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Saturday, January 12

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  • Saturday, January 12

    I feel much better this morning. I'm still coughing, but the congestion in my chest is starting to break up and that is good news.

    I truly hope a woman runs for president in 2020 and wins this time.

    I will walk around the yard today and see if any plants got frostbite.

    Stay healthy.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Take it easy and get over it completely.

    We are snowed in! We have about 8 inches and they are predicting more for our area with the possibility of freezing rain tomorrow. Jon is home because our hill has 2 cars stuck at the bottom and blocking the road. That means no plows can get up not that they would get to us before the main roads are cleared. Grass boy has already shoveled. Last snow he wandered up mid afternoon and everyone had already shoveled so he was an early bird this morning. We are suppose to get more today but once the heavy night stuff is shoveled Jon can manage the residue. Gotta remember we are not in an area that gets huge grands have never seen what we used to call a normal winter. warming in action!

    Sierra is suppose to start back to work today using my car and I am hoping she is still stuck up here this afternoon. I am so afraid of her going back to her normal driving habits. She is a good driver but I gotta tell you this accident and the last two weeks recovery have scared us to death. But she is young and fearless and wants to resume a normal life. School restarts on Monday for her so we go!

    No plans today since we are snow in on our hill...ok with me! All of you east of us are suppose to get this later this weekend so good luck. Warm and snuggly in my big red robe!!! Be nice if someone would make breakfast.

    Get well Karlinann!!


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      Good morning. ☀️

      I am very glad you are feeling better today, Karlinann.
      I think Elizabeth Warren might be considering running in 2020. I hope they won’t let “T” psychologically “bully” her (or anyone else) the way he did to Hillary Clinton during the debates —— leaving his podium and interrupting her speeches, basically leering over her and not letting her finish speaking. Remember that? He was unspeakably rude.
      Right now, I am shocked at the number of people having to go without paychecks now. It’s like T is holding them hostage to get his way. All he says is “They will make adjustments. They always do.” I am shocked at what a cold, heartless man he turned out to be. And he says he can relate??? No way. He doesn’t care people have already died because they can’t afford their medication. At this point they can barely feed their families, and face losing their homes and cars because they can’t pay. And for what it’s worth, if he declares that stupid wall an emergency, he will ruin the ecosystem between the countries. George Bush quit building his wall because of the flooding and other major damage it was causing to the land.
      (Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now.)

      It is 41° right now, and will be up to the mid-60’s today. Rain clouds gathering for tomorrow’s rain forecast. But a heavier rain coming up Friday (supposedly) .... another meteor shower blocked out by clouds.
      I think on the 20th we are supposed to have the only full eclipse of the moon, which is supposed to be super bright and blood red! I would love to see that, if only the cloud and rain forecasts will promise a clear sky.

      E did see the cardiologist yesterday. He said he got a patch and was sent home. Wellll....not just any patch. Remember that state-of-the-art monitor I tested a few years back? Well, it’s that he is wearing. He was too tired last night, so today he has to make notes on what it registered yesterday.

      Also, he brought home a new microwave. His idea. I have missed using one this past week, but made do well enough eith the pots and pans. Do you think he bought it because he washes all the pots and pans? Perhaps?
      It is still in the box on the kitchen counter. He brought in 2 full sacks of groceries, but I considered he had done enough yesterday. So he will set it up today. He was unusually hungry for lunch, then conked out and was napping in his chair. I let him nap an hour and told him he doesn’t want to sleep too much in daylight hours if he wants a decent good nights sleep.
      but he was thankful I’m not a very demanding person. He doesn’t sleep through the night well as it is.

      I am over the flu-like symptoms. Winters are more tolerable with sunshine. Seems we have more clouds this year. I admit the temperatures may not be as cold as most of yours are, but we find it cold since we have sizzling summers. And our winter rains are usually in February, but they have moved up along with the climate change.

      Well. I already wrote a book. A few more things to tackle in the kitchen, then back to the other rooms. I’m thinking about French Toast for breakfast or brunch. I should probably switch to a more Mediterranean diet, but I love breads. I guess you can say I have a natural East-European Peasant Diet. I love breads and potatoes. But I can’t stomach garlic. But nobody is perfect. Right? ☕️

      Have a a great day. Don’t anyone else get sick. And SMILE a lot.....especially in adverse circumstances. It drives the opposition crazy.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        I am all for a woman president. I think woman look at things from a different angle. Plus we would make sure things are properly staffed and organized, we know compromise and when we are being blown a line of crap by a man. Just common sense stuff.

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      Hi maxi. You posted while I typed. Good luck to Sierra on driving through snowy conditions. I’m sure she will be extra careful.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning...Its looking like I won't be going any place today. We have atleast 8 inches and are supposed to get 4 to 5 more. Fingers crossed for work tomarrow.. Chef Steve seemed to understand my lack of a ride.The ride service I use only had my 2 rides today and 2 more so I said if she cancelled I was cancelling and that happened...and I am pretty sure that my sis is snowed in she lives at the bottom of a hill.

        Right now I am eating warm cinnamon rolls...then I am plan on getting back under the covers and reading. I just recently signed up for kindle unlimited. its 10.00 a month and you can barrow all the book you want but only 10 at a time. I found 5 books last night and still have 4 more to read started one and couldn't put it down. It will auto matically come off my debit card each month and you can cancel at any time..I will just cancel during the months I am not working. I also want to do some simple cleaning upstairs today. Its starting to look lived in.


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          so good to hear you are feeling better, Karlinann! I know I am and it jus tmakes all the difference in the world as to what I get done and how long I can keep doing it.

          OUr Big news yesterday was a letter Becky got from the college telling her she will graduate with Highest Distinction! Summa cum laude! For those with 3.9 or higher.

          And the sun is out and no rain predicted for today! I have to go pick up cakes at Costco for an event tomorrow evening, so I am happy not to have to drive in the rain. With all the big rigs on the road it is hard to see because of their spray from the tires. And there have been a number of accidents with trucks over turning...

          Maxie, I can imagine your worry over Sierra out on the roads again. We never stop worrying about family, do we?
          Being a country driver I don't even like to think about the city driving my granddaughter does. I am not sure how often she drives to Vancouver and really do not want to think about her going into Portland!

          I have a guy the plumbers hire coming to do the cement where the sidewalk was taken out for the pipe replacement. I am still trying to get over the money I paid; I will always jAsk how much is "we can do it for a good price" if I ever hear that again. It seems the cement work is costing almost as much as the pipes...I will check my receipt and ask just to get clarification. I realized it was the head kplumber who said that and the other one who wrote out the bill and told me the cost...if nothing else I am chalking this up to Live and Learn.

          We have soups on the menu for this cold weather.
          When I went to the shelter last night the others had already brought their food. It smelled so good in my car with the spaghetti and the rolls I had warmed. There were people there and one set was a father and son I was sad to see their need but happy that I knew mos tkids like spaghetti and Becky had also made brownies. The shelter manager was telling the father that his son could have milk any time he wanted as well as the water they had in pitchers. Children are always given milk, bu tnot always the adults. I thought of them last night when I got into my nice warm bed...I can't help but wonder where they will be today untilt he shelter opens back up at 5:00.

          I have to go. I will be thinking of you today and hoping all is well.
          Jo, happy you have a microwave again! Hope E is doing well, too.

          Maxie, enjoy the snow day? I watched a Hallmark yesterday and just relaxed. Today is an on the go day.
          Beth, stay in and stay warm!


          • karlinann
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            Way to go Becky! You R O C K the house!

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          Definitely, tell Becky “Congratulations!” from us, Paula. What an Honor!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.