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Saturday, February 02

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  • Saturday, February 02

    Happy Groundhog's Day! It's 60* going to 71* today with 100% chance of rain. If I were a farmer and was guessing on it I'd say old mr. Groundhog would not see his shadow today. It has been overcast for 2 days in a row and with the predicted rain I'm thinking we won't see the sun today. Also, when I went out to get the mail yesterday the birds were twittering and hopping around, just hundreds of them. If that isn't a sure sign of early spring I don't know what is. My dh is from PA and he does not believe in the GH method of determining early spring. He says it doesn't matter, it's still 6 more wks of winter. Mr. Analytical! LOL! I do believe in the farmer's method of prediction and they predicted a hard, cold winter for 2018/2019 didn't they? There are all kinds of signs to use to predict the weather, from onion skins to rings on caterpillars and I know they are true.

    OMG, I love the Ridley Pearson book I'm reading Parallel Lies. Actually I'm almost finished with it. Aunt Maye, I tried the main library thing several years ago where you could go online and download books to read, but my computer told me there was a risk of not being secure so I didn't pursue it. We don't have the guy in the station wagon that goes around from place to place and we only have two library branches. Every website I've been on for e books says it's not secure and I don't want to get a virus.

    Today I have laundry to do, and clean a little around here and take care of dh. He is doing a great job of icing that heel and it looks like the swelling is down, but he says it is still very painful. He is also going through PB withdrawal.

    That's what is happenin' around here. Be back later to catch up. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning and Happy Groundhogs day.

    We never did get the forecasted rain. Just the clouds and dreary days. Today will be the same. Our high temps dropped to the 60ís, but nights are warmer for now.
    For what it is worth, there is a 90% chance of rain for tomorrow. To believe, or not to believe ó- that is the question.

    I was surprised to see that E put the heart monitor back on. I guess he is going to use up all the monitoring patches. I also guess that means his blood pressure is high enough to worry him. Men! You have to prod this info out of them. I told him if he dies on me, I will never speak to him again. (He loves my sense of humor, anyway.)
    So yesterday evening he went to the grocery store. With the groceries he picked up, he also got me a card thanking me for being a good wife to him. He is a sweetie.

    No special plans for today. I guess I will make a pasta dinner, since he bought some nice lean ground beef. We will discard a few more things....the trunk is full and Goodwill will love us.
    Also, E bought all our girls some pretty things to carry .... those noisy things to keep them safe. I need to address the boxes for E to mail.

    That is all my news for today. Have a wonderful day! ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      That pic of the GH and the sign and recipe are too good. What a trip! Thank you for making us laugh.

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    Morning...guessing no shadows today since it is foggy out. Warm and foggy beats cold and snowy! No big plans for today other than I am going to get that pizza. Andrew wanted to go to Golden Corral and I despise that place. Oh I love a good buffet but the place just creeps me out so I stayed home and ate crackers....tonight the Blues are back after a long all-star break and I am going to sit here and eat pizza. AND I do not care if I am sitting here all alone. In fact I prefer that because no one will be around to count the pieces I eat!

    Yesterday Sierra wanted to see where she would be doing her internship so we took a drive. It is a 40 minute drive but straight down the highway and one turn off the exit. Looks like she will be carrying a lunch but it is a nice new building. It was a nice break since I had not left the house since Monday and she was gabby. Of course we took my car since she needed gas...Funny how grandma always has a tank full of gas. You can count on it!

    Karlinann your world is always so happy and content. Jo your E is such a keeper. You are lucky ladies!


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      What is her internship?

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    For what it is worth...... officially, the GH did not see his shadow.
    Plus, a more sincere sign of spring, in Pennsylvania someone sighted a rare cardinal, half male and half female by itís coloring. If there is a bird around, it is a sure sign of warmer weather in itís wake, right?

    Karlinanne, Iím glad you enjoyed the pic & recipe!

    Maxie, thank you for the compliment. E certainly is a keeper.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      If he sees his shadow, spring is just around the corner in 6 weeks. If he doesn't see his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter. Works out the same, but it's fun.

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    Good SUNNY Morning! The GH would have seen his shadow here, but they are about an hour north of here.

    Yesterday was OK. Didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I did get the laundry done, and made 4 Samoa pies. Blaise wanted his friend Lawrence to come over since they had no school again. Blaise was being a butt for a while, so I ask if they'd like to made some sugar cookies, which they did. Things smoothed out and it was a pleasant last 2 hrs. For some reason my lower back started hurting really bad, so I didn't do a whole lot the rest of the day.

    This morning I'm going to a funeral. My cousin Roy's wife's Dad died, and we are close to Beth. I wouldn't do this for any other cousin. Cork is taking Blaise to karate. I promised Blaise BK and a movie once I get home. Not which one we are going to see. There is a dog one & one about a kid who becomes a king. His choice.

    Would you believe it's suppose to get up to 40 degrees today. Over 50 degrees warmer than just a couple days ago. CRAZY!

    I'd like to stay home with a pizza all by myself too.

    Have a good one all!


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      I hope he chooses the kid who becomes a king (pulled the sword out of the stone). Let me know how You like it, Donna.

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    Here is a picture of the rare cardinal spotted in Erie PA.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good late Saturday morning. 11:18 and Becky is asking when can we go to Walmart. I just got home form a nail appointment and wanted to sit here for a minute.

      Jo, we bought some pepper spray for Becky to carry when she walks out by the diversion dam in town. She feels safe enough but much more with it in her hand. Around here you are pretty safe in the public parks and walking areas. Up in Redding it is not as safe in those areas and no where is it safe to go off on trails that Used to be safe! Changing times...

      We have rain today and no one is seeing their shadow.
      Remember how I said last week I saw a pink haze in some orchards driving up form Sacramento? Two women who came into the salon asked us what trees were blooming?! That whole orchard is solid pink with blossoms as they drove up yesterday. I guess it is an almond orchard because nothing else blooms out this early and this is early even for almonds.

      We also have a low snow level predicted with the rain we are getting! Down to 500' which will do a lot of damage if it gets to the valley.

      For our shelter dinner next Friday we are making a chicken enchilada with green sauce. And making one recipe of it this weekend for a sick family at church (it is a mild recipe). Mostly it is the mom who is sick, but now I am second guessing the choice. I just don't have a lot of ideas when I have so many htngs in one week: 4 dozen cookies for the luncheon, shelter dinner and a new baby and now a dinner for tomorrow. (Becky signed us up and she will be making it, I think.) Oh, and the big one: the wedding reception with the florist leaving town the day before the reception! I knew there was something that was looming over my mind.

      Ok, we all agree we need some sun and warm weather! Or, a hockey game and pizza...I say whatever it is, do it for yourself. I plan on buying some kind of flowers today. A plant or a bouquet...probably a small tea rose that can sit on the table.

      I am taking a trip to the library today. You all have given me so many new authors to choose!
      Love to all!