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Thursday, January 03, 2019

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  • Thursday, January 03, 2019

    We didn't make it to Dollar Tree yesterday after all. Will try again today. I had a friend from the thrift shop to call and get directions to our house, (she lives in same community), but she got turned around and DH tried to give her the directions on the phone but she never did find us. I should have just asked dh to meet her and guide her in, but at the time I couldn't think of it.

    My neighbor with the French Bulldogs fell yesterday morning and broke her wrist. She stumbled over one of her irrigation sprinkler heads, (the kind that sticks up) and she will go Monday and have a cast put on. Things can happen quickly. I'm going to her house later today and try to layer a low hanging branch of the Camellia bush. Layering is my final try because I've already tried the cuttings with rooting hormone twice. She will be having some reno work done on her Lanai later on and that big Camellia will be going bye-bye.

    I have been up since a few minutes after midnight. I guess I got enough sleep, but I may grab a power nap this afternoon. Hope all is well with all you Rounders.

    Hey Aunt Maye where are you?
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...still not eating a lot....I thought last night that I was better this morning not so sure....I am going to work out today..then going to buy my nieces birthday gift....then getting broccli soup from Panara. I feel like I need comfort food today...

    My heart is heavy and with my mom as she begins looking at nursing home facilities for my granny. She has 2 to look at today in the town that my granny went to high school in one of granny's favorite places that she lives....the town is 20 minutes closer to my parents..and 10 minutes from two of granny's kids...she should be happy there I can only hope...I looked both facilities online and was pleased with both...only will be able to tell what they are like in parents are going to look at both places today..I am so greatful for my dad and the support he is giving my mom. I wish that I could be there today to visit the facilities with mom because I feel like I know a little bit having worked in nursing homes and adult daycares...I trust mom to make the best decision for granny....because granny refuses to be a part of the decision making at this point....I am sure that she will find everything she doesn't like and let mom know about it. :/ The thing that I liked about the one facility is they encourage family to stay in touch with their loved by email...they offer a way for you to email your loved ones then print it off and give it the family member. If granny goes there I will make sure that every one has the directions for emailing encouraging notes to granny.

    Thank you for letting me unload.


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      Good Morning. I NEED SUNSHINE!!!!

      Yesterday was good. New Years Eve Blaise reminded me we hadn't had our FUN DAY yet that we were going to have over his break. Yesterday was the day. We went to BK (his choice) and then to the theater to see Mary Poppins. It was good. Came home & just relaxed the rest of the day.

      Kathy & Matt came during the evening and took the dining room table I had bought last summer. I say it'll be too big for their kitchen, but they were determined it is going to be fine. I had a little talk with them about paying me back & they gave me lip service.

      Sue is coming in a bit and we are going for our FUN DAY. We are going to Boscov's to check out their sales. I'm returning 4 out of 5 of the tops Corky got me for Christmas. I'll replace them and hopefully find some leggings to go with them. Then we'll go for our "company Christmas party" treat. Sue gets to pick. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring. They say we are to have sunshine this afternoon, so I may get inspired to do something energetic.

      Have a good one!


      • #4 sun so far today. It would be a party day if the sun every shined! The Christmas tree is gone. The only part of Christmas left are the candles in the window and I always take them down later because I love the look of the candlelight at night. The wreath is still on the door mainly because I did not feel like looking for the replacement...basement is pretty much a mess right now with ornament boxes etc. The holiday shower curtain and towels are still out but I have not had time to get a new one yet. We are still a hodge podge of this and that around here!

        Today we have to run on campus to pay tuition that is due today. I do not know how she is going to walk that distance but we will see. She has been letting everything go until last minute lately and this should have been done a few weeks ago. Then we head to the doctor for a checkup. Her mother called yesterday and is driving in tonight and staying the weekend. Scott is coming home Saturday so I need to get to the grocery store. We have a dentist appointment for next week. We have only seen the bf once...he is suppose to come by Friday. We will see.. Sierra is moving a lot better and has stopped picking stuff from her head. She cannot watch tv or text etc, because it gives her a headache still so you would think she would be bored but she sleeps so much! Eats and sleeps! But I am glad she is beginning to eat. Karlinann she hates bananas! Always has from baby on. But that recipe did remind me I could make a milk shake. Every day is better and I will be glad when she sees our doctor for reassurance. Also happy her mother is coming down and Sierra sees her family come together for HER...they are planning a family dinner for Saturday night without that crappy bf around.

