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Wednesday, February 06

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  • Wednesday, February 06

    Good morning Rounders! DH & I decided that we should get our master bath shower stall redone because of the age and the pitted grout on the floor of the shower. We called a guy who has an ad in our monthly newsletter and he came right out and gave us a great estimate. He starts today on the shower, but I had a leaky faucet in the kitchen and he went to Lowe's and bought the faucet and installed it yesterday afternoon. He just added the purchase into the price and saved me a trip. He seems very knowledgeable about tile work and is licensed and insured. He showed us all kinds of samples of his work on his iPhone. So, in a week we should have a new shower, fingers crossed. In the meantime we have to use the guest bath with the tub to climb over, but it's a sacrifice worth making for the greater good. This house was built in 1986 and even though we didn't want to put money into a remodel the tile is just worn out and if it should start holding moisture it causes black mold and we don't want that.

    Can you believe we had to turn the fans on yesterday afternoon cuz it was so hot? I managed to get all of my chores done yesterday, even scrubbed the shower, and today it's getting ripped out. Isn't that the way of it. I also managed to clean some of that mold off the ceiling in the Lanai, but I got vertigo and had to quit. I'll tackle that job later on.

    Hope to come back later and read up on what's up in your neck of the woods. I sure hope all the other Rounders start posting again. I miss everybody. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning.☕️

    Karlinann, thank you for opening this morning’s thread. You always sound happy, and it is an inspiration to my day.

    Yesterday I accomplished nothing! I don’t know what hit me, but I slept the morning away before I felt better. Then I found here it was lunchtime, and E hadn’t even had breakfast, sp I fixed him eggs, toast, and bacon. He was like Christmas hit him. I had 2 eggs in the pan ready to scramble, but I got dizzy bringing him his plate.
    So he got up and scrambled my eggs. that’s how my day went.

    This morning feels better. Even though it’s 44°. Now, will get to 52° later, then drop below freezing tonight.
    apparently there was overnight rain last night, and there still is a 40% chance of more rain during the day.
    I am getting tired of dreary days.

    So, anyway, I’m not making any particular plans, and will just see what today brings. I will try to accomplish something worthwhile.

    That said, I wish you all a good day. ☀️

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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good RAINY Morning!

      I loved yesterday. It was super productive. I baked off 2 more kinds of cookies and made 2 choc rolls. Then I put the finishing touches on all 5 kinds of cookies. Everything is now in the freezer and waiting pick up. One of the orders was for mini gobbs. I got the idea to thin the batter with a couple extra Tbsp of water & then pipe the small cookies on the baking stones. Worked perfect! The size ended up that they are a bite or bite & a half. I took a pic and texted it to the bride that's going to order this week, and she now wants some too. I also texted her pic of all the other cookies once they were done. Those cookies are for my God son's wedding next Saturday. It just feels so good to be caught up and able to relax. Do fun things like pay bills, do laundry, cook dinner, go grocery shopping. I all are jealous!

      Well to start off this fun day, I got Blaise up and we did his Math problems he got wrong AGAIN. He tries to do the work in his head & jumps to conclusions, and the answers are wrong. He doesn't want to show the work. He'll argue & argue with me until I write the problem out & we show the work. DUH! I'm not a patient teacher. I even tore apart a working clock so that he could touch the "hands" and see the answers...didn't work & now I have a broken clock. KIDS! Why did God give me a 3rd child to screw up? Did He think I'd get it right this time? I'm even more tired & impatient. Can I hide in your closet Maxie?

      This morning I'm heading into town to grocery shop and MAYBE stop at the thrift store. We'll see. Might even call someone to see if they'd like to go to lunch.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning...I will be serving and closing both sides of my station basicallly by myself. The girl that sets up and serves the other half is out the rest of the week due to her dad passing away.

        Today will hopefully be not as busy as yesterday. We served 405 people yesterday just at lunch. That was the most since Thanksgiving.


