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Saturday, January 05, 2019

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  • Saturday, January 05, 2019

    Aunt Maye, I sure was glad to see your post late yesterday. I am sorry you had to go through that new doc ordeal. It's a pain, but they have to have a true basline to start with and I wouldn't think a doc was worth a grain of salt if he/she didn't do some investigative work on me.

    Speaking of doctors I had a terrible nightmare this morning. I was working in a hospital as a PT or Nurses Aid and I have never held that title in my life. It was awful. There was one nurse in my nightmare that I did actually work with when I was a Unit Secretary and she was the Charge Nurse. There was a new doctor on call for a group and he didn't have a cell phone apparently and had given his aunt's phone # for his contact #. They finally got ahold of him. The rest of the NM was too crazy to tell you about, but I do recall it was about trying to heat up food for the patients. Yes, Nightmare!

    DH went to Domino's yesterday afternoon to get our free pizza and he said that lady was not happy. I guess she got reamed out about the last order having too much garlic oil and we complained. Oh well. At least now they have a sign right up front that says you have to tell them to leave the garlic oil off if you don't want it. Progress!

    I am congested this morning due to pulling those moldy juniper stems yesterday. I should have worn a mask.

    That is about it for me. "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." Henry David Thoreau
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning all.

    Well the "restrictive" cast came off yesterday after 8 weeks of some form of restricktiveness. Wrist is very stiff and sore. Will work on loosening that up.

    For some reason, couldn't get to sleep last night, and then work up at 3:45. Finally got up at 5, and have a load of clothes in the washer.

    After finishing this, I'm headed to the garage to defrost the freezer. Want to get that done before moving...and no I have no bites on this house. But paying 2 utilities is a bit much. I'll wait until winter is over so I can shut everything off here except the electric.

    Rained here all yesterday afternoon and evening. Had "lakes" in the yard where I hadn't had any before. The ground is so saturated.

    Hope all have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Morning. Looks like we are buying a new tv today. All the lights are on but no picture or sound. Bummer!

      Going to get up in a few and put on the spaghetti sauce but needed my coffee first this morning. Once I start moving things need to be jumping and I am not ready to jump yet. Scott is coming in this morning and Andrew later this afternoon. Sierra's mom is coming by to pick her up for the evening so lots of in and out today.

      Jostoy heard the rain was heavy south of us but we never got a drop just clouds. My sister is saying no one is looking at their house either and they are like you, paying utilities for two places. Scott finally took his off the market and has decided to stay a while. I hope it is the time of the year. Happy to hear you have the cast off.

      Well, need to get up and moving..have a good day and Jostoy, hope you dry out quickly!


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        Good morning...headed to my sisters for the day its my oldest niece's birthday tomarrow.

        After her party we will come home so my parents can take a look at my the middle of the stuff with my granny I locked myself out of the house a couple of times...the dead bolt is no longer working..its connected to a key pad...the key pad won't work and now the dead bolt is frozen.

        nothing going on other than that.


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          Good morning. ☕️ I think.
          3 nights in a row Iíve had 5 or less hours of sleep. I donít like the way I feel.....but at least Iím not hurting anywhere. Just a bit dizzy sometimes.

          Well, the weatherman did it again. Now suddenly tonight we have a 45% chance of rain. (Actually, that doesnít bode well for my haircut, as I have some natural curl.). The rain forecast is 80% for tomorrow. Naturally, we need the rain. Rain perks up the trees and plants far better than the garden hose ever does. Unfortunately, that goes for dandelions and other weeds as well.

          Nice to see Maye and Jostoy posting.
          Karlinann, that was quite a nightmare. Odd dream.
          Maxi, that spaghetti sounds good. So does the new TV.
          Beth, have a nice time at your sisterís birthday party. I hope your deadlock isnít too hard to fix.
          Paula, I wonít be surprised if I find you posted while I was typing.

          To all, have a great day.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            No, Jo, I am behind times and got to read all the posts before starting in on mine.
            I have checked and used other plumbers and these guys are honest and I trust them. What made the cost go above what I was originally thinking was having them do the cement work to finish where the sidewalk was taken out to replace pipe. I realized it wasn't something I was going to be able to do and they could do it just means I watch my budget this month, a little more than usual. My insurance is due later this month.

