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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

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  • Tuesday, January 08, 2019

    Yesterday while at the library an elder gentleman asked us how long we've been married and I answered 31 years, but actually it will be 32 years in May. We are like 2 peas in a pod and I love him dearly. We will have to do something special this anniversary.

    I made the mistake of watching the news last evening and it is so depressing. It is just awful what is happening around our country.
    I was very dizzy when I got up this morning, (Vertigo), but I did lie back down and now feel better. I hope this Vertigo goes away soon. I can't even walk around the yard without being tipsy. I bet my neighbors think I've had a drink or two and I don't even drink. LOL!

    I just watched on CNN how the Jack Russel Terrier puppy attacked the snake. They will attack anything. Our JRT was only 2 months old when he killed a Possem. sp? Yep, when their jaws lock down on something you are not going to get it away from them. That little pup was much younger so the lady was able to get the snake away from it.

    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Have a beautiful day Rounders.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning.
    today should be warm and least, in the afternoon. It is supposed to be 73°. A touch of spring? But tomorrow will be 70° and the following days back down in the 60’s.

    Yesterday my checkup went well, my blood tests read just a bit better than before, once again. I just can’t seem to hit the perfect numbers, but the results are almost touching them. My worst side effect to my “magic meds” is the weight gain, and I am now 25# more than when I started. I do not eat large meals, some days it’s only 2 meals. Sometimes a mug of soup and a few crackers is a meal. Oh well.

    Today, more sorting to deal with. If E is up to it. He is thinking of just going into urgent care today. It’s been a week since he saw his PCP, and yesterday he gets a notice she made a referral and they will call him. We don’t think where a heart attack can surface should have to wait this long.

    Currently, we have plans to drive to Phx on Thursday for a few days. We need to be prepared to cancel that if the docs need to observe him in the hospital for a day or two.

    This May is our anniversary, too, Karlinann. We always celebrate on Memorial Day weekend, and not when it falls on weekdays. We were married on a Saturday by the city’s record-holding for years in office Mayor at the City Hall. An unsavory, dishonest fellow at best. He was the only person available that weekend, his secretary was his mistress. Plus he lived a few short blocks away from my childhood home. We still joke if the marriage is legal. It’s been 46 years.

    Your Jack Terrier sounds like a Pit Bull. I thought JT’s were calm, docile creatures. I just read about a 6-yr old girl posting pictures of her parents on Facebook, which brought her help. The family Pit Bull had eaten her dad’s face off, the mom overdosed on drugs. Ugh. The dad is done for, but the mom is getting help. The girl’s relatives are taking care of her for now.

    Well, I need to have a bite of breakfast, get dressed, and begin my day.
    i hope you all have a great day! ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! The sun just came out....for how long is to be seen. Yesterday it sleeted in the morning & didn't even melt until around 2pm.

      Yesterday was not very productive at all. I did get a bit of cleaning done, but spent a good portion watching The Great British Bake Off. It's addicting!

      I chatted with both girls. Got an earful from Kathy because I sent Blaise to school yesterday when they were on modified lockdown. The kid that posted a stupid thing on FB was arrested in the wee hours of the morning & wasn't a threat anymore. I think this all comes from her hanging with the unsavory kids at school and just assumes everyone is like that. She doesn't want Blaise around people like her. Personally I'm more worried about where her new house is located. Right above the Alleghany River.

      No guarantees of what I'll get done today. Definitely taking Blaise to karate. Other than that, it's a crap shoot.

      Have a good one all!


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        Tuesday has started off with the need to wash a towel that the cat thought was better than her litter box! I went into high gear to get that smell out of the house. I haven't even done my hair, yet, but it just needs comb through...

        today all the schools are back in session. For the President's Day week I am Not going to have room for any school kids other than the one kindergartener and certainly not the two older boys who try to run everything. It is fun to have a day or two with them, but that is all it takes to remind me of why I am happy when school is back in. The younger kids and the older two just don't mix. the older girls love to be with the pre-schoolers and will not shut them out. Not so the boys. And it is more of a favor to have the older boys than a need for childcare. The one mom cancels more than she brings him if he can go to a friend's and not have to pay. I get it, but it also helps me to decide when I will take him. By the first of FEb I will send the two moms a note saying sorry, I won't have room for their child...

        I went over to a friend's last night with Becky and a florist friend to help plan out the flowers for the Feb 9th (!) wedding. It is sure a good thing that Donna, the florist (semi-retired) is so willing to help. I can manage the table decorations but not the bouquet and the big arrangements the bride wants. Becky will be the chief assistant for the bouquet and whatever Donna needs her to do...I was really surprised at how she was taking notes on everything that was being decided and saying she could do this or that...

