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Monday, January 28

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  • Monday, January 28

    It rained all day yesterday and it was a day without sunshine, so Maxie and Cookielady I feel the pain. Now I know some of the withdrawal you girls were going through. I even trekked through that mess to get our groceries for the week. It was not raining much when I went in, but when I came out it was pouring down.

    JoG, I am so glad you checked in with us and that you got home safely. I'm also glad your girls are going to help with the moving process. I have moved many times and the older I got the more tiring it became. Are you renting PODS, a moving truck or moving in your car? Tell E if he starts seeing red spots he needs to let you know so you can call 911. I found that out years ago from a lady who used to mow her own lawn and was in her '80's.

    Doctor appt., lunch at Sammy's Italian and laundry. That's my day. Peace & Plenty
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning.

    Karlinann, thank you for the uplifting comments. Moving, at this point of life is a thankless job. When we finally clear out everything we wonít/canít take with us, we will decide how we will move. I will insist he not drive the truck or do the heavy loading/unloading....there are guys you can hire to do that for you.

    E thinks he has an SVT problem, and it hits him about once a day. He needs either some ablation done, or meds. I am urging him to pester the cardiac doctor NOW rather than later. He doesnít see red spots. Another bad sign would be seeing triangular spots and lights. He thinks if he calls 911 he will get better and more immediate service than the cardiac office. He just needs to do something, or I will go nuts.
    Yesterday he brought in the small suitcase we used, and put it on the bed to empty. But came and sat in his chair til the breathing issue passed. So I emptied the case while he rested, and put the suitcase aside. I did much of the carrying of boxes and bags to the kids, and the girls were quick to relieve him of whatever he lifted up, unless it was in a smaller package.

    In a a few weeks I will see my oncologist/hematologist, as I have developed a breathing problem (before my last appointment it was just getting tired very easily) not unlike Eís problem. But I pace myself so itís not so bad, bit it is getting worse. It might just be another side effect of the med I am taking. It has many, many possible side effects. I will have to speak with the special pharmacy as well. Both they and the doc have questions I must answer......I take it that itís a relatively new med, targeted specially for my internal health issues. (Myelofibroses and polycythemia vera).

    Well, today itís definitely a laundry day. I donít know how it fills up so fast, itís like someone else is also wearing our clothes.
    In between loads I will be finding other things to discard from my stashes of stuff.

    We were amazed how much fun the girls were on this trip. And the granddaughters as well. Two granddaughters are doing art projects that they will frame. One I know is an outstanding artist. The other has just learned the joy of doing art. That will be our moving-in gift when we get there.

    Another DD, her daughters in-laws think we are a Jewish family. They are Russian-Israeli Jews. But after DD hurt her leg in a fall, she quit waitressing and worked for a Jewish seniors home, and learned a lot. The old people got a kick out of her respecting their holidays and bringing in kosher homemade treats for them. So when the MIL breaks a rule for her own convenience, our girl catches and questions it. Today DD is making a Kosher ganache to go on the gluten free chocolate cake she made last night. Itís for one of the in-lawís birthday today.

    Guess i had better start my day. It will be a long one. I slept only 4 hrs last night. Iím thinking of making chicken veggie soup for today. Maybe cornbread with honey butter to go with it.

    Have a a great day, everyone. ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning! It is a rainy morning and as the temps drop is suppose to switch to flurries and usher in the coldest temps we have had in 5 years! Well, isn't that special? Today I am going out to grocery shop and then not leave the house for the rest of the week. I even planned meals! Will run out and pick up that Kohl's order, bring in the groceries and make a big pot of chili. Planned meal #1!

      I agree with where does the laundry come from! I have always said we must be the cleanest or the dirtiest people in the world. I did two loads of darks and two loads of towels yesterday....even caught up most of the ironing. Still have Jon's shirts to go over quickly.

      Jo so sorry E's not feeling well. It will be nice when you have downsized and have the move behind you. Take all the help you can get! Once you have the stress of the move over you may both feel better and be able to lay back. The move before coming here was a downsize and it made such a difference in my life. To have days where you can get up and do nothing because there was nothing to do! And you will love being part of your kids and grandkids lives. I never miss a little league game....of course he never misses me when he is selling something! Just relax and do not over tax yourselves getting the move made.

      Well, if I am going to do all this running around I had better get that second cup of coffee in and get moving. I like to glump in the morning and even if I have an early morning appointment must get in my glumping time! Even when the boys were little and off to school I had to get up early for my coffee and glumping time. That is my time with you all! So have a great day!


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        Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday it started out with blizzard conditions when we were going to church, but then the sun came out about 11am, and was out for the day.

