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Tuesday, January 29

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  • Tuesday, January 29

    This month is slowly coming to an end. Every time we drive down the main road here it seems the traffic is multiplying faster than there is room to fit it all. In other words we've outgrown the city. The worst thing about it is that when the traffic light changes people won't accelerate. They are so s -l - o - drives me insane. Or the other thing is they will be talking on their cell phone and not see the light changes. Yes, and they keep expanding all the communities to make more homes for people to buy. Where is it all going to end? Maybe they will invent the flying cars that you see on the futuristic movies that run on a sort of monorail like they have at Disney World. Also, the roads are in very bad condition this winter. Lot's of pot holes.

    I awoke before midnight and couldn't go back to sleep. I think it's the Thomas Perry book I'm reading. It is so thrilling that I can hardly put it down. I was going to save it for last, but I took it with me yesterday to the doc's office and got engrossed in it. After coming home and getting DH squared away, laundry put up, and fetching and carrying, and putting dinner on the table I just read the rest of the day until bedtime.

    Aunt Maye I am a crafter who fell in love with crochet back in 1987. A little lady from the church where I worked taught me how and gave me my first crochet hook, size 7 steel. I started out making collars, doilies, and filet crochet edging. I didn't learn to make afghans until a few years ago. I bought up a bunch of yarn at the thrift shop and learned how to make a granny square. I made a small afghan with the yarn and it was pretty, but it was an odd size so I gave it back to the thrift shop to sell. I love those old fashioned granny sq. afghans, the ones made with wool. I had to stop crocheting because I'm now allergic to the fibers from the yarn. I learned how to do Plastic Canvas about the same time I made the afghan. It's fun, but pulling that yarn through the plastic made me even more allergic. I had to just stop.

    I'm going to go drink my coffee and read some more. Maybe I'll go back to bed. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Morning all

    It's been a while, so I thought I'd check in and give an update.

    We received a letter from our landlord on the 15th stating we have to vacate our rental house by March 1st. After 4 days of panic and being unable to reach the landlord (and searching everywhere within a 100 mile radius with zero luck), our landlord indicated he has another property we can rent. Same price, so no deposits. It's a 3BR, 2-1/2 bath townhouse which took damage from the hurricane. The roofers were there Sunday replacing the roof and once that is completed the landlord can begin replacing the sheet rock and painting. We are hoping it will be completed in a couple of weeks and we can begin moving.

    Chris is in his last semester at the local college and will graduate in May. Erin, unfortunately, decided college wasn't for her and dropped out - thereby losing her financial aid and scholarship. *sigh* She's living at her Granny's because we pretty much kicked her out because she will not get a job or go to school.

    Our plans to move down South have been tabled for now due to the hurricane. My hometown is - for a lack of a better term - completely WRECKED. It's so sad. Recovery is very slow.

    I think of you all often. Does anyone hear from Elaine? Perhaps I should send her an email.

    I'm off to do some work. Y'all have a good 'un.
    The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.


    • Paula A
      Paula A commented
      Editing a comment
      I saw Elaine Liked something of mine onFacebook. It was a memory of Gary.
      So happy to hear from you here and to know that your housing is secured.
      Prayers have ben answered!

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    Good morning! I was in the office for something and decided not to go any further until I stopped in here. Usually I am back and forth between the kitchen, the bathroom and here.

    Pat, most of us have had to have one of those moments with a child: You are an adult and must start acting like one. And thankfully, the ones I know of have all come around.

    Karlinann, the fires here have impacted the roads and traffic in Chico so much that the news is talking about it a lot! More accidents; much longer waits to get through traffic lights (Becky says this every time she goes to chico) and just so many more cars on the road. The majority of those who lost their homes have relocated to Chico because of jobs (many worked there to begin with).
    And that is the other huge impact: jobs. People who had jobs in Paradise are now looking for jobs in the surrounding towns. Becky has been looking for a part time job until grad school starts in the fall and every where she interviews they tell her they have 5 times the applicants! She is now narrowing her search to jobs that require degrees...she has an interview with the City of Chico today. I keep telling her something will come up or she will have more time to volunteer. Type A personalities have a hard time with that!Wait and see was never anything she liked to hear as a child.

    I made corn pudding yesterday and my two toddlers loved it! I wanted some comfort food to go with the soup I made.

    It is 48* now and it will be 70* later. I am so excited to see the green haze as the little buds are starting to show on the trees.

    I have to go rearrange the daycare art area. I didn't realize one of my toddlers could get into the drawer with the crayons. He doesn't want to draw, but sure loves to grab handfuls of crayons and throw htem all over...

    Speaking of afghans, I saw a darling baby set that Judy Garcia crocheted onFacebook and ordered it from her. One of my first daycare kids is going to be a father. He and his wife have been doing in vitro and are finally waiting for a baby girl that is due in about a month.
    When my son Stuart was moving to Las Vegas for his first teaching job, I contacted Judy for ideas on apartments and other low price housing. I knew her from the site I met Pat on; Judy sent them all kinds of apt listings and information and really helped. We have never met in person, but then saw she was also here.
    I love my cyber neighborhood!

    I have been getting messages on my phone and have lost my train of thought a bit so hope this doesn't sound too confusing.
    Look how early I started and it is now 6:45. I have to get my you know what in gear!

    I will be back and it was so much fun reading all the posts that came in throughout the day and evening.
    have a good day!


