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Monday, February 04

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  • Monday, February 04

    Good morning Rounders! Paula you are one busy lady. JoG I'm sorry. I thought maybe we could get you up and running, but apparently something has been turned off. Maxie I love Kettlecorn too. And deep fried peanuts. Good carnival food.

    We ended up having bkfst for dinner last evening cuz dh did not want ribs either. He watched most of the Super Bowl. I started a new Ridley Pearson book, Choke Point, and it's so gooooooood.

    Well, we did get a little rain on Sunday, but it's not nearly enough. I should not have turned off the sprinklers, but I did hand water some of the plants. I will not turn it off again this month cuz Jan/Feb are the 2 driest months. According to the weather forecast we will be in the mid 80's by Friday. Maybe DH can get out and enjoy some of that sun even though it's only on the front porch. He has cabin fever. This past week he posted his ad to sell his PB racket. It cost $80 and the company will replace it for free if it tears up and that guaranty goes with. He is asking $75, but it's new.

    That's it for me folks. I'll come by later to catch up. Aunt Maye where are you?
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning.
    We didnít see the sun at all yesterday, but had light rain on and off all day. Also during the night, from what the weather app says. Itís actually too dark out to tell. But we might not see sunshine til later in the week. The temps are basically in the 60ís, but will drop to the low 50ís for a couple of days this week.

    It looks like I managed to get a larger type and a blue color to type in today. Yesterday it didnít happen, but today it did. How odd. But Iím happy with it. I wonder if the apostrophes will stay in? They usually disappear when I hit the Post key.
    I donít have the key for personal comments on someoneís thread, though. Instead there is a picture of a folder for citing infractions.

    All our trees are still bare. I hope to see some leaf growth soon. I really am looking forward to spring arriving. I donít care that it leads to a sizzling summer, Iím tired of the heating pad in my chair, and always feeling chilled. I swear, the home builders may not have insulated this house properly. I will be glad when we finish with this place and move on. My girls are all anxious for us to move closer to them. They actually said so.

    Well, a busy day awaiting. I have piled more kitchen things on the cart and counters and stove. I have oodles of more sorting to do, but itís starting to feel good.

    Karlinann, I never had deep fried peanuts. Sounds good, tough. Too bad itís not in my diet any more.

    Time for a bite of breakfast. ☕️
    Have a great day, everyone.

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! We are going to be warmer than you JoG. Today's high is to be 57. Mother Nature is bi-polar. Last week the temps were below 0 and school was canceled for 3 days. There was a lot of cars being washed yesterday.

      Yesterday was good. After church & SS, we met Kathy, and she took Blaise for the day. She was SUPPOSE to be meeting a friend at church & they stay, but that didn't happen. Cork & I then headed into town to the estate sale. Got a few items, but nothing major. I was thrilled with what I got though. Doesn't take much to make me happy. Came home & started cooking. Made stuff for Cork's lunches this week and a few things for cards last night. My Mom called & begged off playing with us. She wasn't feeling good. Becca came down to play with us. We played cards and semi-watched & listened to the game. I give the Rams credit for holding the Patriots to only 10 points.

      This morning we were suppose to go clean Mom's house, but since she's not feeling good, we are delaying it until next Monday. There was going to be 5 of us, but I don't know if we'll get all the girls to join us next week or not. So in the meantime, I'm going to bake today. I'm home ALL ALONE!!!!!! Karate this evening. Saturday is going to be his first tournament.

      Have a good one all!

      JoGÖ.last week I talked to my Mom about moving in here. It's always been my plan. We'd have to do some remodeling though, because I'd want to make it like a small apt for her. An area she could go to and have privacy with conveniences.


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        Good morning....I figured out how to change my font too..

        Yesterday was quiet interesting with adventures with my parents...we got Daddy's truck stuck in my sister's yard...

        Then last night Daddy accidently set the entire alarm system off on my house...on Saturday night I was laying in bed in the basement and looked out my egress with window and there was drone flying around in the back yard after dark. Scared us all a bit..what if they are looking in my windows? Then last night I thought I saw one but further I went up stairs quickly to tell my dad and he got excited and opened the window in their bedroom with out thinking..and the alarms sounded...the good thing is I had never hear that particular alarm and we now all know how loud it is that that I won't not hear it.

