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Friday, January 04, 2019

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  • Friday, January 04, 2019

    I moved pavers yesterday and my hands are arthritic this morning. We have a 90% chance of rain today. I decided not to buy more seeds because I have plenty of flower seeds that I saved from last year.

    Not much happening around here except that I've almost finished reading another book. Have a fabulous day Rounders.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...yesterday morning wasnít good. I got locked out of my house 2 different times. My dead bolt broke.

    Mom and Dad did find a place for granny and granny is much more receptive. I am excited there is place on the website for this nursing home to email your loved one!!! I plan to email granny atleast once a week.


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      Good Morning! Sunshine? Anyone see any laying around? We've lost ours completely around here.

      How'd you get back in your house Bethina? Glad it's working out for your grandmother.

      Yesterday was good, but definitely not productive. Sue came and we went into town. I returned 4 of the tops Cork got me, and replaced them with 4 bottoms & 1 top. Yes, it cost more than what I got back, but he gave me a gift card for Boscov's, so I used that. We spent over 2 hrs in that store alone, then it was onto lunch at Applebees. I made the waitress tear up. She was talking super fast, and I ask her to plz slow down. I could tell it upset her, so I apologized when she came back. She said she was having a hard day. Her boyfriend of 5 yrs broke up with her. We then stopped at Sharp Shopper, then headed home. Besides putting groceries away, I didn't accomplish much more. Cork FINALLY got the alternator out of Kathy's car. Now for her to get it replaced & hopefully put back in tomorrow. I spent the evening binge watching The Great British Baking show.

      This morning I HOPE to get this place picked up. At 1pm I have an appointment with one of my new customers who does Racki and advice me how to use these essential oils I have invested in. I'll let you know how it goes & what it is. Blaise has karate this evening. He hasn't been there in over 2 weeks. This will be his new class with his new ranking of camo belt. Will have to get back into that routine. Different schedule now...M,T,F,S.

      Have a good one all!


      • Paula A
        Paula A commented
        Editing a comment
        We love the Great British Baking show! A friend had been talking about it,, but it wasn't until Becky went to MD last summer that she started it and then I watched with her when she got back.
        I will be interested in what you think about the Reiki (not sure about the spelling). I am not a a believer. The people I know who talked about it made it sound a little pagan. So I will be interested tohear what you think. It might just be my CA friends who are different.

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      This morning is here and that is all I can say. I took a different cold and cough medicine last night that kept me more awake than asleep. I will take the Alka Selzer one again tonight and hope that I can stay on top of things today.
      At least the plumbers coming today are professionals. The handyman they recommended to remove the sidewalk over the pipe did not tell he had to be paid in cash (not really a good sign in my book) until it was time to pay him and he charged me for a full 2 hours when he worked 1 1/2 hours...but it is done and I will not be calling him back for any other handyman work. Luckily, between Becky and I we had 100.00 to give him and when I went to the store afterward (7:00pm) I got cash to pay her back.
      This is like buying tires: not something pretty, but something necessary.

      The plumbers coming today will be replacing some part to the daycare toilet and I will have to let kids use the main bathroom. Logistics of getting around during the work may be a bit tricky, but when I think of all the things I have had done while having kids here,I know I can do it. A new roof, new heating and air and insulation installed...the noise of the work and the noise of my Chihuahua is something else!

      I have a nail appointment tomorrow and I am hoping Becky can get a mask when she picks up her Rx today at our pharmacy.

      My good friend's father fell and broke his femur and was scheduled for surgery today. After spending All day in the ER, our hospital finally sent him to Shasta REgional up in Redding because there are no beds available due to all the flu patients! Barbara said her mom said it was horrible in the ER with all the noises of people getting sick.
      Between fires and flu we are a mess out here. Stay away from Red Bluff!

      Stay well and out of harm's way. Rounders. Have a good day and I will be back later to read up on your day.


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        Morning...suppose to rain south of us but be partly cloudy here and warmer. Could be 60 by Sunday. A nice January surprise.

        Nothing happening around here but I may cook today. Holy Cow! can you believe I am ready for a real meal? Especially since I have to cook something tomorrow. Scott is coming up and Andrew is going to be here...nice to see the guys around. Mommy dearest came in last night and Sierra was happy to see her. They are going to pick her up for lunch today but Sierra is insisting on being home this evening because the bf is suppose to visit. She will visit with Scott tomorrow then they will pick her back up for dinner at her aunts and they are leaving early Sunday morning. Next week will be a repeat of this week with her restrictions and then back to the doctor for another follow up.

        I am going to rehang the old shower curtain. I could not find anything other than those beautiful poppies that I liked. I am not ruling those poppies out but want to see the curtain before investing that much money into a 'shower curtain'. I did pick up new towels to hang and will get that rehung today. Next time we have a girls shopping trip I will look. When I sorted out Christmas and what gifts I brought home from my sister's it was discovered I had a gift meant for my sil and my sister has that family's gifts so we will be planning a gathering. Looks like Christmas isn't over!

        Need to change beds and do laundry...find something to cook. There should be meatballs in the freezer so tomorrow will be spaghetti. That is the one meal everyone agrees on and is the easiest of meals to cook. The tv in here in acting up and it might as well. Everything happens in a bunch.

