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Wednesday, January 30

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  • Wednesday, January 30

    Good morning. ☕️
    I am surprised not to see someone here yet.
    January is nearly over. I hope February brings relief from the frigid temperatures that most of you are experiencing.
    We are still seeing plenty of clouds, but temps are good here.

    Nothing much new here. Finally got my laundry caught up.

    Wishing you all a good day. Stay warm, and stay indoors. ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Oh my, I am so used to Karlinann getting us up every morning! I hope everything is ok in her world. Ours is freezing! Every school in the 2 state area is cancelled and I just read on face book that there will be no mail delivery. That is ok with me because I was not going to walk to the mailbox and bring it in anyway!! Temps this morning were -5 and wind chills are -25. The high today will be 8. Even had some flurries yesterday to add insult to injury with more of those coming this evening. Winter is just a miserable season and I can see absolutely no reason for having it...and do not tell me it controls the summer bugs because we still seem to have plenty of them in the summer. Burr Burr Burr!!!!

    Since it is so cold you can be sure that I will not be leaving the house. Sierra is off on Wednesdays and the campus has been closed so maybe I can get her to bake some cookies....warm the house up a bit anyway. Jon is off to work. I could make a pot of stew ...better decide soon.

    I have nothing to talk about but my cold nose and toes. Am very thankful for a warm house and looking forward to those warmer temps this weekend. Stay warm out there!!


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      Editing a comment
      Oh shoot....I was going to say about the bug control.

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    ☃️. Looks like we were typing together, Maxie, so I merged the threads.
    I hope Jon doesn’t have any problems driving to & from work.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Yes, I hope all is well with Karlinann, too. And her DH.

      I shared a post on Facebook that is a school superintendent and principal doing a musical School is cancelled post. So good !
      Maybe not as good when you aer the adults having to deal with the kids and the cold, but if you want a little positive entertainment, go check it out. For once I did not tag my principal son or others.. Stuart is not a singer and I didn't want any shaming comments, even made in fun.

      I will not talk about our weather in deference to the misery so many others are dealing with.

      Yesterday was a mix of really good (I love the new arrangement I thought up for the daycare) and not so good( baby and toddler crying at the same time!). but our outside time was good and I had a few thoughts on how to make the play area better. Right now the two cars and one truck I have for the kids are not being used and I am going to put them away for a bit. When it rains they get muddy and wet and right now I am having to watch out for bird droppings so putting them away for awhile will help in a couple of matters. In rearranging the room, I moved storage drawers and found some of the favorite toys under would hav ethought I bought new toys! So, putting things out of sight for a bit keeps the excitement going when they see them again.

      Maxie, I saw that the postal workers will not have to be out in this cold. I feel bad for mine when he has to come up to the mailbox just to deliver some piece of junk mail!
      cookies sound like a good was to warm up the house today.

      Becky decided since we were asked to make cookies for the luncheon she will also make them for the shelter. I had totally not noticed that the shelter dinner is next week along with helping our friends with the flowers for their daughter's wedding reception. I guess it is a good thing that my tax appointment got rescheduled.
      Last night we got a call first from the florist friend saying she is leaving on Friday to go to her daughter's. That was the day to do all the flower arrangements! So she wants to make the sprays and corsages on Thursday...which was the day the flowers were to be delivered...What?! I mean how do you do that to someone?! Of course the next call was from the father and mother of the bride who said they needed to this time I was sincerely regretting asking the florist to help, but Dan mentioned he was the one who came over to us and asked her. Whew! It doesn't change anything except to rev up the anxiety level. Praying that the floral sprays will stay good from Thursday to Saturday! Nothing like stressing the mother of the bride at the last minute! And I have no other people to call on to help us out...

      I hope you all keep power and stay warm.
      Stay healthy, of course, and stay positive! (easier said than done, I know.(


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        Good FRIGID Morning! School was canceled for today by 4:15pm yesterday. Makes it nice when you know you don't have to set an alarm. But did I sleep in? NOOOOOO!