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      Good morning. ☀️
      Looks like a “partly cloudy” week ahead for us. There is some promise of rain this weekend and/or after the weekend. But the chances percentages are low (for now), so I will believe it when I see it. Yes, the clouds can lie.
      so a few more days in the 70’s, then the temps go back to the 60’s. However night temps are up in the 40’s, so it feels like we will have an early spring??? I did get the seed packets for the multi types of tomatoes in a cherry tomato size, and the round lemon flavor cukes, which family gardner’s will be getting very soon.

      Hi Pat. It’s nice to see you posted here again. I am so glad you have found a place to move to. I think every family has a kid like Erin. My son is one. He thought we would support him forever. We made him get out on his own. Not without telling everyone he knew that he had the worst parents in the world. He finally married a gal several years older than him. But she tells him what to do and he does it.

      I wish judy Garcia was still around here. We did meet her....Nalani, Judy, and I met for lunch one time. We had a great time. Judy shared many crochet patterns and recipes here at the RT.

      Not a whole lot new here. Time for my hot tea and whatever I decide to call breakfast this morning.
      much to do here yet.

      Have a great day, everyone. ☕️
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Morning! And good morning Pat...good to hear from you. I wondered how recovery was going for you. After the storm passes we do not hear much about the recovery. We have been wondering about beach sitting for a couple of days this summer.

        Maye, I am a crocheter. Gave it up a few years ago when my hands got so sore but boy do I miss it. Funny you should ask about those who do cuz I have been thinking of picking up some yarn and trying again. I was only crocheting afghans. I was taught by a lady at work who would sit at her desk and crochet. One day she brought in a hook and skein of yarn and started teaching me. I loved it! The shocker was when I found out my mom knew how to crochet but had stopped years ago and only sewed. She started up again for a while when she saw me do it. She made afghans too but you can tell mine from hers because her tension is much tighter than mine. I have been wanting to start again and now you really have me wanting to go out and buy a skein of yarn. Never could knit but I have a niece who is a beautiful knitter and she was taught by a lady she worked with.

        Paula the school does everything with e mails and texts and that is what made Sierra so angry yesterday walking in the one bothered to do anything but post a note on the door. Work communicates with her through texts. Anyone remember letters and ringing phones?

        Well, it is cold out but not as cold as tomorrow morning will be. It was nice to snuggle in and not get up this morning. Sun is shining now but flurries expected with another blast of cold air moving in this afternoon. Coldest night coming up! Makes me happy to warm my mattress up and crawl into a nice snugly bed. Also has me dreaming of a beach vacation. We had thought Disney but more new attractions are opening next summer and we may wait another year to go back. I have been reading about some kid friendly resorts but Andrew would need a passport. If I ever took an adult vacation I would love a trip to Cuba. i have talked to people who have had cruise ship stops there and they were not impressed but there is just something...maybe years of reading gangster books?
        Going to put a roast in the crock pot this morning. Last night everyone took a bowl of chili and went to their own special corners then Jon and Andrew played WII. He dug through the games and found baseball and bowling from when he was a little guy and they have been playing every night. The yelling sometimes! Father/son rivalry at its loudest.

        Since I am starting a little later should get moving. Need to get the crock pot cooking. Probably call my sister. Need to check with the computer repair guy since I have not heard back from him about Sierra's computer. Have a wonderful day and hope the sun shines and the temps rise!!!!


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          Good Morning! It's snowing lightly & the sun keeps peeking in & out. We are getting ready for the deep freeze too, but I don't think it's now coming until tomorrow night.

          Yesterday I spent a good part of the day icing GH cookies. Got them done around 5pm....FINALLY! The kicker? I'm a dozen short. Rattin Fratzin…...GRRRRR!!! I did stop for a bit to go in for a requested parent/teacher conference. I don't know that it solved anything. I love his teachers, but if he's not going to make the effort, nobody can do anything. He said a couple hurtful things, and btw that & frustration, I came home a shed a few tears. Took him to karate, and we had a nice evening together. He apologized. He thought I knew he was joking, but I don't think so.

          Kathy is talking about taking him back....I think I told you about that yesterday. Anyways, I think if she does, I'll be asking my Mom to move in here. We get along. She frets too much about house things. She won't move here though until Blaise is gone. Might give myself a few months without someone extra to take care of though.

          This morning I ran into town to pick up testing strips at WM and some groceries at Aldi's. Now to start mixing up some cookie dough. Have to get those sugar cookies done by the end of tomorrow. Karate again tonight.

          My niece texted me last night, and she's going to be coming tomorrow to bake. She didn't go back to college due to panic attacks & depression. She's now job hunting. I think she's going to find living at home is more stressful than college. LOL!

          Nice to see you Pat! You know the hell we lived through. I feel for you.

          Have a good one all!


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            Glad to see you Pat! I am in mood today..everyone at work is. Tuesday is the worst day of our week


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              I got a text asking if we could make 4 dozen cookies for a church missionary luncheon.
              i think I will do some family favorites like peanut butter chocolate chip or the oatmeal chocolate chip ones.
              For Feb 8.
              The new range and oven are great! I hardly need an ex use to bake but it feels good to have one!


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                I just thought of cookies;
                peanut butter with a chocolate heart instead of a Kiss in the middle..,
                ok, I am done now.


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                  That would lovely, Paula. Perfect for February!

                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.