        • Paula A
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          Wow! That says a lot for the food you all serve!

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        Call me, Donna! I'll go to lunch! Actually, I am waiting for Becky to go to Walmart and get some cold medicine because my daycare has passed it around and back again. I Have to help decorate at a wedding reception on Saturday and I need to feel up to it.

        Jo, your temps are my temps! Right now it is 32 (!) and it will get up to 49...that is just Cold for us. My front yard gets warmer because it has full sun but the play yard is in the back and it is mostly in the shade (which for our Hot summers works well). We all bundled up yesterday and not one child took off their jacket like they usually do.
        But it is sunny.

        I love the Cookie Table that people do in your area, Donna, for weddings. And the wonderful variety of cookies that you make.

        Not much to talk about today. The trucks just went by so it it time to go bring in the trash bin. I had only one to put out yesterday.

        Karlinann, that new shower will be great! Take care while you are waiting for it to be done.

        All Rounders have a good day and keep a smile on your face


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          Donna, you are NOT a screwup. You cannot blame yourself for the kids’ shortcomings.
          You have given a lot of love time, and effort in teaching them all that you can.
          Hey, Becca is not a problem, is she. Kathy is genetically who she is meant to be.
          As for Blaise, he is a very energetic boy, and not everyone is a math wizard. And most teachers cannot teach the “why’s” of how math works; traditionally, they teach a lot of memorization rather than the reason it works.
          (E ran into a college teacher who taught the why’s of it, so when E had to teach a special math class to some military officers for a project.......and they (those officers) were amazed how much simpler it seemed. They thanked him for it.)
          So rather than pull your hair out trying to teach Blaise his math, ask his teacher to please spend a bit of extra time with him and explain the problems. Eventually you will find a math teacher who can do that.
          But overall, kids will be kids, and they will be who they are meant to be.

          Like me and my mom had differences. She thought I was majorly useless. However, I naturally had a different approach to accomplishing things. Plus, while I had a chore to do, she’s call me to be her “go-fer” every 10 minutes. Then I was bawled out for being too lazy to do my chore. Dad would come home and she would tell him to beat me for that. Fortunately, he let me explain everything, found no fault to beat me for, and tell me to go sit outsidetil mom cooled off.
          The point is, the kids will turn out very much okay in the end. They simply are who they are, and you need them to fit themselves in a mold that is accepted by society. Even your Kathy is pretty much okay, she is learning what it takes to survive on her own. She may need to be reminded of the limits you can help her with, and she will find a way to adjust.

          So don’t let the frustrations get to you. You are a very good mom. Okay?

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning all.

            I have been busy sorting and cleaning areas that I don't clean every week. And no, Paula, I don't have a buyer yet. No one around here looks at houses in the winter. The Realty agency tell me that it usually starts around the end of Feb. or first part of March.

            Today or tomorrow I want to get out in the big shed to sort some things. Also need to call the consignment auctioneer to see when they start back up selling things. I have been setting things in the garage that I don't want to take to F.W., but want to take to the auction consignment.

            Saw my spine specialist yesterday, and set up my surgery for March first. That will delay my going to F.W. to do some things up there. I need to look for a shed for the back yard, start taking down the fenced in back yard.

            So that gives you some of the reason that I haven't been posting. I have too much to do around here to set and type out a post. It takes me twice as long as the rest of you, so don't be offended if some of us are not posting like we use to do.

            Have a good day.
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


            • maxie
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              My sister has not had a house showing all winter either and my son took his off the market in December. They claim Spring will pick things up. Good to see you post. Do not overdo!

            • karlinann
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              Jostoy, so good to see you post. You know we are thinking of you and hoping you sell your house. Like Maxie says, don't overdo.

            • Paula A
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              NEver offended!
              Sounds like you have a good plan for the work you have.

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            It is a rainy morning here. So back to gloom but it did warm up through the night. Cannot wait for summer!! Can you imagine days and days of hot and dry? Heaven!

