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Sunday, January 06, 2019

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  • Sunday, January 06, 2019

    Good morning Rounders. It's 43 degrees here and I slept in thanks to that sinus pill I took last night. If I keep this up I may go to a regular sleeping pattern. Whoot!

    Yesterday was my big cleaning day and I did 2 loads of laundry to boot. Today is my restful day, but I will make a good dinner. I'm thinking meatloaf or spaghetti/meatballs. Aunt Maye got me in the mood talking about her little meatballs.

    It's time to take the vases of Camellia's out of the house and I don't think they opened up at all. The Tea Tree Olive that I moved last week is doing fine. Yeah! Yesterday I transplanted another Lantana that was coming up in the middle of my yard. I think the birds drop the seeds. I think it will survive the move and the butterflies will love it.

    That is it for me today. "My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth." ~ Abraham Lincoln

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning. Peaceful quiet birthday is Thursday my niece turned 17 today. We had her family party so my parents were in town and brought my birthday gifts. I feel a bit spoiled. I loved all of my presents. My favorite was my garnet earrings. I have asked for and received these earrings for several holidays and birthdays. I will wear them a lot this semester.

    I received a text from Chef and I go back to work next Saturday!! I am super excited to see everyone.


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      Happy B'Day Bethina in advance. May all your B'Day wishes come true.

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    Good morning! Amen on that quote!! It is going to be a warm day in the 60s. Yesterday was beautiful...bugs were out. Amazing that I was sitting outside and a bee kept buzzing me. What he was doing out could be an interesting story.

    I think lantana's are so pretty but my last one got so big and leggy I dug it out. You are right about the butterflies...they love them. Nothing is blooming around here for sure. It was such a nice evening that several of the neighbors had fires going. Jon made a fire for marshmellows and we heard music so there was at least one party. Not often you get to do that in January.

    Andrew left later in the evening to ice skate with his cousins. I had no idea there was an indoor rink around here. Sierra 's mom brought her back early but they had a nice family time together. She has already left early this morning to drive back to Minnesota. Sierra's friends are having a party today and she wants to go so guess I will take her but she will not be staying the night. If I take her I will bring her home.

    Once the family gets moving we are going out for breakfast before Scott leaves. Then I will remake that bed. I cleaned the house good this week and it may have an empty feeling with the tree down but it is sparkling clean just like Karlinanns. School does not start for Drew until Tuesday so still will have another day of vacation then back to normal. I am ready to see the kid again but not to have the messes back...yesterday was the first meal I have cooked since December 23. I do not miss cooking but I have missed eating! Spaghetti was very good last night and the bowls emptied fast. First thing Sierra did coming in was fix a plate of leftovers.

    Well, need to get moving so everyone isn;t up and moving at the same time. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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      Good morning! ☕️
      I too slept well with the help of a sleep aid.
      Yesterday we did not get that predicted rain. However there is rain this morning, not too heavy or too light...just a nice rain.
      it will get only to the low 50ís today, and one more night in the 30ís, then a warming trend will start again.

      I did get my hair trimmed up yesterday evening. It feels good again. Then we went out to dinner. The spaghetti place was overflowing, so we went to our favorite diner. E got soup and sandwich, and I got French toast. I ate only half, so I had one slice for breakfast today, and will have the last slice tomorrow morning. I love a bread based or pasta based meal.....I should have more fruits & veggies. Iím reading the Mediterranean Diet, and I figured I like a more East-European Peasant diet. Gotta make some eating habit changes this year.

      Karlinann, I like your dayís quote!
      What a nice gift you got, Beth.
      Maxie, what a busy weekend you are having.

      Today Iíll be sorting out another area. Iím looking for the case of my cake decorating tools and candy making things, and am uneasy about it. I know where I had last left it, but itís not there. E will have no idea what Iím talking about. Men! So I will search the garage til I canít take the cold out there.
      Tomorrow we leave early for my doctor lab work and appointment. We wonít be out of there til past noon. He needs to be in touch soon with a heart doctor, who has yet to call him......I figure that doc will most likely call tomorrow.

      if the rain stopped yet, I will have to go get it from the driveway. If it hasnít stopped, I will let E go get it for me.
      Have a really good day! ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        I love diner food! Wish we had one around here. The last time we were in Kansas City helping my niece move back to St. Louis we ate every night at her local diner. The pie was to die for!! I have been awake since 3 AM but do not take sleep aids...sleeping runs in spurts. Have been sleeping so good this last week with everyone in and home at night but guess yesterday there was just a lot of excitement around here. Be nice tonight to have just 'us' home. Men are clueless about our stuff but are always quick to want to pitch it out as useless. MEN!

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      Good rainy Sunday to you all! And windy, which is sad because for the moment my hair looks good...

      Stuart put a short bit of the tape of Gary talking about a student on Facebook and tagged me in it, so I think any of my Facebook friends can go to my page and see and hear it. Very short but one I had not heard before when the tape broke as I was listening to it.
      Aunt Maye said she was in tears reading what I wrote yesterday; I was in tears all morning after I saw what Stuart had posted and then read the comments from others, some I don't know but who had Gary as a teacher. (I remember the names of the really good ones and the ones that might have given him a little trouble. ) But it seemed no matter how they were in his 5th grade class, they all knew how much he cred for them and would mention it whenever we would see them in later years.

      OUr church service has now switched to 9:00am. We share the building with another congregation and they will have the 11:00 time.
      So I had to be up a bit earlier than a normal Sunday, and now need to get moving to get there on time.

      I will check back in later. I hopeyou all have a great day!
      Meatloaf is on our menu, too.


      • maxie
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        I did listen to the recording on face book. I had a hard time hearing but his the sound of his voice was very soothing. I can only imagine the impact that calmness had on a room full of kids.

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      good late evening.. well actually bedtime

      was reading a fairly good book and trying to finish... also I have taken up Football watching this past month or so... at least keeping track of whos heading for the super bowl ... so today was two games ,, the wild card teams... ( all of this keeps DAvid happy, )... If I must watch a sport , I like to watch football the best.. so the afternoon and evening was football !.... so Im late posting

      Paula, so wonderful to have those recorded tape and video but I just pictured your heart taking a sad leap,, and then a lot of smiles.. there is just something about the sound of voices though that would make you cry.. and I cried with and for you..
      I wish I would have made recordings of my children talking ,and especially Karen laughing .. would be so much fun to listen to now.. will have to check with relatives to see if any one has any .

      kind of set the day away in chair today... DAvid did not feel like "church"... he hates his wobbly legs , and the almost falling .. He is using his Cane more and more.. and once he gets accustomed to using it, I think we will be able to go group things like Church... He loves Walmart, Carts are the best "Crutches "..
      Hi Jog.. david puts the dishes away ocassionally,, and I hate it.. something is always somewhere it does not Belong.
      And Bethina...Happy Birthday!!
      and Maxie .. I love eating Out period... . D. and I don't vacation anymore... so I just decided eating out was our VAcation Money.. wll spent..

      see you later.