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Wednesday, January 23

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  • Wednesday, January 23

    It's 53* going to 76* today. Good morning Rounders. I really lucked out at the library yesterday. Not only did I find a brand new J.A. Jance book, but I found a new author that is out of this world. Sara Paretsky. OMG, she is the best writer. You are captivated after the first paragraph. The main character is a Polish female private detective and the story takes place in Chicago. It is so good I don't want to put it down.

    I also got 3 puzzles to work on. We have already started on one and they are all by Charles Wysocki. He is my fav.

    Have a blessed day and I'm sending sun to you Yankees. Pssssttttt! There you go.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good today...psych appointment after work. Then I hope to go to church.

    Work yesterday was better!! We have a temp lady helping us in the kitchen she is awesome!!! Anyways one of the things she does is cut all the veggies for the bowl part of our station. She doesnít really do much for my station...but just not having my coworker telling me hurry hurry hurry so you can help me greatly increases my mood! I made sure that I told this lady how much smoother I feel that her work is making our morning and that I appriciate it. I try to tell every one that I appriciate their help when i get it. I a little bit sad one of my coworkers really wants/needs a different job...I am trying to help her get her foot in the door with the job she wants..I think that she will be excellent at it. She wants to be a job coach and help individuals like me.

    I just remembered as I was getting ready this morning we have the people from corporate coming this morning....makes me a bit nervous...I should have remembered last night and thrown my hat into wash. Too late now. I should be fine...after all the owner of the company met with us at Christmas and I was told after he left that I left a lasting impression on him with what I told him in a good way. I told him how much I appriciated being given a chance and that this is probably a favorite on the job I have had.
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      Beth, don't sweat the small stuff. I'm sure corporate knows all about your good work performance. Your previous manager probably gave you a high rating on job skills, ability to interact with coworkers, coping skills when working under pressure, and your positive outlook on life in general. It's all in your file.

      Oh, tell your friend who is looking for a job to go to They are a good place to start.

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    Good Morning! OMG, those are tropical temps Karlinann! We are going to have dropping temps all day back into the 20s with single digits by weeks end again. But the rain has stopped. Hoping to get some of that sun you sent.

    Mixed up a meatloaf last night while the guys ate supper. Everyone should be home tonight and I just thought meatloaf and baked potatoes sounded good...or mashed potatoes...kinda depends on my mood by cooking time. A waldorf salad sounds so good so need to remember to pick up bananas. I have a pretty big grocery list so it is nice having my car back.

    Laundry and groceries are all on the agenda for today. Floors need cleaned but with the mud and snow it just seems useless. Andrew clomps in with those boots and does remove them at the door but seems to have to walk all around the area until he can find the rug to leave them. The boy does spread out!

    Just saw a pie commercial..seems today is National Pie Day...a holiday I can get behind! I have a sudden taste for peach way will I find one of those today but I may pick up a frozen cherry pie to stick in the oven. Drew loves them and ice cream covers a lot. yum!

    Guess I should start the day. Sierra has class today but if I time my grocery shopping right she will be around to carry. This cold weather has been hard on my joints...everything is aching and needs some sun and warm!

    Have a great day. It is almost the end of another winter month...brings us closer to a summer month!


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      Marie Callendar makes a frozen peach pie. I know, because my Mom buys them. Now if you lived closer, I could make you a pie!

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      OMG! Let me correct this recipe. EASY COBBLER. ANY KIND OF FRUIT COBBLER. It's easy. For every cup of fruit you use you will need to add a cup of milk, a cup of flour, and a cup of sugar. Cut the fruit into pieces and add to pan. Pour the sugar on top of the fruit and then mix the flour and milk and pour that on top of the fruit and sugar. Bake for 35 minutes at 350. Easy breezy. You'll know it's done when you see the browned crust on top. ps Spray the baking pan with the Baker's Joy or whatever you have. Berries are good for summer. I always made blackberry cobbler and you'll want to double the recipe at least, maybe triple. Ice cream on top.
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    Good Morning! It's a wet dreary day here, but we are having a heatwave...35 degrees this morning! We had 2 sunny days in a row, and now there isn't any sun predicted for the next 2 weeks...BLAH!l

    Yesterday was good. Got the gingerbread GH baked in the morning before going to meet my SIL & cousin for lunch. It was a spur of the moment thing, but hey, why not. Came home and started working on the sugar cookie GH. Didn't get them all baked off, but I'm getting there slowly but surely.

    My Mom was wanting to go into town this week, so I called her yesterday to see if she wanted to do it today, since it's going to be the warmest day of the week. She decided she didn't want to dodge rain drops, so I'm just going to stay home & bake...that's the plan. I got my first wedding order of the year Monday, so I have that to start on, the GH to finish up & ice, and the restaurant's order for pies & cake. No rest for the wicked....and the righteous don't need it. Got bills to pay, so I consider myself blessed.

    Have a good one all!


    • maxie
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      And if you lived closer I'd let you bake me a peach pie! But I am thinking Marie Callendar will be a good substitute.

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    Good morning.
    it looks like a sunny day ahead, however at the moment the sun hasnít yet come up. It is 30į out right now, and the forecast says it will get to 61į this afternoon.

