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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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  • Thursday, January 10, 2019

    It was 37 degrees here when I got up and now it's 39. Whoo, heat wave! That heating pad sure feels good to my knee.

    I am not going to shred leaves anymore because I'm afraid I'll get a bad upper respiratory infection. I'm very congested this morning and it's just not worth it. I put the remaining leaves into the pile in my garden that is covered with a tarp. They will rot and turn into rich compost all on their own.

    I am reading another Ali book, Left For Dead, and it's so good I don't want to put it down. I love the Sister Anselm character. She is one very brilliant Nun.

    I hope all you Rounders have a good day. Be back later to catch up with what's happening in your neck of the woods.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Morning...I am up with a heating pad on my back. was up all night until it dawned on me to get the heating pad out...duh! We were playing cards last night and when I got up my back just started aching. I have things to do today starting with getting Sierra to the doctor and then we are bringing her bf home for the afternoon. Whoopee! Then if she can drive will take him home and if not either her father or I will. Again...whoopee!! We are having pizza for supper.

    They are predicting 4 to 7 inches of snow starting tomorrow. Who wants a snow storm? This morning the temp is 23 with a wind chill in the teens. Then snow on top of cold. If I only see a snow flake on Hallmark ever again I will be happy. That fake snow is good enough to make me happy forever!! Winter stinks!!

    Other than the weather there is nothing going on around here. Nothing is wrong with boring and I like pizza for supper. Sitting here with the heating pad is feeling so good (and warm) I hate to get up. But for some reason my time is never my own. I am reading a Sandra Brown book. It is my purse book and got the the point where I wanted to finish it. I just don't know what I would do if they eliminated printed books.

    Well need to get up and get another cup of coffee. Should check the weather for updates. Winter stinks!!


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      Good morning! Today is my birthday! I am being picked by a friend to have breakfast! Then this afternoon I have a late late lunch with other friends...I am not sure of my evening plans. I am so glad that I decided not to attend the hockey game itís so cold!!! There is an instapot class that I am going to try to attend. We are hoping they will just let us stand in the back and listen. Its all I wanted to do for my birthday

      Maxie I really hope the snow doesn'ít come. I am starting back to work on Saturday.

      Mom said granny is becoming ok with nursing home not good but ok.
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        Happy Birthday Beth!

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      Happy Birthday, Bethina!!!

      I kept waking up because of a little dog and I was sound asleep at 5:00 when I have to get up. That usually does not happen. I am usually awake before the a bit of a sluggish morning, but I am up and at 'em now.

      I have two boiled eggs cooling and ground beef cooking for spaghetti for the shelter meal tomorrow. I will do the sauce when I finish here.
      I have a hair appointment after daycare and evening appointments take a bit longer: we are both tired and talk and it just seems a little slower. Lynn, my stylist and friend, is one who cooks for the shelter with me. We are always thinking of the next meal.

      It is cold here. I am not sure if it is to rain more today or what...we had some downpours yesterday and t hen the most beautiful rainbow!

      It is a soggy mess around here. The burned areas are showing green growing, but they are also having to watch for mudslides. Roads have been closed for hours as the mud and rocks have caused closures.

      Well, you can tell there is not much to talk about here.
      Beth, I hope you have a fun day to celebrate your birthday and that your granny gets into the routine of her new place.
      Maxie, I told Spencer to give a big thumbs up if he knows the camera is on him. It is a business perk game (free) so I don't think he will make a sign that says Hi, Maxie...he was not my sports kid growing up. All the kids played Little League ball. In high school he was on the swim team, but did not get into following a team the way Stuart did. Now Spencer goes to football and baseball and now hockey! Being in a major league town, well, very near Baltimore, certainly makes it much easier to be a fan.

      Karlinann, glad you are letting Nature take care of composting the leaves. You will breathe easier!
      To all who are typing with me, JoG, Donna, hopefully, Aunt Maye: have a good day and take some time to enjoy yourself!


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        Got your check....thank you!

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      Good Morning! It's so pretty & white out there. Cold too.

      Yesterday was good. FINALLY got the cookie doughs mixed up and even baked off 2 of them. The massage was wonderful & never felt the needles go in during the acupuncture but I can't say that I feel any different today. Bugger!

      This morning I drag butt for a while, but I'm plugging away at baking off the remaining 5 cookie doughs. That's my goal for the day. Just refilling my freezer incase someone calls. Also have some people interested in cookies for weddings, so want to have some to give as samples. Need to really sit down and get my thank you letter typed up and mailed out to my customers.

      Happy Birthday Bethina!

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning.
        Guess I slept in. I must have needed it.
        Yesterday was a bummer for me. If I had been congested before, I didnít suspect it. But it all let loose, and it was like the Pacific Ocean was escaping from my head. Then my lower abdominal area was painful all day. E cancelled our trip to Phx and contacted the kids and cancelled the motel. I heated soup for my dinner and ordered him a pizza.
        Am doing better today. My head cleared up. The stomach pain is gone. But my body feels very stiff and sore all over.
        I really donít feel like eating solid foods yet, which will frustrate E again today. Sorry, food, including cookies, candy, and ice cream do not tempt me when I feel like this. (He is quite opposite on that, so gets upset. So I took 8 potato chips which satisfied him.). I just hoped the salt would heal whatever may have caused my illness.
        When I saw my doctor Monday I felt pretty good, except sinus pressure and I forget what else. She was mostly concerned if I had a fever....I didnít and still donít.
        Just as bad, he bought frozen dinners. He thought he could put them in the oven. I will probably have to dump them in a frying pan to heat them. But I have just one frying pan a dinner would fit in. Our microwave quit working a week or two ago. Life can be funny.

        Turns out one DD went to the doctor yesterday. She has a bad ear infection, and in much pain. Both inside and outside that ear is swollen, and the doctor couldnít see in it. He gave her prescriptions for the problem. Her boyfriend told her he would pay all costs. I wonder what caused it. My first through is that she loves hiking, and I wonder if a tiny bug flew in it? I know it can happen.

        Today is heavily overcast. Supposed to have rain sometime this morning. I havenít heard or seen any yet. But the high will be 63 today, not 70į. And it will remain in the 60ís for the coming week.

        Oh...odd thing. Since the president spoke on TV.....well, we turned on the TV and had no channels available except PBS.
        Odd. It was like we had no choice but to watch him, and nothing else. All local channels gone! E fiddled around afterwards and got NCIS recorded for me. And he finally also got Netflix started. (We have two cable companies, tried both, and both are inefficient. We have nearly exhausted the Netflix shows we enjoy, so moving in the near future isnít a bad idea!). Anyway, we still have channel problems.

        Thats the news in my neck neck of the woods.
        Hope you all have a good day. ☕️

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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.