        Yesterday I helped with the Meat & Greet lunch after the late church service. I'm on the committee. I took home the leftover frozen turkey & gravy from the Thanksgiving meal we hosted on Thanksgiving Day. Made it up into the turkey & gravy to go over biscuits. It was a big hit last year when we did it for the first time, so we decided to do it again this year. We weren't sure how many would come since last week there were hardly any people in church due to the weather. WRONG! We served 85 which was only down about 15 from usual. Not many brought dishes to share though, but there was enough for everybody. I had opened & heated up a couple big cans of veggies. Got home about 2pm and was exhausted. Took a nap. Didn't do diddly the rest of the day.

        This morning Blaise & I slept in. I turned off my alarm & fell back to sleep for another 90 minutes. I didn't wake up until 8:35, so we definitely missed the bus. Got him to the school by 9:00. Oh well. We didn't even sleep in that late on Saturday when we could sleep in. The plan for today is to finish icing the GH cookies. We'll see. Karate tonight.

        I got an email & call from a bride having a wedding in May. She's living in Delaware, but they are having the wedding here. She wondered if I could make 800 (66 doz) cookies. Well, I just got done making a little over 800 dozen cookies, so I can do 66 doz. So this will be my 3rd wedding order! I've never made all the cookies for a wedding! Will have to start up one of the freezers again.

        JoG...moving is very strenuous. Hire someone. You definitely need family to help. Have you decided on a place yet?

        Have a good one all!


        • Paula A
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          Ok, I better get my order for Lady Locks in NOW!
          I will check the dates and email later today...

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        good morning! I guess I never got here yesterday. I was rushed in the morning because Becky had to be at church for a planning meeting and I didn't have to be there. I got dressed and drove her over and then came home and got my things ready and picked up a lady who needed a ride to church...

        I made a turkey and wild rice soup yesterday. It was so good!

        Karlinann, I will look up the Redwoods park you are talking about. We pay parking fees and a daily usage fee for Whiskeytown Lake. I think it is a State park...National Forest area, so it could be a federal land area? Anyway, with all the work involved to keep these areas clean and usable I think they should charge a fee.

        Karlinann, which James Patterson did you find? I used to read all his books but then he started getting too graphic for me. I have some here and I don't read books over again; I will let you know which ones I have and I can send you any you haven't read.

        Of course, that means AT: After Taxes! This is my final push for numbers. I ahd so much to do on Saturday and Sunday that I told myself get those things done (helping some friends and church work) and then this week is for tax search. It was easier when I could do it online but with having to get a new account in November it means I had to request paper copies of the old account and go over each page for food, supplies, utilities, etc. Anything that can be used as a deduction for the daycare business. Thanks Heaven for great accountant. He knows the daycare laws and keeps current with them and they change every year!
        I remember last year he told me that one of the changes going in would actually cost me some money this year and that is why it is so important I find all the deductions I can.
        The big stuff I always find easily, but the little things like cash purchases at yard sales for daycare or donations that I made only once are things that in the past I didn't need to list...

        My son took his family to the Holocaust Museum this weekend. It was about the only one that was open in the Smithsonian area. He said they spent 3 hours there and could have spent more. Boone, almost 13, said he felt so sad seeing what had happened to so many. At the Korean War Memorial, he said he couldn't smile for a picture because of the somber feeling he felt there. I am so thankful that he could feel that way...I remember at that age reading Anne Frank and then other books about the Holocaust and feeling that same way.
        They spent the weekend in DC and Spencer said they walked just over 12,000 steps each day!

        As I wash and put away clothes I am trying to take out items and bag them up. I haven't received notice of the donation truck coming but I am in the mood thanks to your posts, Jo, and decided to get a start on clearing out space.

        Becky is off to Chico today and tomorrow for tests and interviews. Finding part time work is really hard with all the 12,000 displaced people from the fire areas looking for jobs. Well, not all are looking, but you know what I mean.
        My college friend just told me they are actually looking out of the area at homes. They had said at first they would rebuild in Paradise, but the reality of how long it will take to get a town up and going is giving them second thoughts. They looked in Eureka and now are looking in the Pismo Beach area. Shannon said now is the time to find a coastal home and she wants to pursue that dream. Her husband works as a representative for the Republicans to the Cal. Teachers Union and he can do that from anywhere, He is a retired educator in Special Ed and always has been active in local politics is right down his alley. Like Shannon said, he would have done it for free!

        Well, I best get a move on. My first child called insick last night but I still need to turn lights and unlock the door.