        Work and a trip to walmart this evening...then making taco meat or meat loaf for my evening meals for the week.


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          Well, look at that! I did it, too! I just wanted a different color. the bigger size font is helpful to me.
          JoG, you did great!
          Fried peanuts??? Sounds like summer, although I have not seen deep fried peanuts offered at our Fair.

          did I say I drove through the car wash yesterday? I could not wait to see if the rain would wash it all off and when I went out to the car to wipe it down the stuff was already setting up..ugh. So, after we took the casserole to the family, I drove back to our gas station and got gas and my usual car wash...the works which means wash and wax. And of course, it started to rain again, but at least the car was scrubbed and all the yucky stuff was off. I would not have been able to get the top cleaned off, anyway.

          Ok, this blue is probably too light What do you all think?

          Elaine Liked one of my Facebook posts, so I think I will post on her page. And I post on Sharon's once in awhile and she comments on Pat's page quite often. I always hesitate to ask someone why they aren't coming here like they used to...

          So rainy today. We have most of this week with rain coming.
          And kids are still getting sick. A mom texted me yesterday that her child was coughing and had a fever and wanted to know if any of the other kids had gone to the doctor or just waited it out. I know they did not go but I told her to maybe call her office because her chlld is younger than the others.

          My son Stuart called and said all three of their kids had missed some school last week and the kindergartener had been out all week! Cough and fever.

          I still have the living room floor to do this morning and start my day. I hope your day goes well and the chores fall into place.
          I have some kitchen drawers that I need to go through and clean out. What made sense at the time I put things in them does not work for me now and I have drawers with things in them that I do not use at all...

          That drone thing would get my blood to going too, Beth!

          Take care and keep on posting!


          • maxie
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            I also don;t want to ask why someone has stopped posting maybe it was something I said and I do know I prattle on and on and sometimes voice my opinion maybe to much. Anyway I hope they come back because they are missed.

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          Cookie, that will be so nice for your Mom.
          our first house in Phx had a large, odd room off the kitchen. I think it was meant to be a changing room for the people who were using the pool. It had its own half bathroom. I set it up as an extra single-bed and dresser bedroom, including a rocking chair and side table. Eís mom loved it. It gave her privacy when she needed it. She didnít have to wait for a bathroom which my daughters were constantly in and out of. She was next to the kitchen, so she could snack whenever. Of course it had a door for privacy. She said everything was so convenient for her.

          None of my kids have a guest room for us. So no chance of staying with them. Maybe it will change when there is just one of us.

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning! Today is haircut day...always a holiday for me! I have never had a deep fried peanut either...have to try those. Traveling down south you see boiled peanuts along the road..never stopped to try those. Seems there are a lot of ways to eat peanuts besides out of a can or as peanut butter. Who'd a thought!

            Temps have been in the 60s this weekend but today will fall back to normal with a cold front. What a shame when it is so easy to get used to springlike temps. Right this minute there are some birds making a racket. All the snow piles are finally melted and the sun has been a wonderful change. Not even thinking of a budding tree for several months. I am really hoping for an early summer.

            No one in this house watched a second of the football game. There is a lot of animosity of the Rams and their owner in the St.Louis area so if we were going to pick a favorite it would have been New England. Football is my least favorite just goes on and on and on and then a minute is finally off the clock. What a bore to me. Now give me a hockey game any day and I can sit through a baseball game every day. Blues play tomorrow and Spring training is starting in a couple of weeks. Remember in the old days when you had like 3 tv channels and on a Sunday all three had a rotten football game? Probably why they invented shopping malls and lifted the Sunday shopping laws.

            Going home for a haircut cuts my day so I will probably not do much around here. Finally took the Christmas table cloth off the table and pitched it. I never use a plastic table cloth but the finish of the table is reacting to the heat of bowls I guess. It was like new when I moved here but family living is hard on furniture. Anyway I have discovered plastic cloths this winter and they are pretty and bright and this one is red flowers. I even put a red runner on it with a big bowl of apples. Very springy and when I bought it I also picked up an Easter one and runner. Lots of people shopping Big Lots yesterday for Springy items. AND the Easter candy is out!

