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Thursday, February 07

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  • Thursday, February 07

    Good morning Rounders! I have never seen a construction guy who cleans up after a days work, but this one does and a fine job of it too. They got the demo done yesterday and did not run into any leaks or dry rot thank goodness. Today they will do the framing out with the backer board or concrete board. He is a great worker and I hope I can get him some more business in this community. No Maxie I am not getting a total new bathroom, just the shower. I hope I won't need to repaint or anything cuz I like the paint color on the walls, Bronze Eucalyptus. He is going to install 2 glass corner shelves in the shower stall. They are the thick glass like the new shower doors you can get now. Really nice, and he is throwing those in for free. I asked for a niche at first, but they are quite expensive and anyway I don't like how the water collects in those and gives mold a chance to grow. Anyway, we are both pleased as punch with the first day on the job.

    I have all kinds of flower seeds coming up, Vinca and Cleome. They are just popping up everywhere. The lady behind us has Azalea's in bloom and they are so pretty. Spring has sprung and I love it. It's so good for the soul. Yeah, I know it's not officially spring, but it still looks like it.

    No appts. or anything today. Spaghetti for dinner. Easy, peasy! I'll be back. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning, friends.
    We had 27į last night, and it is only 30į outside right now. Freeze warnings are up til 9a.m.
    It should eventually get to 53 or 56į today. And it will be a slow warming trend the rest of the week.

    i just heard that my grandson and his buddy drove to Flagstaff yesterday. A long drive. Skiing country. They skidded and totaled the car, but they are okay. They did not pack any warm clothing, blankets, food, etc., as they have not experienced snow like that before. Phx doesnít get much snow to speak of. Snow and ice was coming down. So DD got a gal to ride with her, packing hot chocolate, blankets, etc., and picked the boys up. Itís an experience I donít think the boys will forget.

    also yesterday, we had errands to run. It was a heavily overcast and dreary day, but got only a very light sprinkle of rain for 10 minutes or so. Hardly noticeable. I wore a sweatshirt and heavy pants. A stop at a postal store, a trip to the shoe store (I got a pair of New Balance shoes, and talked E into getting a pair, too), a trip to Target for valentines and cereal and chocolates, a stop for a meal, then drop off another big bag of goodies at Goodwill. Then home. It tired us out. But I got a lot of walking done, in the process, and that is good for me.

    Then as I was about to fall asleep last night, E said ďOh, there was a phone message for you about an appointment you have, but I couldnít mske out all of the words.Ē So today I have to call and see if they were confirming or changing my appointment for Monday.

    Otherwise, today we get back back to normal. What room to tackle next.

    Karlinann, Iím glad your shower upgrade is going so well!

    Hope you all all have a great day! ☕️

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good Morning! It's a foggy one and temps are warmer than yours JoG. It's suppose to get into the 60's today, and then plummet tomorrow.

      Yesterday was good. I spent the morning in town grocery shopping. Got it all put away, and then didn't do much of anything. Did cook dinner. Cracked nuts all evening & watched a cooking show series.

      Today I'm HOPING to get back into doing eyeglasses. Tomorrow morning a group of us are getting together & sorting glasses, and I was hoping to have this box of glasses done to take with me. Don't know if that's going to happen. I'll try.

      Got a call yesterday from my friend Deb S. We use to talk all the time, but now that the kids are grown and she went back to work, we hardly talk. Anyways, she ask to meet for lunch today, so that's what we are going to do.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning...I am surviving serving the full station 370 kids served lunch yesterday.

        Today is our busiest day of the week.

        Tonight I am meeting a group of friends for supper.


        • karlinann
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          OMG! You did good!

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        Cookie, the weather is really crazy, isnít it? Enjoy the warmer weather while you can.
        I do not like the colder weather at all, and will be glad when our weather gets back to normal.

        Beth, thatís a lot of kids to serve. Hope your day goes well.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning...Karlinann is having Spring and we are having temps fall to 10 tonight with a wind chill of -10. At least we missed the ice that was west in Missouri. We just had rain all day yesterday. Scott is south and sent a pic of his yard...looked like a lake! Weather is one extreme or another. I have an azalea but it won't be blooming much before May. Sigh...I so want Spring!!!!!

          Jon is off today so I will not cook. However, I do need a truck to haul the laundry down! How did that happen? And the little boy does not even leave his dirty clothes here...just his muddy imprint on the rugs!