        It has been chilly in the morning but the afternoon gets up to 70* so I am not complaining about the morning temps at all!
        I hope the storms and ice are passing you all by.
        Jo, glad you had a greatvisit and glad you are home.


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          Cookie, we have 3 places in mind. E wonít make a decision until we are ready to pack. Once we get rid of the excesses, the girls will come and help. We have slowed down in the process of cleaning out the place, with much more to discard yet, because he shouldnít be doing the lifting and stuff that sets off his heart rate. Even packing the car to visit our kids, I carried everything out and handed it to him, so there was no bending and lifting for him.
          But with help standing by, I think we both have more incentive to finish up here.
          If we make a decision on a place now, they wouldnít hold a space for us if we arenít moving in right away. With three places to choose from, we should have a good chance on our time schedule to have a good space.

          Paula, our relatives are in the Great Lakes zone. My brother is near Detroit/Dearborn area, and has had 10Ē of snow this past week, with another 6Ē imminently forecasted. That is more snow at one time than I ever remember.
          As for AZ, we are having low 70ís for a week, with 40ís at night. Then a forecast for a day of rain (Mother Nature will decide if she wants to bother or not). After that itís all going back down 10į for a week or so. We will see. I figure your weather and ours is fairly close. Flu season has hit AZ......hope you guys donít have to deal with it.

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


          • maxie
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            With a kid in the house we have been dealing with some sort of sickness since November. Thank goodness he is bringing it in but keeping to to himself! I sanitize everything.

            You will be so happy when the move gets closer. Glad you have help lined up...wish I was closer to help with the pitching. I am a great one to haul it to the trash can!!!

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          Thanks, Maxie. I appreciate the thought.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Back from running. My son is putting on a pot of chili and I put the grocery's away. Now to start a load of laundry and call it a day! The wind has really picked up and the temps are beginning to drop. It is suppose to be really windy the next couple of days which is why the wind chills will be -20. But by next weekend into the 50s! Mother Nature is a crazy woman!!!

            Sierra got to school and there was a note saying class cancelled. Makes her mad when they are that inconsiderate especially if you are walking campus in the cold and rain. So she helped with groceries and went back down for a nap. She has a headache and cold so hope she isn;t coming down with something. When Andrew is sick he goes off someplace like a wounded puppy but she wants attention. One is like his dad and the other like her uncle.

            Picked up a box of cakes you microwave in a cup. I like hot cake and hope this hits the spot. Wish I could still buy cider but that is seasonal around here and I guess everywhere. There used to be a coffee shop back home that mulled it...OMG! to die for. Anyway, think I will microwave a cake and fix a cup of coffee. Two cups of goodness!!


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              Hot soup and chili weather! We went to the chili cook off Saturday but I had eaten so much before that I was t hungry. Just visited around the room. Of course after I got home I wished I had at least brought home a piece of cornbread. There was so much of everything and not nearly as many people as usual.

              Flu and colds have been light n the daycare. One boy came today with a cough that sounds bad but he is t coughing non stop so I just keep out of his way.
              Sanitize is the word of the season, Maxie! And flu shot!

              it is still chilly out at 10:20

              so fun to check in and find updates!


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                OMG! Where to begin. The memo did not get delivered to the male doc so that is what happened with that. The female doc, (his regular doc) says that he can take Advil instead of the anti-inflammatory med, and to continue with the ice packs 3 times a day, and to not bear weight on that foot, and to keep it elevated. She ordered some Lidocaine Topical for him and we will get that from a special pharmacy, (if we can afford it). They will call us and tell us how much and we get to decide. In the meantime she said he can use my Aspercreme. The bursa around that bone spur is what is making it so painful. She also says that sometimes after the treatments that people may not have to have the surgery for quite a while, but he still will probably have to have the surgery sometime in the future. After surgery it's a 3 month waiting period with no weight bearing.

                Guess what? He is giving up Pickleball. After talking to the doc today he decided it would be best. It's putting too much pressure on that Achilles and she showed him that if the foot is at a 90* angle it's hurting the Achilles Tendon, and now when he sits in front of the computer he will have to prop up his leg on a stool instead of sitting with that foot on the floor.

                Wow! I am just overwhelmed not knowing what the outcome will be. I suppose right now we need to concentrate on getting that swelling/inflammation down and take things nice and easy. Ok, the pharmacy just called and the Lidocaine is $90. No thank you dh says.

                ps Paula, the J.Patterson book I'm reading is a 3 booklet book called Murder In Paradise. I appreciate the offer of you sending books, but dear heart they have 3 shelves of Patterson's books at our library and I have read all of them. This latest one was on the new books shelve. Frankly, I loved his earlier stuff, but now some of his books are just not up to par, but I think he is giving new authors a chance to get their name out there and I commend him for that. Also, girlie girl it would be way too expensive for you to mail books. What's a matta for you? People are always giving away books when they move because of that very reason. You are sweet and precious!