        I know everything I say is so selfishly about our family but I do love and worry about you all. Remember that... Now I am off to run the vac and get the place back in order. Places to go, people to see, money to spend...oh yeah, need to stop at the bank!


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          I am getting a different start to my day. The cat box needed to get cleaned out (thanks, kitty!) and I then brought in the garbage can and made tea. It is steeping now and I have a few minutes here.

          My New Year began with a plumber's visit. Not what I wanted, but needed. Water leaking out form the bottom and he was here a little over an hour (150.00) and will be back tomorrow. I have to call another guy to take out a part of the cement sidewalk out back so something can be replaced. About 5 years ago we had all new pipes put in out back except this one where it connects to the house??? I have no idea why the guy didn't do the entire job, but every year at least once, and sometimes, twice I have problems with my daycre bathroom and since the plumbers have the time now I am going to have it fixed. The worst kpart (besides the money) is it will be a day without that bathroom for quite awhile and it will be a lot of noise. None of which work well with a daycare.

          I took an Alka Selzer cold and Sinus capsules last night after daycare and went to bed and texted awhile and then to sleep. I slept all night and did not wake up coughing like I had the night before. They are supposed to be daytime med, but I realized they were causing me to be drowsy, so I will use them just at night.

          Becky is going to Walmart this morning and I will have her pick up some Vicks and put that on my feet. I will try anything to not cough all day!

          Soup sounds good, Bethina. I think I will make some chicken soup for myself.

          I hope you get that sunshine, Donna.
          And Beth, that is a great facility to printout email for patients! Hopefully, this will be a good fit and your granny can get into a routine.

          Fingers crossed that we all have a good day, get things done with little fussing and stay away from the germs that are out there!


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            Good morning.
            it should be a nice day today. It’s 29° out now, but the thermometer should get to 53°. And tomorrow will be even better!
            Actually, I’m tired this morning. It took me 2 hrs to fall asleep—— it was when I asked myself if I needed a sleep aid that I conked out, so got only 5 hrs of sleep.

            Yesterday E discovered it is TODAY he goes out to lunch. So he was home going through his stuff. Seems ever 15 minutes he would say, “Oh, look at this,”. And he wanted my opinion of Keep-Toss-GW. Or, “Look how outdated this book/item is!” OK, and I’m still working on my cupboard. No matter what my answer, I was countered with “but it’s still good for someone learning the very basics” or “no, this ought to be trashed”, and so it went. Then he would say, “I will get that for you, I will do this for you...” I started flapping my hands at him saying “nonononononono,”. Before he got the idea he was in my way. So I only got half that cupboard done before backache set in. He means well. On his way back to his area, he sneezed, and I said “bless you”.....and heard his Elvis voice saying, “Thank us. Thank ya verrrry much!” I plan to finish that cupboard today. I never know whose voice I will hear next.

            We get several robo or spam calls during the day. When we get a call, if we recognize you as friend or family, we pick it up and you are on the white list. He looks up the numbers we don’t recognize. They come from many sources. Spammers “buy” a space on some numbers site, so their personal numbers never show up and every call they make shows a different number. These get a spot on the blacklist, and they get a fax# noise, and we aren’t bothered with answering the call.
            One day I asked if he wasn’t tempted to get back at them. So he picked up the next spam call and answered it in fake Russian. They got so frustrated that they hung up on us! I was laughing so hard. He can fake nearly any language. He spoke Polish to my mother once, and she swore he was fluent......she didn’t understand a word of it, but by golly he was fluent. She figured that he spoke a different dialect, is all. Don’t know why he didn’t end up on Comedy Central.

            Today my tummy is upset, and I’ve run to the bathroom twice. Hope it goes away. E said I should see my hairdresser tomorrow. He wants to see his doctor about a referral to a heart doctor. So I’d better get an afternoon appt for myself. The doctor takes walk-ins only in the mornings.

            I hope to accomplish more today.
            I think a pot of chicken soup is on my agenda. I sort of miss the microwave, since mine died. But E washes the pots and pans.

            To everyone, I hope you all have a good outcome from today. ☕️

            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.