          Nothing going on but laundry today. My hands ache a bit this morning so good thing no skill is required to fill a wash machine...this damp and back and forth cold is hard on an old body. Need to gather tax papers and see what I have. Sierra needs one more but my computer will not let her print it so she needs to go to school and get a copy. What is with a computer acting like that? Be happy when she gets hers back.

          Hoping you all have sun and warm today! No us...we can't seem to put the two together.


          • karlinann
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            It is probably a PDF file format and needs Microsoft Office or Apache. Apache is free, but MO is expensive. I used Apache for a couple of years and it's excellent.

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          It is cold here, too. We are just about the same temps as yours. Jo.

          I got all the peanut butter and chocolate heart cookies done up last night. boxed up and ready to be picked up. I also cooked up the chicken for the shelter dinner and this evening will put that together.

          Those bathroom guys sound great, Karlinann! We had roofers like that who cleaned up so well everyday!

          I have two big projects I need to get estimates on: a new bath shower like you are getting and new floors.
          I know a guy who has done remodels for friends but he is pretty slow....and I am not sure if he would just get in and get it done. The demo on the tile will be the first big expense but putting in tile was not a good decision and I did not have the information I should have when that was done. (Afterwards a friend told me the contractor should never have let me put down the end story is we have about 20 cracked tiles and rather than replace and continue cracking I am going to get new flooring.)
          Wow! sounds like I just made a decision...

          I just got a text that my first child will not be here today. He was up all night and the mom thinks he has an ear infection. One of the many things that can occur when they have a cold and a lot of congestion. Ugh. I am so ready for this all to pass!

          It did't help that my FL brother was posting photos all day of being at Disney World and it looked like a beautiful day! They had their granddaughter and it was fun to see her watching the parade and going on rides.

          I hope we all get through this winter and I hope you all remind me not to say one word when the temperature is over 100*. The shock value to post whenit gets Way over 100 is kind of fun, but I am used to it...

          I am going to cook up the ground beef for our spaghetti and look at my orchid blooming in the window and put a smile on!
          Hope you all have a wonderful day!


          • maxie
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            I heard on the news last night that several school districts have cancelled classes the rest of the week to disinfect the schools. Lots and lots of stuff going around!

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          Yes, Paula, weatherwise we are just about neighbors. I, too, wish the weather would settle down.
          I wonít complain about the hot weather when it comes, either. Well, maybe when it hits 115į or more, but that really isnít very often.
          When the kids are getting sick, do you have a humidifier going to keep the congestion at bay? Eucalyptus Oil in the water helps, too.

          Hi Maxie. My hands get a little achey, too, when itís cold. You had to mention laundry, didnít you. Now, I really will be sorry if I put that chore off again. I picture the people (on TV or in comics) who sniff the clothes to determine if they are clean enough to wear again. To me, that is gross. So that thought keeps me at that chore. LOL

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Thanks Karlinann. I will tell her and mention the Apache thing. I have some sort of Microsoft thing on mine but I know she has additional stuff on hers since it was bought for school and much newer than mine. If I can trip her going through sometime I will have her check it out...


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              Ok, I have lost a pair of jeans...don't laugh I know I have because I have two good pairs and one is gone. If you ask someone if my jeans got mixed in with their laundry you get 'NO' then 3 months later someone will throw them at me and say in a snarky tone 'these aren't mine'! And no they did not get left anyplace which reminds me of that line for the movie A SUMMER PLACE where Sandra Dee tells Troy Donahue she is a good girl. Saw that a while back and it sticks in my mind as hilarious fifties dialogue. I also remember thinking Troy was the living end and now I wonder where my taste in men was..ya know? Anyway I am just telling you I have lost one of my two pair of jeans and no one cares in this house but I wonder how fast they go through their drawers when I show up all dressed up in my sweat pants when we go out to eat? LOL..

              We have had so much rain there is seepage in the basement. That never happens. Pity the people who have a problem...we live on a hill! So the dishwasher is running, the wash machine running, the crock pot is cooking and I have had a over for me and it isn't even 11:00.

              Thank you for listening about my jeans because even if you don't care it is more caring than the people I live with give me!


              • Paula A
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                Oh my gosh
                So lol!!!
                Believe me, the pain of losing 50% of my clothes would get me into their laundry fast!