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                "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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                  Sending books can get tricky. I mailed half a dozen books in one pkg to a rounder, years ago. She never got them. The post office didnít have any info for me, despite my receipt. No other post office going in her direction had any info either. I should have insured them I guess, but til then Iíd never had a problem with them.
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                    good afternoon,

                    Ladies, dear dear ladies,,,,keep typing and filling up this column every day!!!!!.. I come and read and relax, listening to Friends chatting back and forth.

                    I may not appear as often as I should.... I have Mr. Grump ,oops,,, a dear sweet husband who , when he isn't sleeping, keeps me on the run,, with his
                    "can you do this, can you get that"... His walking is getting worse.. and , stubborn as he is..he keeps taking chances. like carrying a hot cup of coffee to the living room... with his right hand that is numb from neuropathy.. I have to be two steps ahead of him..or be ready with rags and towels to clean up mess... ahhhh.. but I'm glad I am able to do as much housework as I do.... and I do ask for help from kids and grandkids..

                    I have been crocheting .. do we have any other crocheting on here?. I'm using up the yarn Donna found and got for me at sale... making it into Crib mattress size afghans...3 done. and another one started. and another one has the yarns picked out for it..

                    got a bone density test last wed and this WEd. I have a appt. for a test on the neuropathy in my feet?. new Pcp wants to get all new information..

                    keep writing, I keep reading ... hugs to all.


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                      Maye, I am a crocheter. Or, as my dear MIL said when we crocheted together, ďĒwe are hookersĒ! LOL. She could be as funny as E is. I found more than a bin of yarn in my craft supplies. I have one bag with something I started, and I hope I kept the pattern in the bag with it. But I wonít be crocheting again til after we move.

                      I do freehand crocheting as well, basically toys or simple blankets. Toys are squiggly clowns, a monkey that could hang by his tail thanks to a hidden bent hanger, ballerinas with Pom Pom boobs, snakes (squiggly ones), a turtle, and I forget what else I came up with. It was fun.

                      In fact I just gave my #3 DD a granny blanket, each round a different color, and some rounds are different kinds of yarns with different looks and textures. It is all scrap and leftover yarns. Fuzzy yarns, hairy yarns, boucle yarns, plain yarns, thick yarns, shiny yarns sparkling yarns, dull yarns, and some fine yarns. Very colorful. The different textures are a learning experience for young children, so when her grands come over...... yeah!

                      Stepdaughter makes crocheted button jewelry, very popular in Albuquerque.

                      i wonder if the senior living place has crocheters? That would be fun. We could call ourselves the Happy Hookers! LOL
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                      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


                      • Paula A
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                        Jo, that is lol funny! My hair stylist and her daughters and her mom are all such great knitters and crocheters.
                        Her twin girls are 30, her mother is 90 and Lynn is 60.

                        Maxie, the community college and the 4 year where Becky just finished sends Emails and text alerts when one or all classes have any issue.
                        That school should get with it!

                        One toddler left and she will be picked up in about 10 minutes. Or less.

                        My tax appointment got postponed two weeks due to health issues! I will then be seeing his son who works there too.
                        I have had this accountant since 1994. I sure hope he gets better.
                        It only got to 60 today and slightly overcast all day.
                        See you all in the morning!

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                      JoG.. you outdo me with yarn at home!

                      ... My own stash was not quite that big. and I had it whittled down pretty good to just a few dark colors.....
                      first Son Mark found a box with about 8-10 skeins in and bought at yard sale..I used it to make his new baby Granddaughter the First Crib size afghan...

                      Then Donna found her mega boxes of yarn and brought to me... so I made that my winter project . making the crib-size afghans for future Great Grandbabies... I will put them in the heirloom Trunk, ( that was owned my Grandfathers Momma (Father).) that I have already given to my daughter and she will pass them out as the years go by... The Trunk is still at my house.. and has quilts from the grandmothers in it already..

                      they won't be fancy,, and I hope my fingers joints don't give out ....I can only crochet for an hour then have to give hands a rest.. take a break ,read a while then back for another hour..

                      I did keep a record of how many afghans and who I gave them to.. found the notebook and I made over 80 and gave as gifts . in fact I only have two afghans here at the house... and cannot find the pattern notebook with the directions for most of them.. darn.

                      my last full size one was for Donna's Becca.. and one for her Grandson Blaise,, I called it boy-size....