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Tuesday, January 22

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  • Tuesday, January 22

    Hey Rounders good morning. It's 40* going to 69* We did not get the freeze and I was so thankful.

    I did not make it to the library yesterday because I had to go Aldi's shopping again to return some deli that was moldy and while there I shopped some more. I was worn out when I got back. So, today I have to go to the library 'cuz I'm out of books. Maybe I'll get a puzzle too.

    DH is doing great as far as getting around and doing OT, but the Meloxicam is making him depressed. He can't handle anti-inflammatory meds. I asked him to stop taking them. He tried to tell the doctor that he couldn't take the AI med, but he went ahead and prescribed it anyway and put for pain on the Rx. My DH is not going to see that doc again, but will return to his regular doc at that office.

    That Chicken Soup I made yesterday was the best I've made in my whole life. We had enough left to do 2 more meals and I put it in the freezer. That will be good on cold days in February. If you want the recipe go to the kitchen.

    Aren't you amazed by the Antiques Roadshow? Some people keep these things in their attic for generations and they turn out to be worth a fortune.

    A really good show on PBS is Equus, the story of horses. If you love horses you've got to give it a try. It will blow your mind. Who knew?

    Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    RGood morning. 26 degrees here. I am not wanting to get out from under my covers. I must get ready for work. Yesterday wasn’t a very good day at work. Today will hopefully be better. I have to prep double the stuff today Tuesday and Thursday are the busiest days of the week. Working out and running errands after work. Frozen pizza for supper.


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      Good morning.
      is it Tuesday already?

      It is 36° outside right now, and should be getting to 57° later today. Tomorrow the high returns to the 60’s.
      My pistach tree has lost all of its leaves, for the first time. But I see one twig in the middle of the tree, that has fresh green leaves. Will we have an early spring here?

      Yesterday a girlscout and her mom were going around to the houses in our neighborhood, with a wagonload of cookies to sell. The profits are going to help military families. So we bought a few boxes and made an extra donation to their cause.
      I know what it is like being a young military family, living from paycheck to paycheck.
      Nothing much is new here.

      Beth, “Service with a Smile” is a good motto. You might make someone else’s day better. Maybe someone will make your day better, too. I hope you have a good day today.

      i hope you all have a great day, whatever your plans are. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning! Have a morning of running but overslept and am thinking what the heck...I'll get it done when it gets done. The other car we wanted to look at is in so need to make a decision on her car today. Since I am home we need to get her computer in for repair, stop by the doctors office to return a paper, stop by the bank to get some money ......and I overslept! But it going to warm up a bit today. Maybe melt some of this snow.

        Karlinann sorry your hubby is reacting to the meds. Hope he can get off them quickly. Beth hang in there...just find a pace and move with it. You will do great!

        Sierra is up and I am still in my jams. Good thing I am a very fast showerer and dresser. Also want to stop by the grocery and pick up some asiago that I cannot get around here. Lots to do! Have a great one!!


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          Good Tuesday to you all.
          JoG, I remember being a child in a military family that whenever possible my dad took on an extra job besides his Navy duties to bring in the extra money tht a family of 5 needed. He was a good bartender and was dong that at the NCO Club and somehow the officers heard about him and got him to change over to the Officers Club! It was better money, too. At other times when we lived too far form the base he worked at an auto store that carried gifts and things. I can't remember the name and the stores are no longer in business but we sure had a great Christmas with his discount and the Christmas Eve markdowns. I didn't know that until I was grown up.....

          With our Girl Scouts they are taking orders now and the cookies will be here next month. that is so good that they are donating to military families.

          OUr soup and sandwich dinner was really good last night. I left enough for my mom and brother for today for their lunch and will use it also for daycare. Probably only the toddlers will want it. 3-4 year olds are so picky.

          My mother was having my brother help her go through papers until he was about nuts (he said). But one find was my dad's baby book!
          There were some really great photos and one in particular: a baby carriage with him in it. The caption described and named the carriage and the person who sent it from LA (they lived in Utah) and said it was the best and the only one in Utah! It was from the lady who sponsored my grandfather when he came here from Switzerland. Both my father and my son Stuart have her last name (Raub) as their middle name. Pronounced Robb....All my growing up years and as an adult, the only way the family referred to her was respectfully as Mrs. Raub. I have no idea what her first name is although we did make a pilgrimage of sorts to Ithaca, NY, to her grave once. Where I must have seen her name, but did not kprocess it.

          Ok, walk down memory lane is over and I haven't checked the temperaute yet, but the Sun came out yesterday! And our temps are to go up this week and no rain for awhile. I can't even complain about the rain because we have been in drought for so long...but, it is hard to go out with kids when the ground doesn't soak up the water...

