday, February 08

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  • Friday, February 08

    Good morning Rounders! Well, our hot water heater went out yesterday afternoon. We knew it was living on borrowed time, but it's dead so we both had cold showers last evening. Brrrh! Actually it wasn't that bad because it was 81* and after cooking dinner I was burning up.

    They got the backer board up and things are starting to take shape. He made us a really good offer to tile the floor in there and we agreed, but we need a little break cuz this is tough on both of us. They keep the front door open all day going in and out, plus the noise and distraction. It's killing me and I'm so worn out by the end of the day. Golly gee, I just need a break. I'll find out today how much longer the floor tile will take. Oh, dh is going to ask him if he will pick up a new hot water tank and install it. I bet he will.

    Here is what happened yesterday: One of our neighbors pulled into our yard on his golf cart and started asking the contractor if he could cut some tile for him. He gave him an answer, but the know it all neighbor started arguing with him so the contractor came back inside. Then I realized who the neighbor was immediately and went outside and asked him to get his golf cart out of my yard. I told him I bet he wouldn't appreciate it if I brought a golf cart onto his purty green lawn. Not long after we bought this house he rode that cart into my yard and I wanted to say something to him that day, but I didn't. I had told dh that if he ever did it again I was going to say something. He made me upset then, and again yesterday. He is the neighborhood Know It All and I can't stand him. He, his wife, and the witch across the street are buddy-buddy. I'm sure the tongues were wagging yesterday after I ran him off. Oh, I can't stand him. Okay, I feel better. I apologized to my contractor if I caused him to lose a job and he said that he did not want to work for him. He understood immediately what the guy was like. I have found out from some of the other neighbors that he has keys to their property if something happens while they are away. Well, that is all well and good, but I don't need him around our property and I don't want his nosey self in my business. Okay, now I really feel better! See, I can let off steam same as anyone on this forum. Whew, I feel much better.

    Doc appt today for me, then pick up Rx for dh, then to Lowe's to buy a extended shower spray head for the new shower cuz if dh has to have the surgery he will need it, plus we are both old so we need it anyway. After all those errands I will go to Aldi's to get some food. I'll be exhausted when I get home and I just hope my sciatic nerve holds up for the driving and walking on the concrete.

    I've written a book. Hey, peace & plenty. I got 5 hrs of sleep. I cannot sleep good with all this stuff going on. I'll be glad when it's done.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...

    "someone" had the Tv running a wee bit too loud at 4am.. so I got up and set in my Lady Cave ,read, Someone snoozed away in his recliner..
    Glad to have you unload on RT...Karlin.. THAT"S one of the main reasons we gather together in this have a friend who will listen.. For Instance

    on one side of the house we have a wonderful neighbor... Kind ,considered.. helpful ( when needed). on the other side of the house is a neighbor guy. first class Know it all..! we live on a country road where a developer divided the lots into 1/2 acres and built a house on each one.. he had 3 different styles.. after they were bought , people added on to their own house.. this house had a big Deck added at the back .plus a big 2 car garage.. As we each mow. we are careful to mow your OWN lawn.. however Mr Jerk, always mows down into our yard about 3-4 feet.and around our pine tree.... making his property Look so much bigger. and since we don't mow the same day.. we always look like we haven't mowed...
    I want so much to tell him to stay on his own side of the "line".. but David won't let me.. says it doesn't bother him. grrrrrr so ,,, since I do like his wife I don't stir the pot ..we just don't mingle with them.

    I"m still crocheting .. have another crib size afghan about half done..can't hardly see a dent in the yarn Donna got me at yard sale.. good pastime.
    Son Mike has been here all week. and has spent a lot of time just setting in the living room, talking to his Dad. David Had test run yesterday..Just his Pcp getting new results to update his files (he said).. think he is hearing sounds in the heart and throat he wanted to verify. I hope Mike can keep making these "trips alone". as often as he can afford.. time is flying by..

    Donna, miss you week!.

    Hi gang.. be back later to read you daily news


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      Good morning, friends.
      Is it really only Friday today? Oh well, it promises to be a sunny day, and should jump up to 69° today. The sunny day is very welcome. ☀️

      Yesterday E spent much of the day doing taxes. Got those filed now, anyway. He uses TurboTax, which I had never used. I shall have to learn to do that sometime soon, I think. Just to know how.

      i did get 2 loads of laundry done yesterday. Also have another load to do today.
      Yesterday I also got Valentine’s Day Cards written out and addressed to family and my 2 closest friends from school days, plus another friend newly widowed. That takes a surprising amount of time out of a day. Not-so-close family and friends (those we rarely hear from except at Christmas) will get a “Valentine” via email. i just like staying in touch.

