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Wednesday, January 09

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  • Wednesday, January 09

    Life is short and I believe in living in the moment. Eat dessert first whenever you can and don't lose hope when it comes to realizing your dreams.

    Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here and I worked outside for awhile mulching leaves for the garden. I roll up the huge Sycamore leaves, (3), like a big cigar and cut them with my pruning shears. That way I don't have to use the mower. Believe me it's a lot better than breathing all that debris. I didn't wear a mask yesterday, but I will today. Those leaves are gold for the garden.

    Maxie did not post yesterday. Hope she is ok. Aunt Maye I read your late post. Glad you slid in there at the end of the day. When I said me and DH are 2 peas in a pod I meant that we balance each other out and we are compatible. No we are not alike; he loves sports, I hate sports, he is analytical and I'm creative minded, he loves the water and I am more of a landlubber. I suppose we have just grown so close because we are just different enough to compliment each other. Neither of us are extroverts, but we never meet a stranger. It works and that's what counts.

    Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. ~ Thomas Jefferson
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    good morning. the garbage trucks have rumbled down both sides of the street and my one little dog is cowering by my feet. She is so afraid of the noise. It doesn't help that it is windy, too, so that adds to her stress. We just know how to comfort her and she snuggles away the day in her blanket.

    Yesterday was a good day at daycare. One stayed home (the sick one). I am pretty sure she will be here today.

    did I say it is still raining? Because it is. I looked at the patio to see if we will be able to go out, but it is all wet (the wind) and it will be another inside day. The good thing about the wind is the kids can see the rain drops on my sunscreens (they hold the water) and even when it stops raining there is water on the screens and the little ones think it is still raining. The bigger ones will tell me they have boots and they think that makes it ok to go out...

    Nothing out of the ordinary going on here. Becky took my mother to another cousin's funeral yesterday.

    I hope things are going well with you all.


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      Morning...We are blocked in yesterday and today. The township tore out some of the curbing and today they are pouring a new one. Narrow roads and they are taking them over. Getting work done is fine but no one told the people to move their cars or that we would be blocked in. I do not really care since I do not want out anyway. Tomorrow I do need to take Sierra to the doctor but that is it for my week.

      Heard it could snow this weekend and that is not a good thought. Wish winter was over. Karlinann I am very familiar with sycamore leaves and you roll each and every one of them then snip them? You, my dear, have the patience of a saint! Around here my son's thinking in yard maintenance is if you can't burn it leave it.

      Same-o stuff around here.


      • Paula A
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        My thinking in yard stuff is thank heaven the lawn guys take care of it!

      • karlinann
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        Maxie, I roll 3 leaves at a time and as you know they are huge so it is quick work. I know I'm pathetic and I need to get a life, but it makes such good mulch and the plants grow like crazy.

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      Good morning. Granny got moved yesterday. Mom is packing up her apartment as I speak. What reason would some one have for having China at their assisted living?

      Granny wasnít happy when mom left hercuesterday. I am hoping today is better for granny.

      I taught my wrap class yesterday it went very well.

      today laundry working out and errands will fill my day.


      • karlinann
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        Hey, I'm glad granny got moved. She will adjust and be right as rain. Tell your mom not to take any valuable to the ALF though. Things get stolen. Just sayin'.

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      Good morning, everyone.

      We seem to be getting more than our share of clouds days. How dreary that is! Temps begin to ease down now. It should be 70į today, then onto the mid-60ís for the next week. I checked the Phoenix weather since we head there tomorrow, and they remain about 2į higher than we are, but they will have the clouds, too.
      Anyway, it will be good to see the kids. One family a day.


      When we get back from Phx, Iím going to bug E to hire someone to clear up the yard. We have to grass, but the weeds have certainly abundance. We also still have greenhouses (2) that were greatly damaged by somesurprisingly fierce weather. They need dismantling and discarding. E was never one for yardwork, and with signs of heart problems appearing I donít want him to do it. I used to do the majority of it in the past (my girls learned from me and often helped). I canít, any more.