          Beth, I hope your day goes better and you can just smile at all who come by.
          Karlinann, good thoughts coming yours and DH's way!
          JoG, I am tackling two skinny cupboards in my kitchen and wondering why in the world anyone ever made them. I am thinking I need to have a handyman install some kind of pull out drawer so they will be more useful and not so back injuring. I have two and both are on the bottom and hardly used...I need drawers. I thought of you and you going through things and got energied again to start in.

          Ok, all of you and those who typed with me, have a great day!
          going to look at that recipe now!


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            My father's ancestors were from Switzerland also. Bern, Switzerland. I did an ancestry research thingie several years ago. The Swiss are very industrious people. Did you know that Switzerland is the richest financial country in the world?

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          Western Auto! Just remembered the name of the store...


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            Good SUNNY Morning! Two days in a row....a record for THIS year so far. No heat from the sun though. School was delayed by 7pm last night due to the sub-zero temps this morning. BRRR!!!!

            Yesterday was good. Blaise was off for MLKD. We slept in then went into town to meet Becca & my SIL for lunch at Arby's. Becca wasn't her perky self. Was the 4th day in a row with a migraine. She's finally looking for a PCP to get in & see what they can do for her. We stopped at Aldi's to pick up 2 things (10 items later), then home. I just puttered around and didn't really get anything accomplished. Took Blaise to karate. Later in the evening I finally got around to rolling out & cutting the gingerbread groundhogs.

            This morning we slept in a bit. I baked off the groundhogs. This morning I was cleaning the bottom of my mouse, and when I turned it back over, it didn't work. Still haven't got it working. I tried to get the top off to put a new battery in it, but I couldn't get it to budge. Weird. Cork will fix it...he can fix most things.

            Now I'm going to roll out & bake off the sugar cookie groundhogs. Might start icing them too...we'll see. Otherwise that's tomorrow's project. I HAVE to have 3 1/2 doz iced by Thursday, and the rest isn't due until next Friday. I need to do a couple loads of laundry and take Blaise to karate again.

            Have a good one all!


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              Paula, my Dad was 4F (heart murmur) and therefore wasn’t military. But he would borrow one of my uncle’s dress uniform hats and take his picture at the photo machines.
              I married a guy who went into the military. I raised my children, moving around a lot.
              I remember Western Auto stores!

              Karlinann, yes your DH should call his other doctor and tell him what this doctor did with that prescription! If your hubby is having adverse reaction to a medication, he needs to stop it before it makes him worse off. Changing the instruction on the bottle does not change the med inside! What a stupid thing for a doctor to do!
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                The other doc is female and he has been seeing her for a couple of years. He has an appt. with her next Monday and will tell her all about what happened. Here's the thing: He has taken anti-inflammatory drugs before and they have made him depressed and that is what he tried to tell the other doc. He would not listen and when my DH called him and left a message last Friday he never called back. That is just rude and DH will not go back to him. The female doc can do the surgery and that will be that, but you can bet DH will report to her what happened. Yes, it was asinine.

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              Back home finally. Got a lot accomplished today and mot of it cost me money! Sierra has her new car. A 2018 Cruz Hatchback. She had two cars to choose from and I am glad she picked the one I liked. When you have dealt with the same dealer for so many years all I had to do was sign papers and he will do the rest. Jon will call insurance this afternoon but she drove it off the lot. Friday she has a hair appointment in town so will drop it off and they will do what they do when you buy a new car...whatever. I have my car back and that is good!

              Her computer may need a new something or other but he will call for approval once he finds the problem. He warned me it could be expensive. Well, isn't everything? especially today! Good ole grandma!

              It is damp but temps are in the 30s. Everything feels cold and miserable. I am cold and miserable!! Just one of those days you cannot warm up. Have laundry started and thinking they will have hamburger helper tonight. Not much of a meal but the guys seldom complain and Sierra and I had Mexican so I won;t starve. Blues lost yesterday and are now on a 5 day All Star break. Going to go in and make a cup of coffee and wrap my cold hands around the cup...maybe stick my nose in it! Just checked and Easter is not until April 21...long way to go for Spring to appear!!!!!


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                good late evening..

                if anyone does read this... I have been reading all day.. well, not quite all day.... we made trip JUST to Walmart.. needed some groceries. and gave David a chance to look around, ( he walks good pushing a cart )... was sunny but cold in teens while we were out .. brought lunch home with us. ate and then crashed into recliners... later ,around 4pm Granddaughter Carrie dropped in. stayed over an hour.. was a great visit.. she fixed a few things on computer. every time there is an Upgrade, I mess something other. she reorganized it for me.. evening was more reading , sounds like a dull life but when you get
                tired fast, and the knees ache.. Its nice to not have to be going someplace every moment of every day..

                on my way to the Kitchen,,, recipe for soup there..