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Tell your kids to be plumbers

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  • Tell your kids to be plumbers

    oh my goodness! My deductions for 2019 have started and I am in a bit of sticker shock!
    it is the way they reassure and say it wonít be that much..,
    i would hate to see what the other guys charge!
    900.00 in 3 days!
    seriously rethinking my career choice!
    and itís what??? Only the 4th!
    thanks! Just needed to speak it out loud.

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    I feel the pain Paula. I'm so sorry. Yes, plumbers are ultra expensive, but I think they should have given you a pretty close estimate on that job. They always gave us an estimate that was right down to the penny. I guess it's different in every state. When we had to have work done we lived in Tennessee.

    Oh, there are plenty of women plumbers and they do make great money. Not a bad career move at all for you until you have to pull toilets. Uggghh! Wouldn't want that job!
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      Oh, my! Thatís an awful lot of money! I am sorry to hear about those kind of charges. With all those kids, Iím sure you couldnít afford to call a few different plumbers and compare estimates.
      Hmmmm.......since it was the daycare bathroom, can that be a business deduction in your taxes?
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        Yep...have always said the money was in plumbing! But they got you...when you need a plumber you need a plumber!