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Friday, January 11

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  • Friday, January 11

    I am sick with either Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Deep cough, chest hurts. Will try to get a PCP appt for this morning.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Karlinann hope you get to feeling better. I haven't noticed a lot of sickness around us but I am sure it is lurking everywhere. Get some meds and take care of yourself. Today and tomorrow we are under a storm warning for a possibility of 9+ inches of snow. Did not hear if they have tuned to down or maybe even up this morning. Did see some schools have already closed in anticipation. My only worry is losing power...I will not be running out for bread and milk. Maybe coke and potato chips though....who wants to be snowed in without snacks?

    Other than the weather nothing going on around here. Hope you all stay healthy and warm.


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      And chocolate, maxie! Hershey Nuggets are my drug of choice when things get tough.

      Karlinann, I will be keeping you in my thoughts! Getting meds and starting a recovery routine as soon as possible makes such a difference.
      Hope you can get into that doctor quickly and if you have to sit in the office with other sick jpeople, please get a mask. The flu is just so awful that is going around.

      I am cooking the spaghetti for the shelter right now. I will have it done and then take it out of the refrigerator and heat it later this afternoon and take it hot to the shelter at 5:00. Becky made brownies. The rolls my friend made are beautiful. She always makes a crescent roll. Nothing like homemade bread of any kind to add comfort to the food.

      Today will be a day to get outside, I think. One source said no rain and another said some rain. I don't care; we need to get out!
      I am going to get some plastic fencing (the orange kind that comes in a roll) to make a barrier so the toddlers do not go off the patio when we have too many puddles and too wet to play in the yard. Even the older kids need a physical reminder to Not go out into the yard when I say not to... we have a big enough space on the patio and a playhouse as well as an airplane play structure, so it is a good way to get fresh air as long as the wind and the rain are not coming in on us.

      I hope you all are ok and taking care of yourself. I
      Whatever that means!


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        Good morning...Like Maxie said we are expecting lots of snow...I am supposed to go back to work in the morning....I hope that I can get there...waiting to hear from my ride service...or my sister. I talked with Chef Steve yesterday...he told me not to stress about it. I really want to go.

        Yesterday was Granny's first day with no vistor's I am anxious to see how that went. I am hoping granny got involved in the activities.

        My Birthday was pretty wonderful...Breakfast with a friend....and a late lunch with other friends.....and some shopping. and lot snuggling with Cori.


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          Good morning. ☕️
          This morning I’m not coughing, not aching all over, but do have a runny nose yet (but not so awful as it had been). There’s a lot of bad stuff going around, I was told. We did miss seeing the kids this weekend, though.
          E got tired of waiting to hear from the doctors, so he called the cardiac unit himself, told them he had a referral but nobody has called him yet. He did have the problem before, but it resurfaced last week and is hanging on. So they are seeing him this morning at 11 a.m. He hasn’t done much around here this week, and I don’t blame him. Certain things he reaches for, or lifts, or has some weight to it (even a large trash bag to put in the bin), can trigger the SVT. Some things shouldn’t have to be put off! The doctors messed up this time. E’s father died of a heart problem.

          Today will be sunny and get to 65° this afternoon. Rain forecasts (only 10-20%) begin tomorrow throughout next week. It’s needed here, too. The percents, however, promise nothing much. Leaves have fallen from the pistach tree like crazy this week. It barely lost any leaves since it was planted a few years ago. The elm trees in back lost their leaves early on (expected), but I thing the winds did a good job of blowing those leaves totally away.

          Karlinann, hope you can get treated for whatever you caught. Sounds bad. Hope you. Will feel better soon. Our hospitals have started leaving a box of masks on the reception counters. I recommend one to ward off germs picked up in the hospital, and a second in your purse to take home. It will probably come in handy.

          Maxie, I agree with Paula, you definitely need chocolate if you get shut in without power. Hershey’s is a great standby, but Doves are very good, too, plus you get a “fortune” or saying in each wrapper. I like the dark chocolates, which I nibble for a longer lasting taste.

          Beth, I am glad you had a good birthday. Hope your granny makes some friends at her new home; she will find everything nicer if she does.

          To all, have a very good day. I need to be up and about and get a few things done here. First, I need my cuppa, to get my day going. ☀️

          Think positive thoughts today!

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I complete agree Jo. Like they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. We can encourage her to be a part all we want to but she won't until she is good and ready

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          I got a 10:30 appt and my doc called me in a Rx of Zithromax. I feel worse now than when I got up this morning. I know it's from breathing those moldy leaves. It's my fault and I should know better. DH is going to pick up my Rx and I'm going to bed. Thank you all for your kind words. Oh yeah, I asked for a mask as soon as I hit the door. Doc wore one also.
          "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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            Karlinann, Sierra's doctor was out of the office sick yesterday and she saw an associate. Guess it even hits the professionals! Take your meds, take care of yourself and let you husband wait on you.

            Ladies I have an entire bowl of Hershey's kisses left from Christmas. I had them in a jar with a lid and now one touched them!! To lazy to lift a lid I guess but that is good news for me.

            School is dismissing here at 12:30 and snow slated to start falling around noon. Could be up to a foot in some areas and we are in that marked area as is Beth. Hoping it misses the mark and goes south or north...winter stinks people!

            Glad E is seeing the doctor today. Heart problems are nothing to mess with. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


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              maxie it needs to go in the direction away from both of us!