      I have not been sleeping well at night. Last night I was aware of waking many times. I really donít want sleep aids, so I wonít mention it to E. He thinks he has to fix everything that disturbs me. It may be the pill he gave me last night, for congestion and coughing, that kept me awake. If he hears me mention a problem, and I refuse his help, he gets frustrated and angry. But I donít like taking pillsó- taking my meds is bad enough. So I will shut up and hope he doesnít notice any more.

      same olí stuff going on here. Ho hum..

      Karlinann, I guess E and I are like you guys. Different sides of the same coin. He reads technical books, works well with numbers, a bit more outgoing than I am. I like historical fiction, murder mysteries, etc. My games are letter (Scrabble, cryptograms, solitaire and mah jong). We both like the same music and humor, and neither one of us keep up with sports.

      Well, time to get the newspaper in, and have some hot tea and breakfast.

      Hope you all have a great day. ☀️
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Afternoon! We've got snow. If it's going to be cold & cloudy, it might as well snow. The roads are just wet.

        Yesterday I was almost a total slug. I did organize the pantry and made two pots of soup, but other than that, nothing got done around here I think. Took Blaise to karate. Did make us haircut appts for Saturday after karate. We both look like rag muffins. Kathy threatened me if I got his hair cut....HA! this! Don't TELL me what I can & can't do. I'm not doing it to spite her though, but the style for boys now is short hair, and his needs some serious attention.

        This morning I had acupuncture and a massage. Came home completely wiped out. Got pies delivered to the restaurant and then a quick trip to Dollar General. I FINALLY got my yearly calendar book. I MIGHT mix up some cookie dough. Been saying that for days, and have yet to do it. Soup for supper.

        Have a good one all!


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          Maxie, my son Spencer just texted he gets to go to the The hockey game in DC next Monday!
          i told him he has to Go Blues for you!


          • maxie
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            Tell him to wave at the camera cuz I'll be watching!

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          a little earlier than yesterday?....

          son Mark was here early this morning ,,, got my artifical tree covered ,Wrap a sheet around it. pin it snugly .and it goes into the attic.. decoration in place until next year.. he also reset my water softener..I Had the timing and tim mixed up.. thank the good Lord for sons and daughters .when you get older.
          ... David and I then got ready , went to Walmart.. needed some essential groceries.. potatoes, onions milk, etc. etc.. stopped for a burger and fries , had a good coupon. .finally got home, it had snowed enough to make yards, fields white. road was bare. darn cold. 20 with a mean wind...

          worked on the binding I'm sewing on by hand on the crib sized afghan.. hope to finish it up tomorrow.. and pick out yarns for the next one.. these are crib blankets for my future Great Grandbabies... Karen will keep them in the Trunk of my Great Grandfather's. an heirloom from my Grandmother to me,, and I have already "given" the Trunk to Karen. it has quilts already in it,, Grandmother made one and I made one.. .. the two Great Grands I have, started me on this project and they have their afghans.. Karen will pass theses ones out if it I have pass out of this world.. ..... now it I just don't get arthritis in my fingers. thanks to Donna, and her garage sale mania,, I have Lots and Lots of Yarn!.

          Karlin,, the biggest difference between D. and I the participating in activites. he has never belong to any kind of group.never went group hunting. no old buddy get together .. he had one close friend from childhood.. and they would do stuff together..he is very family oriented.. as long as the we get together at home or their houses.he also did not haul the kids around Ha. . I on the other hand, have done it all... been active in Church, teaching, playing, gave piano lessons, gave recitals. had girlfriends that I visited, shopped all the organizing of the kids schedules when they were in school.. sewed costumes. hemmed many prom gowns. ( lesson girls, and Karens and friends.). BUT. David worked a job that all 3 shifts. so we just made it work out...
          .... those days were fun but I was glad when the running ,,picking up, waiting on buses,to come in etc etc ,, was over.. and once they were all married and settled. we moved to a smaller lot.. less mowing, house was ranch style.. and are still here. near daughter ( and now Donna).. they opposite attract and I guess they do..