      Karlinann, go ahead and blow off steam any time you need to. We all have people in our lives who are hard to get along with, or just generally pests in our life. We had a neighbor like yours in the golf cart. He was always sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. He asked another neighbor how much we paid for our TV, as if everyone should have that info. He reported neighbors to the “neighborhood association” for any little weed he might see in their lawns. Because he professes an allergy to bees! He used to be a landscaper, for heavens sake! He now lives in a nursing home, and I haven’t met whoever bought his home. Anyway, I had to smile when you mentioned your golf cart guy.
      I do hope your work an gets your shower done quickly!

      Aunt Maye, it is nice seeing an early post from you. I saw another smaller bin of yarns in the garage. I should have my crocheting handy by my chair for my sittin’ down times.

      Hope all the Rounders have a good day today! ☕️

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning Thank God its Friday...I made it!!!! One more work day..then a relatively quiet weekend...We didn't work out this morning..the slow morning of getting ready has been really nice...I am not sure if I am being picked up at 830 or 845. I am also not sure who is picking me up....either my brother inlaw or my niece...My sister has the flu..her fever broke in the night but I hope she sleeps for one more day....Tomarrow I have nothing...then on Sunday I will go to the funeral home for my friends father..and get ready for my week next week. I am not sure when my co worker will be back..hopefully Monday but I don't know...Today is the pizza guys last day so we will be 1 man down every day..unless Chef hires some one.

        Last night was super nice...I had dinner with a group of friends..


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          Good finally Friday to you all!
          I say that while feeling Rotten with this new cold and still one more day to get through...the wedding reception. Becky worked alongside the florist/friend yesterday in her unheated garage putting the flowers together.
          I have the chicken enchilada all put together and in the refrigerator until it is time to heat it and take to the shelter. I wore a mask while doing it and may be wearing one tomorrow...not a great look, but I certainly don't want to be the person who gave the Bride or the new baby a cold!
          The Bride's sister-in-law and her mother are good friends of ours, too and they will be helping decorate the tables and the hall. No one wants to use the free church hall anymore so you have to make sure you have Everything ordered or take it with you. At church there are extra tablecloths, etc, if you decide to put up another table...

          Oh, that Noise of construction work of any kind, Karlinann! Roof work, duct work, installing the HVAC: all done while doing daycare as well as the last big thing, the plumbing and pipes. I am not a fan of all that noise,even though it means something new is coming.

          I have to go and try to put on a little make up. Don't want to scare the kids!
          I hope all goes well for you today and you enjoy yourself!


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            Hope you are feeling better quickly. So much sickness going around!

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          Good morning...cold out there and flurried last night. Not going to warm up much for the weekend but I have no place to go although I did see a rather large grocery list has grown on the table. Didn't I just grocery shop? Andrew did not eat much at supper but then almost immediately started snacking. I went in to watch hockey and let him go but this has happened a lot lately. We will nip it but not today...his grandpa is pretty sick in the hospital and Andrew adores the man.

          I don;t know what I will do today. Jon baked a chicken yesterday...I was not a fan of his spices but he always uses strange spices. He sliced a tomato yesterday and I thought it was sprinkled with salt and pepper so grabbed a slice and it was greek seasoning.....ewwww! Think I will throw a pork loin in the crock pot. Have no idea who will be home tonight.

          Cardinals are off to Spring training and the Blues won again last night. It is the team who gets hot at the end of the season and they are hot and maybe can get a playoff spot?! Anyway I am enjoying the games on the East Coast and they are early so do not interfere with my bedtime.

          That shower is going in quick Karlinann...boy replacing a hot water heater is expensive but necessary. A new tile floor would be great. You got yourself a great repairman! Jo, need to gather tax papers here but Jon took his in yesterday and they said the IRS is in a mess and there is no hurry to hurry and get the taxes filed. Also heard a lot of people expecting refunds are going to be in for a surprise. That is such a windfall for people and buys the extras...hate that the government has again hurt the poor. Maye, enjoy your sons is so nice he can spend this time with his Dad. Yay, Beth, it is Friday. This week has gone by fast for some reason.

          Well folks I got nothing but gibberish. Have a wonderful day and stay warm. 81* yesterday Karlinann? You are killing us stuck with 10s and teens!!


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            is the IRS problem due to the shutdown or to new laws and less money for us in the middle?


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              All the the IRS has been gutted of staff.

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            All I know for sure is that because of the shutdown, the IRS is in a mess that will take a year to catch up with and straighten out. I didn’t get any more facts than that. How it will actually affect the taxpayers we will soon find out.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              good afternoon everyone...
              I am here..I been so busy...working on Vintage Applique pillows..
              I just want to pop in..And "HI"...