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Tuesday, February 05

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  • Tuesday, February 05

    Good early morning Rounders! It's 54* going to 71*. Even though it's officially not spring you can't help but to feel the spring in your body. It's waking up everything that has been in a hibernating state of calm; the birds, the plants, the humans. DH got to spend time on the porch yesterday enjoying some of that precious sun. It makes all the difference in a day.

    Aunt Maye I was nearly in tears when I read your post about sharing your and dh's time with the family and encouraging them to visit. I've never met you, but just from reading all your posts I can sense that you are a very kind and caring person. How wonderful that you have the vision to make his days brighter and to bring the family closer.

    Today my TO DO list consists of cleaning & laundry. Sometime this week I have to tackle that Lanai with a good bleach scrub down. It's the mold that grows on the ceiling where it leaks. That is one thing that drives me insane, but it would cost $1,500 just to fix the leak. I would rather have a new Lanai for that kind of money so I could put nice furniture out there and really have a place to enjoy reading, etc. Right now I'm using it for storage of the lawnmower, garden tools, dh's bike, and the workbench with all my seeds and hand tools.

    I'll be back later to catch up ladies. I sincerely hope that I will hear from all of you because you're a bright spot in my day. And Maxie you always make me laugh! LOL!
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning! It's now going to be wet & dreary for the next several days. Spring temps though. Strange. Just got my gas bill....OUCH! Those cold temps sure cost a lot.

    Yesterday was very productive. You know I like productive! I baked off 3 of the 4 cookie doughs, did up all the laundry, and even sorted and put away most of the laundry. Oh...and cleaned out & reloaded the dishwasher. My husband says he's been mostly doing the dishes & laundry, so I made sure they were both done before he got home. After dinner I took Blaise to karate. Came home and nestled down and cracked nuts while watching TV. Man it takes a long time to crack & shell a pound of nuts. It takes approx. 2 1/2 lbs of nuts in shells to equal 1 lb of shelled nuts. It's a lot of work, but then again I'm just sitting there so I might as well make myself useful. At WM the other day I noticed a pound of shelled pecans were selling for $11.49, so I'm saving myself $9.

    Today I hope to put the finishing touches on all the cookies, but first I have to bake off the last kind of cookies. Got a call for 10doz mini gobbs. Hope to get that batter mixed up and MAYBE baked off. Karate again this evening, then two nights off.

    I'm hoping to go visit my cousin Mike who's visiting Aunt Janet/Maye from Colorado Springs, CO. You get all those cousins together, and you never stop laughing. They like when their son comes to visit alone. Aunt J doesn't feel the need to super clean or worry about what to cook.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning.
      It is 54į, going to 62 today. And it will be another cloudy day for us.
      Tomorrow begins a 2-day stint of colder weather, and likely rain. Highs in the low 50ís and nights in the 20ís.

      Today I will be awaiting delivery of my meds from the hospital. I talked to my special-med pharmacist, I didnít want to wait til the last minute and I donít have appointments to take me out that way, so I get free hand-delivery.

      Yesterday I made a lot of progress yesterday with kitchen gadgets and stuff. I filled a plastic bag for Goodwill, and another one for trash. E also found two smaller bags full already in the trash bin. It is getting easier.
      The only thing is, I can not be on my feet long before I need to stop and rest. Otherwise Iíd have accomplished much more.

      E has been doing very little lately. Chest problems. He hasnít given up that stupid heart monitor yet, as he still has extra patches to use up. He has his personal blood pressure machines out. He has a smaller one that he intends to take if we travel. Things havenít been going well for him, but can I convince him to call or go to urgent care? Men! But he has been taking it easy, pretty much, and if he feels that need to rest, he probably should. That doesnít stop me from suggesting he gets the medical care he needs, though. I think I will go along to get the mail. His problem is worse when he has to bend and reach to get it out of the box, he told me yesterday. My problem is far less, I am just winded when I make the short walk there, and more winded when I get back home.....itís stupid, being so winded from walking just past 7 houses. I used to walk miles, with energy to spare.

      Oh well, I have no idea what today will bring. Maybe a load of laundry. I think I will make pasta for tonight. It is one of my very favorite foods. E likes meat sauce. But I am considering making small meatballs, too. While that is cooking, maybe I can reduce what is in the pantry and we can drop it off for the Community Food Bank.

      I hope everyone will have a great day. ☀️ I hope we get an early spring, seems we have had more than our share of dreary days.
      i am sipping my hot blackberry tea, and am contemplating breakfast.
      Whistle (or hum) while you work.