        I am hoping everyone is well today. The flu is sure going around out here. I had one mom get a little heated when I said I needed a doctor's note saying her child is well enough to come to daycare. She said she thought only schools would need a note and not a private daycare...1. The state regulates everything for licensed daycares and 2. saying your child was in the ER on Sunday testing Positive for Flu but would be ok to come on Tuesday is a little suspicious...Some people! I am shaking my head and at how one mother can be so ready to bring a child and not want to take care of her and another will keep their child home a few more days "just to be sure we are totally well."
        I have been Clorox wiping all surfaces and doors knobs trying to keep germs out and the kids healthy.

        Ok, I am done talking about it.
        Other than cleaning behind and around this child, I am not sure what the day will bring.
        I hope your day is germ free and the sun shines! We have rain forecast again today.
        So I will be putting on my smiley face and pushing through!


        • karlinann
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          Are you sure you don't want to start a Wedding Planner biz? Becky could be your assistant. Go girl.

        • Paula A
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          I am happy to leave all the rest to everyone else!
          And Happy Anniversary!

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        Paula, I may have had a touch of the flu last week. I had the shot, so it wasn’t bad. My stomach was messed up, appetite down, eyes runny, sneezing galore. The doc said it could also be allergies, with the winds stirring up everything....and another round of allergy weather is on its way. I have gone through so many tissues since last week, it’s not funny. We already need to restock. I never had “allergy” problems til a couple years ago. One doc tried to prescribe a medication, and to his chagrin I asked if it contains aspirin. All his meds seem based on aspirin. Which I can’t take because it can cause internal bleeding.

        I cannot imagine how quickly mothers want to put their little kids in someone else’s care. But since I had my babies, I noticed that far more mothers hand their kids over for any excuse. I was a mama hen with my brood going nearly everywhere with me. My first husband turned out to be a partying type guy (leading eventually to alcohol and drugs). He walked out on us because he was “too young” for the responsibilities, and partied 6 days a week when he could. He had a bed on base somewhere to hide this from me. But I caught on soon enough and let him know he could just stay away.
        After that I was a working mom, so had to make use of childcare. Still, every moment with my kids was so precious to me.
        we did a lot together. When we played, I got down getting grass stains and mud with them....mud pies were fun to make. We shopped together, be it clothes or groceries. Only one ever had tantrums, so one day I threw one with her; she looked indignantly at me, and never threw another tantrum again. They may have forgotten a lot of it by now, but I still have the memories.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


        • Paula A
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          Oh, your memories of playing with your kids is wonderful!

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        Good afternoon. Just made it here...Cori and I are lay laying around this morning. Tonight is my wrap making class.


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          good Tuesday to you all...

          the "new" Dr. gave me a hand ful of papers for Test test and more tests. . today was Lab day... the Lab is just down the road about 2 miles. opens early. just walk in . I started out.. got down the road about 1/2 mile , realized I 'd forgot to pick up the Paper work... back home..get going again . go in and the dear lovely lady , chats a bit and then says.. these are papers for YOur Husbands lab work . what?????/. I had picked up the wrong pile of papers ( they look just like mine).. so I go home , get the right papers ( hanging on the fridge door).. and start out again.. no one there yet, so I get right in ,, I showed her that one of the test is for checking some problem that might be causing "poor memory".. we had a good laugh!..

          came home. ate breakfast. then back to the sewing projects of yesterday... got the sewing machine working properly and hemmed his last pair of new jeans.. Why the man thinks he needed 3 new pair of jeans is a mystery to me.. they were on sale so one pr was literally free.

          got the binding all creased and pressed and ready to stitch onto the yellow afghan ,,,by hand...

          Karlin we have been married twice as long plus a few more than you!.... David and I aren't two peas in a pod..different as night and day... but it has worked because we agree on Essentials.. we are both "on time" people.. agree on how money is spent. ( thats why we have a paid for house, and everything in it is paid for). and both have a strong Faith in Christ.. .. now there are other things so different,, I am a People Person.. loves gatherings. meeting new people, going to school functions... and for years I was a regular helper, at out Church,, Played ,piano,organ,taught Sun.School Classes, etc etc.. while DAvid has never been on a committee or done any volunteer work.. he is a one on one person, and will entertain One or two people at a time , at home.
          but we are still together. yes, we have ocassionally had Words..but now we are content to set back and watch..I finally got too tired.

          so .. glad to read everyones posts... now I feel the day is complete


          • Paula A
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            I hope I get to sit down and hear a little of the one on one visiting next summer! A wonderful tribute to a working marriage!

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          No doubt that you will, Paula.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.