        Need to get moving earlier so I am dressed. Sierra put away two weeks of laundry that had piled up in her room so she is feeling better. I will get a vac in there while she is out this afternoon and empty the trash. Progress!

        Have a wonderful day and hope those of you getting rain need it. We do not but I am going to welcome those 50s and 60s!! Karlinann, you are a doer! Beth, glad granny is better with her move.


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          Good morning.
          the sunshine is returning here. Nice! Although it was 33į outside this morning when I got up, it is supposed to be around the mid-60ís this afternoon.
          I finally have everything out of that cupboard, so I can start on another cupboard today. I kept only a few spices which I actually use. But the trash bin and recycle bin are pretty well filling up.....the spices in one, and the containers in the other.

          E had a nice lunch with his buddy, but unfortunately came home with a project. Crap! When he was working, some of his coworkers belonged to The Toastmasters Club. E was a visitor there sometimes, but not a regular speaker. They keep your Public Speaking skills honed. Well, there was a problem with timing the speeches. So E built an adjustable stoplight for the speakers to watch. Green- start talking. Yellow- you have a minute or two to quit talking. Red- you can shut up now. This buddy still belongs to that club. The club needs some kind of update to the stoplight. So buddy gave the stoplight to E to update it. So he will be updating it to meet their current needs. Needless to say, he loves his electronics.

          i donít think we have to go anywhere today. Fine with me.
          i couldnít get an appointment for a haircut today, but tomorrow I had a choice. 8 a.m. or 5 p.m. the salon opens at 9.
          I donít want to have a haircut when she is just half awake and assistants are prepping to open. So I took the last appointment of the day. Hope she wonít be too tired to get it right.

          Monday,I see my doc. Standard appointment with lab work.

          I think i can add laundry to todays agenda. But thatís no big thing. I just have to make a note when the cycles are done. I canít hear the dinger when the dryer stops. Aging really likes to challenge us, doesnít it.

          Karlinann, you are a fast reader!
          Beth, Iím glad granny got a nicer nursing home.
          Paula, I wouldnít hire that guy again. He should have told you he charge for full hours, even though he worked just a portion of it. Maybe heís not that good at math! Maybe he is afraid of losing money in the current state of economy.
          Also, one of my DDs is hooked on that baking show. I have to look up Reiki and see how it has anything to do with baking???

          Have a good day, everyone. I wish you all sunshine. ☀️

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
            "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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              Energy healing? The more I read, the more I see it as a placebo. If you want to believe in it, it might happen.
              One can concentrate on various ways to help heal something if they are focused on it, think of it from different angles, and choose what feels best. Human touch is definitely included.

              I once took a mind-over-matter course in a seminar by old Mr Silva himself, and let myself be immersed in it. At the end, everyone had their own view of it in mind. It all depends on what and how much one chooses to believe. How you are taught to view things, if you are open or close-minded to all or part.
              That weekend, I learned a lot about people,in general.

              In short, we all have bad days balanced by good days. Donít expect to change anything overnight or even in short term. Anything worthwhile takes time and dedication.

              Back to Reiki, what the heck does it have to do with baking?
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                I thing, it was just in Donnapost.

                the people I know were using terms like ď the earth goddessĒ and just too alternative for me.
                like I said: a CA twist to everything!


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                  Okay, thanks Paula. I thought it was connected with the baking show. (We donít get most of the channels, or donít use them due to content.). The earth goddess? Now I know where you are coming from. It does sound like a religion.
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                    Good evening,

                    did not visit yesterday.. Had the initial visit with new PCP doctor.... he is the one DAvid goes to, and I know and like him already.. but the first visit takes over an hour.... and he quietly but firmly wants TESTS make.. for this ,that ,and the other thing.. so I have a pile of papers and three different places to make arrangements with to get these done.. I understand he wants his own background on my health conditions.. ... I will, however , NOT go for new Treatments, or meds.. to help my "old age". so my bones are a little brittle , and I don't have much energy.. and the calcium level is a little low and the cholestral bad stuff is high. ( normal level for me tho')... but sure made me tired and depressed... came home and slept,read and hid in my lady cave room.. will get all the paper work sorted out next week.. and get it organized ...

                    now I just wish all those folks who made the outside of their house and their yards look horrible , get it all taken down, .. very little of it says much about the real meaning of Christmas.. I feel like Scrooge . .. but I am tired of looking at it..... in the day time it looks even worse.. bah hum bug..

                    Karlin, reading... I too was busy finishing books.. had 5 books from the Library and 3 ebooks on the Kindle.. got that down to 2 books from library and only one left on the kindle.. Donna got me a hugh box of books,, author Susanna Gregory,,,I had read the first two , but she had the rest of the series so I want to put them here in the "Lady Cave room" , Put them on the shelves and ,they are back up reading when the roads are too bad to get to library!.. .

                    hi to you all... someone said something about meatballs... must mark that that down,, When I buy Hamburg on sale, I make some of it into little round balls, then remove 2 of them, thaw, add stuff to the meat, ( like meatloaf ingred).. and cook them in the microwave.. good quick meal for us. maybe tomorrows lunch!.
                    see you later..
                    today was my baby girls birthday.. she is 52. hard to believe... time sure went fast!.