        Yesterday was good. Ran into town first thing to pick up a few items ($90 later), and then home to mix up cookie dough. I got the sugar cookies & gobbs baked off and both iced. Still have 3 kinds to go. I just feel a HUGE weight off my shoulders knowing the GH cookies are FINALLY done. I even have an extra dozen now. Had a nice long chat with my Mom. We whined & moaned together. I even mentioned about her moving here. Not yet. She definitely doesn't think Kathy is ready for Blaise. Karate last night.

        I've been hustling around picking up. My niece is coming & my SIL is an immaculate housekeeper. Don't want to be too embarrassed. We are going to bake & cook together. It'll be nice having her here & w/o her Mom fussing over everything. I know we are making an apple pie & orange chicken. Not sure what else we'll get into. Her choice.

        I hope Karliann is OK….where are you? Wonder if Pat will pop back in. Sharon is missed too!!

        Have a good one all!


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          Good morning Rounders! Yes, we are both okay. I was so into that Thomas Perry book that I read straight threw until 8 am, and then I made a quick trip to Save-A-Lot to look for some discounts, but they didn't have a thing. Bah! Critchity! It is so cold here that I think my blood is congealed.

          Had a scare from one of the trash guys. He came to the door and knocked very loudly and when I opened the door he asked if there were any diabetics that use insulin/needles and told me he got a stick in his leg and he had his belt unbuckled and was going to show me the place on his leg and I told him not to take down his pants. I also told him that we didn't use needles and it may have been a broken pickle jar and not to worry about contamination from needles cuz we don't have any. He apologized, but gosh he was talking so fast and dh was in the daggone shower and you know it was just so much drama. I told dh what happened and he said I should call the waste management and report him, but I hesitate to do that cuz he was truly scared that he had gotten a needle stick and he is very young and I wouldn't want anyone to lose their job. If we have any problems in the future we will call.

          Got to get off here. Laundry awaits. Did I say it's freakin' cold today. Can't get warmed up. I'm wearing a hoodie too.
          "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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            I bought a bag of some kind of Hershey hearts that I taste tested. Yuck! Not a full on Hershey miss type chocolate so I will be using them for daycare and will look for Dove hearts.
            i just want to bake cookies but by the end of the day that energy is Gone!
            Karkinann, so glad you are ok. Good plan with the garbage guy.
            our trucks have things that come out and grab the bins.


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              Paula, if you have a can of frosting and a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips.... and a small heart cutter.... this will make a fudge.
              melt the frosting and add the choc (or whatever flavor you have), stir til melted.
              pour it in a thin layer, whatever looks good to you, into a buttered pan, and let it set in the fridge for a while.
              cut out the hearts to place on the warm cookies. The warmth will melt it just enough to make the hearts stick.

              oh, you can reheat the scraps to make more hearts, or pour into a buttered custard cup and enjoy when set.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                thanks, Jo!


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                  Good Late evening

                  in case anyone reads this,,,we are still alive.... thank the Good Lord the electricity is still on .. so furnace is running right on schedule. because it is COLD OUTSIDE..... I did not stick my nose out the door at all..... I had an appointment for test today. but cancelled that at 8am... told the sweet lady scheduler that 85 yr old ladies have no business out on the roads ... if the car would have trouble ,I would be sunk & frozen..... understood , she says. and gave me new appointment.

                  so I spend the day reading, crocheting, sweepering. mopping. laundry.. etc etc... btw...Karlinann ,, which book of Thomas perry's were you reading... He is one of my very favorite authors. have read 22 of his books and only one has the bad sign marked beside it (dead aim).even tho' i did not Dead Aim.. his writing style was still great..

                  Donna, I will be back!!!..I miss chatting while you bake and I make grease balls.

                  I am a journal writer... have them in notebooks. by the year. and once I got the computer, printed off and in folders. so when we have a weather question , I grabbed some of the older ones and read what is was like way back ....that's what I'm going to as I head for bed. grab a handful and read Jan in them.

                  Paula, good idea ,put away toys ,and get out like they are New ,,,couple months later..
                  Maxie, I see you belong in my Club,,,,, the I HATE WINTER one... I like living in Pa. and I know that things likes like plants need a rest.. BUT..does it have to be this Cold?....

                  see you tomorrow. if the power stays on...