            Paula you ask who the designated survivor was yesterday....Rick Perry. And I will leave it at that and be thankful for a lot of things! It was a good night here because the Blues won. Andrew left early but other than sitting at the supper table I did not see much of him anyway. Guys ate and played WII. Tonight is the family meal so I have decided on scalloped potatoes and pork chops...Sierra's favorite. I waited around for her to go grocery shopping with me yesterday and she slept in. But she did help carry in groceries and that is the biggest thing for me. I can go and fill the cart up just is hauling it into the house that is the chore!

            Cookie, is he telling time? That is hard for some kids...that and counting money. OMG! we had the hardest time with those two concepts with Sierra. Andrew did ok with time but still cannot count out anything in change..does ok with bills but not change but then he doesn't deal much in change. He is into credit cards!! Has no idea of the concept of them either but knows they work wonders when he wants something. Sometimes it is a maturity thing with kids and it will click. We did several years of horrible math sessions with Drew but something has clicked suddenly and we do not even see math homework. And he got a B on his last report card. I swear homework is something sent home to torture parents! AND you are the right person to raise him because you are the one there working with him and worrying about him and the constant love in his life. And you did your best the first time but now have the experience to do it again. Homework will click when it clicks and maybe he needs another person to sit with him like his grandpa with a different perspective. My opinion of course but a grandma who has been there...only we did gymnastics and not karate! But you know what Donna? We did and we are still doing and maybe that second time is our reason...ya know?

            Saw a great sweatshirt yesterday. It was a picture of a rooster and it said 'You may think I look calm but in my head I have pecked you 3 times' Isn't that a hoot? I have a family full of women who would wear that shirt!!!! I love shirts with a message!

            Wish someone would bring my second cup of coffee so I did not always have to get up. So much for a relaxing retirement when you gotta wait on yourself. Have a wonderful day everyone...hope all the sickness leaves quickly Paula. Karlinann how lucky to find someone so fast. Something new to decorate. Bet you got ideas already! Donna I can be free for lunch too. Beth that is a lot of meals. Jo, have you thought about maybe having someone come in and help sort and pack? Take care of yourself and don;t kill yourself just trying to move into easier living. I came to the point where I just pitched stuff and certainly over packed and hauled unnecessary crap here. Get a dumpster and make life easy! Even had dumpster divers in that little town.

            So now I am really going to get up for that second cup and pull my thoughts together. I have a lot of thoughts you know...not much action but lots of thinking!


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              Maxi, yes we have. But we want to sort our stuff, since someone else may possibly toss or donate what we very much intend to keep. I am showing E, however, that I’m not holding on to that much, and he is very surprised. E may need further help in the long run. We have two daughters, and possibly a tall and strong granddaughter, who can deal with the packing for us.

              What is really slowing us down a lot is E’s possible heart problem. But he does attempt to do a bit every day in spite of it. I don’t like that he has to learn to “cope” with the worst of it in between. It was the paramedics, who told him how to, the first time it happened several years ago. They said there are 3 different things to try for relief. The doctors don’t seem to offer that advice, but that’s what is getting him through this waiting period. I suggested he forget the extra patches for the heart monitor, as his month is up already. The sooner he hands over that info, the sooner he can urge the cardiologist to see him. Men! So far, it looks like a 3 month wait for the medical stuff to settle. But E needs to be okay, healthwise. During that time...well, I will have time to deal with my stuff.

              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Maxie, your dumpster diver comment reminded me of when Spencer and Nikki we’re down to the wire on cleaning to move to Japan the second time: Spencer said he took loads to the dumpster and by the next load everything he had taken was gone! By the third trip a guy came up and asked what else they were going to throw out and offered all his help if he could have stuff and save some steps! I thought it was funny. Spencer said yes and two other guys came and helped and the job was Done!


                • maxie
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                  Goes to show that your trash really is someone else's treasure!