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Sunday, February 03

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  • Sunday, February 03

    It's Sunday, 63* going to 71* today with 70 % chance of rain. We did not get the rain yesterday and I had turned off the sprinkler system thinking I would save us some water. Drats! I am going to hand water some berry bushes today cuz I don't want to lose them. The GH definitely did Not see his shadow here yesterday. The sun did not pop out until after 2 pm and then it was for only seconds.

    Today I will go shopping at Aldi's and that is about it. Ribs for dinner for dh and something soft and easy for me. My tummy has been so upset this past week and I've got to get it right.

    JoGee, when you click on the tab to start a post does the letter A pop up in a square at the top right of your post block? Click on the A to change your font, letter size and color. There is a clipboard to the left of the A and a smiley face to the right of the A. If you don't see any of those 3 squares I don't know what could be wrong.

    I saw the Robins yesterday when I went to the mailbox, hundreds of them. They come thru every year at this time. It is something to see.

    Peace & Plenty
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Maybe those Robins are gathering to head North since we are going to have an early Spring! Yahoo!!!!!! It was so warm yesterday with all that sun. We went to the River and saw the is full of ice and you can see the runs of the barges. Lots of people were out looking at the ice and the birds. There was even a guy selling kettle did not have to leave your car! You know we were in that line! Who does not like kettle corn? Then off to buy groceries. Once home I ordered my pizza and watched the Blues win. it was a good day and did not require a coat. No plans for today but laundry and cleaning. I have to clean this joint! Need to empty waste baskets since tomorrow is trash day. Jon baked a chicken in the crock pot last night and left a huge mess that I refuse to clean. I will go back to bed and lay there all day before I clean that mess! I am not the maid even though I am the maid but it is the principle of the thing...ya know?

    No sun but it is warm. This weather is wonderful and people are shedding coats for shorts. I know, crazy midwesterners but weather changes so fast around here you gotta wear your shorts when you can. Me, I will stick to my sweats for another couple of months!

    Have a great day and hope your temps are spring like and the sun is shining. Enjoy!!!


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      Good morning. I havenít gotten out of bed just yet. I will soon. My parents are coming just for the night. I made a cheese cake in my instapot yesterday. I canít wait to taste it. I promised mom I would save it for them to try. They will pick me and the cheese cake up. We are headed to my sisters to share cheese cake. Us girls are going to Joann fabrics. My mom and sister are making nieces prom dress. I am picking out the fleece for a lap size blanket for my granny. I am wanting to get the stuff for my sis to make me a couple bracelets. Mostly I just I want to spend time with my family.

      Tonight I will fix dinner in the instapot. I will either make spagetti or taco pasta. It will be my dadís choice.

      First I need a grilled cheese for breakfast and a shower.


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        A grilled cheese for breakfast? That is just crazy Beth! I have having kettle corn...makes much better sense! LOL...

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      Good morning.
      i have lost track of the time this morning.
      looks like there were some overnight rainfall, but not very much. It is supposed to be a rainy day today....the clouds are all in place to make it dreary, but they need to let go of the moisture. Possible light showers tomorrow? More rain due Wednesday, they have forecasted. We will see how that plays out. Temps dropped to the 60ís, but Wednesday and Thursday should be in the low 50ís. The weather is crazy.

      I think I will throw dinner in the crockpot today. I plan to be busy today.

      Karlin, I see those squares, tried to use them, but nothing happens. Iím trying again today, and will see what happens.

      Maxie, I hate washing pots and pans. We have an understanding that I cook, I load the dishwasher, and E washes pots and pans. Kettlecorn...I can take it or leave it, but I have to spit out the kernels. (I have IBS .... no seeds or nuts allowed in my diet.) But I prefer chips or crackers to popcorn, always have.

      Beth, Iím sure the cheesecake is good.

      To all, have a wonderful day.

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        good lunch time! Just got home from church, changed clothes and sat down here.

        We took two elderly women to church today. They happen to be neighbors though neither knew the other (one jus tmoved here form AZ).
        Because one is on a wheelchair I decided to park as close to the door as possible instead of the middle of the parking lot where I usually park (to be able to just drive out and not backup). OH MY GOSH! WE came out to what had been a clean car to a car Covered in Bird stuff!!!
        I don't know why but I Hate seeing it all over and kind of feel like it reflects on me rather than on the birds. I will be driving through the car wash a little later. It is supposed to rain again, but we took umbrellas to church and did not need them, so I am not taking the chance that stuff is going to dry on there. There are some blue berries on bushes right now and my car is a hideous colored mess...
        Sorry for that little tantrum.
        The robins will be arriving here very soon and we have to be careful where we park at my house and at my mother's house.

        Maxie, I love kettlecorn! Around ere it is sold at the summer Farmer's market held mid week and after work. all this is by explanation as to why it is usually too hot to stand in the longest line at the market. I have made it but nothing beats that guy with the big kettle scooping it out for you. Your having him sell it at the car would definitely beat it! Enjoy!

        We had pizza yesterday, too. Celebrating the new smart tv we bought. Becky hooked it up, and it almost looked like a bad decision as we kept getting the message our internet was not a strong enough connection...which when we used our Wii to view Netflix was strong enough. I had received an email form Amazon saying I could buy something from them and Remembered I already had been given one! Fire Stick and remote? It came with something, and I had not opened it. It worked! Thank Heaven Becky is a read the instructions and hook up stuff kind of person. I am a look at the picture and try to do it and then call someone in frustration kind of person.
        Yay! the new tv is great and we watched The West Wing and are super happy with the purchase.
        Now to figure out where to store the other tv until I have someplace to put it. It is 43" so it doesn't fit anywhere until I am not doing daycare. It just looks a little off to have such a big tv in a daycare. Not really a good perception that either the provider is watching shows all day or I am having the kids watch shows...

        It is a cookie baking day here. First we are taking the dinner to the family with the sick mother and then I am mixing dough for the peanut butter cookies. I bought Dove hearts to put on them. Becky is making a chocolate chip cookie with pretzels and caramels in it. Her prep is to cut up the Kraft caramels and break up the pretzels.
        The chicken was baked this morning and now I just have to put the ingredients together in the casserole.

        Beth, I can't wait to hear how the cheesecake turns out!
        I hope you all are having a good day and enjoying sun if you see it (we don't) and staying warm and dry, if you are like us.
        I did not make it to the library but Becky said she would go for us if I just tell her what titles I want her to look for. at the moment I am still reading the WWII book, A Higher Call. I tend to slow down when I get towards the end of a book if I don't have another to take its place.
        Check in with you later.
        Hope Aunt Maye is having a great day!


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          I wonder how Jostoy and Sharon are doing. I also miss Elaineís posts.

          Paula, those cookies sound so good.
          Never park under trees if there are birds nearby. (I wonder what scared our birds off? There are no signs of their returning.). Donít take their mess personally. Like anyone would ďdecorateĒ their car like that! Not! Such delinquents they can be, right?

          Karlinann, it seems like those things arenít changing anything in my posts. Oh well.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.