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Oh my. I wrote a book!
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          JoGee, I think you would benefit from a battery operated chair, like a Jazzychair. I don't know the proper name for them now, but my dad used one and he could go for a long distance outside. They use them around here to go to the grocery store and all the business's that are close to the communities. Why don't you check into it and save yourself some wear and tear. My dad got his for free and you may qualify for a free one. Just a thought. Oh, btw, it folded up small and only weighed 8 lbs and could easily store in his trunk.

          JoGee, I just went online and it's called a Hoveround. It says if you qualify Medicare will cover 80% of the cost and if you have met your insurance deductible your ins will cover the other 20%. It's worth looking into.

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          "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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            Good morning...I made mini meat loaves in my instapot yesterday...I was so proud of them..they taste just like my mom's This could be a good and bad thing!!! LOL I could eat a whole batch every day if I would let myself! I ate 3 last night and I have 4 left. 2 for tonight and 2 for breakfast in the morning....I know meat loaf for breakfast sounds crazy...but I rather have left overs for breakfast and breakfast for supper. Tonight I shall have high protein pancakes and apple sauce. If I have the energy when I get home...I could end up ordering pizza.. I have done that in a very long time....

            Work today..I am dreading....Tuesdays are one of the busiest days of the week....:/ I do really like seeing my favorite students though.


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              Karlinann, we have looked at some. One is self-folding, about 8 lbs, and can be taken on airplanes. It may be handier when we move, though.

              We have people who donít know how to park in driveways, blocking sidewalks. I donít dare use the street because people turn the corner there without looking, and driving far too fast.
              Another neighbor was riding his electrictronic chair and it turned over in the street. Two neighbor kids helped him get upright again before we could get to him.

              One thing, this new medication of mine....a side effect (one of a page full) is ďpossible weight gainĒ. I have gone up 25 lbs. it seems to have stabilized there. So I really, really need some exercise. Not at a gym.
              (Curves has exercise equipment made of lightweight plastic what do they call that tubing. I kid you not. It isnít stable. The receptionist has a home dyed bright colored hair growing out, a face full of piercings, and an IQ of maybe 20!
              The other regular gyms are all ropes and pulleys now. And those hurt to the bone when used correctly.)

              So, yeah, after the move we will look at them again. They are costly. I hope I can qualify for a free one. My heart rate hits 130+ if I walk a lot. This heart rate thing is new to me right now, and the docs think itís okay to just sit and rest when this happens.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Good Morning! I haven't looked outside yet, but I know it is cold and something was forecast to drop from the sky, depending on your elevation. Snow for the lower levels, but I don't think we are getting any.

                Beth, I received an instapot but haven't used it yet. Where are you finding your recipes? The mini meatloaves sound good.

                A second round of cold and fever is going around and the new baby and his toddler brother came down with it over the weekend. I am worried about the baby: RSV is not usually a serious worry Except when it is in a newborn. I am waiting to hear form the mom this morning.

                Aunt Maye, that is the sweetest surprise visit I have heard about in a long time! Enjoy the visit with Mike.

                I am off to start a load of laundry and clean all the surfaces and knnobs in daycare again. Clorox wipes to the rescue!
                I hope you all have a great day going and some blue sky showing!


                • bethina
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                  I find most of them on pintrist

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                Paula, you can Google sites for Instapot recipes.
                A few I found with recipes that look easy are:
                even has a few listed.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  Well, good morning! Back to cold around here...temps dropped 30 degrees yesterday from noon to five. It dropped 3 from the time I sent to the bus and was back home. Who needs this winter crap?

                  I have piles of laundry to do and this house needs a good going over. Rugs are muddy from somebody's big cowboy boots going in and out. The tracking that boy does! How can he get so much mud on a rug by walking OVER it? And where is he walking to find that much mud? I think Andrew is one of those kids that will always have a dirty face and track mud even when he is 50!

                  Need to plan some meals for the rest of the week and pick up supplies. Cooking is the one thing I hate more than anything!!! I have always been a bad cook and never cared to improve through the years. I am more of a eater!

                  My husband died at 49 of a massive heart attack. No symptoms no nothing just gone in his sleep. I had a granddaughter to raise and time passes quickly when you have a supportive, active family around you but to have the real golden years you and your husbands are having makes me envious. Take care of those wonderful husbands ladies! AND remind them they are so lucky to have you there to care for them.

                  Well need to start the day. I hate grocery shopping as much as I hate cooking but you gotta do what you gotta do. Blues play tonight so I have evening plans. Bet a lot of congressmen would rather be watching hockey tonight! I know, I had to say it!

                  Have a great day people. Maybe just one more cup of coffee before starting mine cuz it is cold out there this morning.



                  • Paula A
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                    Who is the lucky designated survivor?
                    I know what you mean about looking at other senior couples...