            Beth what a scare but aren;t you glad your dad did it and not you when he was there? Well need to get moving and start the day. Have a wonderful one each of you.


            • jostoy
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              Believe me, Maxie, it is nothing that YOU say to keep people from coming to the board. I always look forward to your posts just to get my chuckle for the day.

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            Beth, that drone thing could get scary. You might want a curtain or shade to cover your window at night, just in case it is a camera drone. If it comes to your window often, you might want to ask the police what you can do for privacy, and let them know if you feel threatened by it. Keep track of when it comes by your home and windows.

            Paula, the wash and wax job on your car was a good idea. The wax will afford it some protection from the bird stuff.
            Its nearly time to get a wash and wax on our car. When the birds return, we have one neighbor who feeds those pigeons and doves. But WE get a big mess on our car, driveway and garage. E ďtrainsĒ them, eventally, to stay away, by throwing rocks over the roof at them, or use the hose attachment so they get a power rush of water on them. Eventually they settle just on other roofs.

            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Jostoy! How nice to see you posting. How are you feeling? Have you sold that house yet?

              Maxie, you are far too funny to be insulting to anyone. And when you do, the insult is minor, funny, and you are just blowing off steam. . Just be you.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Maxie, the deep fried peanuts are so delicious. I first had them at a festival in TN. They are whole peanuts fried in those deep fryers and they put a spice mix into the oil. Oh the taste is wonderful.

                I sure hope I'm not the Huckleberry keeping people from posting on this forum and if I am I would hope that someone would tell me.
                "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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                  Never heard of anyone being a Huckleberry before. I would tell you if you were being one if I knew what it meant! Do they fry those peanuts in the shell? Do you suck the spices off the shell like you do the seeds of a sunflower? I love sunflower seeds and the salted shells but want to suck all the salt off and then am left with this soggy shell and still haven't hit the meat! Plus spitting out a soggy shell is pretty gross if you are sitting next to the guy doing it....ANDREW! Some looks, like shell spitting, are not attractive on grandma's.


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                    Maxie, didn't you see Tombstone, the movie, with Val Kilmer who plays Doc Holiday? He says I'm your Huckleberry in the movie, meaning he is the one who did the deed., or he's the one they are looking for. It's been a long time since I saw the movie, but it was great.

                    Yes, the peanuts are in the shell and yes you will want to suck off the salt and spices, plus the shells are edible. They are superb. They sell them by the scoop in a bag like at the baseball games. I cannot believe you have never seen them. Google them and see if they have a recipe.

                    Maxie, I just went online and looked at those peanuts. They sell them at Walmart. They are expensive no matter where you get them and they won't be nearly as good from Wally World unless you can heat them up.
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                    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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                      for what itís worth, Karilinann, I look forward to your posts and everything you are doing and reading!

                      now I really want to find those peanuts but I am not a sunflower in the shell person, so who knows? I buy the out of the shell pistachios and sunflower seeds. And if I could buy Hershey kisses that are already unwrapped I would do that, too.
                      jostoy, I hope you are well and the house is in escrow...
                      see you all later!


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                        Karlinann, I also look forward to your posts. Thank you for starting our daily threads with a ray of sunshine.
                        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                          Good late evening

                          IF anyone comes in and reads... let me add my todays chatter.... I love coming to this " home"... and the original idea was to talk back and forth and
                          get to know each other... to let off steam and to ask for advice and in general enjoy our time here. and I do all of that.. Karlin I love having you asking for me... I know I am wanted and missed... ! each Rounder here is special...

                          I have skipped some days . because... Grandson Michel who lives in Arizona surprised us Sat evening by coming to Pa to watch super bowl with his Dad... and to visit all relatives for a week... however that puts "my" time out of rhythm... I love having him here ..alone... Hubby David is 87 and slowly siding down hill physically ( and mentally,, as I am too).. and I have ask our children to visit NOW ,this old age stuff is crappy.. ... but making the most of it

                          It is time for me to go to bed ,as hubby gets up early and always manages to wake me too..
                          hope to check in earlier tomorrow..