    Today we will tackle the floors. Not sure what else, except maybe a load of laundry.

    Karlinann, Iím glad you found some good books. I havenít read Paretskiís books in a while. I have lost track of JA Janceís books as well. What with our TV crime shows, I guess I need a break from violence. Iím reading ďcozy mysteriesĒ and historical fiction. You might like to try Dianne Gabelton (sp. ?). She also is an AZ author. Her books include some time travel and historical fiction. I think the first book was Outlander.

    Beth, Iím glad things are perking up at work. Keep on smiling, girl. That should make others feel good, and in turn make you feel better as well. When I was young and working, I had a smile for everyone, and on days that were dreary I wore bright colors. It helped my moods a lot, and others around me felt better, too.

    Janet, I liked your post yesterday. ☺️

    To all who may be posting while I type, and those who follow, I wish everyone a great day! ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Wow! You all are up and at 'em!
      35* here and going to 58*...but sunny and so far I haven't heard of any wind...

      The plumbing earlier this month just wasn't enough I guess: the oven and the stove top totally quit yesterday! A repair guy could come out the 31st, with a charge of 99.00 to walk in and look at it. It is 9 years old (pointed out to me when I called the dealer we bought it from ) and I made a few calls and checked out lots of pricings and repairs and finally decided to buy a new one. I feel good about it this morning and so, this Friday the new one will be delivered.
      In the meantime, I went to the store (again) last night and bought more bread and two kinds of deli meat and will have non cooked meals. My microwave works but I don't usually use it for meals. If I make grilled cheese for the kids I will toast the bread and then use the microwave to melt it all together.
      Like Donna says, I have bills to pay and thankful I have work.
      After the stove outage a mom called and asked if I would have room for her school boy during the week of President's Day when the schools take a winter break: no hesitation: Yes! (Remember when I said at Christmas I wasn't going to be available for these boys anymore? Famous last words...) So, to make it a bit easier on having one 8 year old, I texted the other boy's mom and asked if she needed him to come that week. Yes, 4 days.) So that takes a bit of the burden off the budget.
      And Becky said she will go in halfs on the care registration...

      Karlinann, thanks for the book reviews! When I get done with the ones I am reading now I will go to the library and start looking up from these.

      Donna, those cookies are so cute!

      My brother was planning ongoing home today but my mom said she needed him to be here for one more day. She asked him to take her to REdding yesterday to buy a new mattress and it will be delivered today and since Becky couldn't be there with her all day because she has to go to Chico, somehow my mother needed Bruce. His whole time off has been spent going to help their daughter in Utah and then coming here to visit my mom and when he gets home it will be to fly his schedule...with temps around 1* at home his wife was needing some help with their place...the generation in the middle (sandwich generation) is certainly complicated! I was telling him if the delivery could wait one day Becky would be there all day to wait with her (why that is necessary I don't know). But I think she just misses having him and somehow it worked out.
      My FL brother called and said as of the end of this month, his wife is retiring and will not be working at Walt Disney World...kind of saying I waited too long for the free passes. He may be able to come out to visit more and I am ok with not going to WDW...I have Disneyland here and have been to Tokyo Disneyland. At this point in life, if I am going to spend a bunch on airfare I will spend it on seeing my grandkids!
      I don't mean this to sound negative.

      The garbage trucks have rumbled by and I need to get the bins in.
      Besides all the soup I made the other day and the cookies Becky made, my mom made mincemeat cookies so no oven wont be a bother at all. I need to not eat my emotions as I adjust my budget!

      Is it too early to put up some Spring type decorations?
      I meant to tell you that on the drive to Sacramento Saturday the almond orchards had a faint pinkish haze: the blossoms are getting ready and will be out soon. There were prune orchards and one other type that had a faint green haze where the buds are ready to come out. The last time I went down there it was just gray empty branches. So I am thinking I want to put up some light greenery and get the springflowers ready to decorate.

      Sorry for the book! Have a great day!


      • maxie
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        No it is not to early for Spring my opinion! When we had that surprise snow storm this weekend i went down and brought up the floral wreath for the front door. Somebody needs to tell Mother Nature we are ready for this crap to end!! I will wait to change it out for beautiful poppies until closer to Easter but for now there are little yellow flowers hanging and smiling at the snow and cold...

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      good evening,

      hope you read this Karlinann.... Check my Author,Books notebook and Sara Paretsky name was there,,,, , see I have read 8 of her books ,( in the early 1990 years.), will have to check her out again...
      I am now reading a Jance book,( trial by Fire)...this must be one of her earlier books. no vulgarity ,yet. keep the authors names coming.

      Loved your book Paula,, keep writing them,,,
      Donna I will be back to make your grease soon as I get a day off of the Road.

      today was appointment for a bone density scan... going to a new Dr.. as of Jan 1 and he wants all new information... Next wed it is a test for neuropthy. in feet. the next week is something else... plus blood work again... I hope that is IT..

      HI Bethina and maxie, and JoG...
      Im moving to karlins house...Love those Temperatures... and I have my chicken stuff ready to make her soup... now we are talking pies!.. Peach Pie, yumm

      better get back to my book searching...


      • Paula A
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        Which book ? My mind is going and I am on to the next thing!