            I saw that people are saying their garbage bill is going up, so I am happy I have decided to get rid of one can. Mine will go down.
            When we were putting the tub of ornaments away in the shed I realized we have cleared it out and there isn't much left to need an extra garbage bin. I have the largest size.

            I am feeling like I am getting better with this cough and cold. I did not cough nearly as much yesterday as I had on Wednesday. One of my daycare moms works in a doctor's office and brought me two masks. I have a nail appointment and called and asked the salon if I could still come in if I am wearing a mask. I think I kind of surprised her by asking that. They said No problem.

            Stuart called last night with the best surprise. He put on a CD for us to hear: it was a recording of an interview that featured Gary when he was Teacher of the Year for our county. It had been on a cassette tape the radio station gave us, but had been chewed up when I tried to play it a few months ago. I did not throw it away, although I had tried asking around here if anyone could splice it and fix it. So thankful I did not toss it. During vacation I told Stuart about it and he asked if I would send it up to him. Last Saturday I mailed it; he received it Monday and on WEdnesday took it to someone who said he could tell it was something special to our family, and got it done by Friday (yesterday!) I had not listened to all of it because of it getting wound around in the old cassette player, but Stuart said there is a part of the interview in which Gary talks about a service project Becky and her class did and how it took learning to a higher level, getting the concept really into the kids. WE were all in tears with the memories flowing. Today is Gary's birthday, and I feel like I got the present! Stuart's brother in law will make some copies for us all. Hearing his voice again (I know I said this recently) was wonderful. And hearing how positively he spoke of teaching, children as learners and our community, even when the radio guy (a PhD) would get negative about kids and parents was just the best.

            It is raining here and that might change what I thought I would do today (Costco trip) but things will get done. I have the shelter dinner this coming Friday and I want it to be a simple, warm and comfort food meal.

            Soup is on our menu. I wanted it the other day and will finally make it today.

            Hope you all have a good weekend.
            Jostoy, you are in my thoughts! I want your house to sell, but I know you want that way more than I just know we all are in your corner!


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              good afternoon...

              what was supposed to be my "sewing " day.. got interrupted by a sweet visit from Granddaughter Hannah and serious-type boyfriend.. they have been dating for over a year ,she is a sr at College , he is in Grad school.. so no mutterings of marriage.. so ,poor young man, has been getting the family "look-over".. especially by parents and this Grandmother!... I'm not really happy with him.. nice enough young man but not sure he is Hannahs true mate.. something is off... but....... that is not for me to say.. except I did warn him,,,, in a kidding manner,,, that if he hurt her feelings.. he would be in for a thrashing!!!.. my GRanddaughters are very special people to me.. ( i'm just a wee bit prejudice )...

              so ended up only getting two hems sewn in ... leaving 3 pr of Davids new jeans to do.... plus putting the binding on the crib afghan.. I have to do this kind of work when I am fresh and the day is young...

              Karlin ,tossed the pile of paper work from Dr.s office on the desk, will take them with me this coming Thursday to same Dr. office (david's appointment day).. let the nurse there tell me what they are all about and get me phone numbers for the various other offices. ... I knew this was what he would do,, and your right,, if he didn't ask me to do this. I would think he was being remiss.. ps ,I rarely have dreams,,what a nightmare you had!

              Paula I was in tears just reading how you heard Gary talking on the tape.. some folks just leave this world too soon!!!..
              Jo Gee.. it is amazing how an extra hour or so of sleep makes so much difference in how a person feels...once in a great while I get a 6 hr stretch.. and feel so much better all day..
              Jostoy.. I too have done laundry at 5am... automatic washer/dryers are soooo wonderful.
              Maxie, I see Mommy Dearest is still around ,aggg
              Should have went visiting. but felt good to be in quiet house... now for Football Playoffs... I don't get carried away.. but really like watching games that I have no particular choice of winner.... Just learning the game and the moves they make... and keeping D. company in the living room..

              see you tomorrow .. more football?...