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Wednesday, January 02

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  • Wednesday, January 02

    Good morning Rounders! I slept in today because of all that work I did yesterday. My body is sore and telling me to take it easy today and I'll listen to it. I managed to gather up 2 vases of the Camellias and I hit the ends of the stems with a hammer so they can take up water and open out. They look beautiful on our dining room table.

    We will make a run to the Dollar Tree today to get flower/vegetable seeds. I asked the store manager last wk when she would get them in stock so I could get some before they sell out. They are 4 for a dollar. When my stump rots I will gain a flower garden. Yeah! I will try to grow something different this year. Last year I planted Forget Me Nots and they are still blooming. They are the prettiest FMN't I have ever grown.

    I had a nightmare about being a volunteer at a hospital and it was insane. I couldn't find my way to where I was supposed to be and the people I asked along the way didn't know and they worked there. Nightmare, right?

    Love you Rounders.

    ps Maxie, be sure to check out my Fruit Smoothie recipe for Sierra in the Kitchen Forum.
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    Good morning...ended with bit of a flu bug...bland diet today.

    Maxie how Sierra?


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      Good morning.

      Looks like we had snow overnight. I still see patches of ground, but itís still snow ❄️, and itís cold outside.
      GGD Emily enjoyed Christmas, and our New Years is also Russian Christmas. (Her aunt married a Russian Jewish guy.)
      That confused her a bit, but she got presents from the Russian Santa with the uncleís family celebration.

      Then I got another email that another of my daughters, her #2 girl got married New Yearís Day. Private wedding. Reception to come later. Iíve never met her boyfriend. ........and the family grows.

      Today is my sonís (my oldest kid) birthday. I sent his card the other day. Today I sent a birthday graphic via email. He probably wonít see that for 6 months, or whenever his wife cleans out their emails. Heís 57 today. How can that be!!!

      I guess today Iíll try to get through the rest of my cupboards. E will be out to lunch today with an old buddy, so Iíll have a few hours of uninterrupted time. I think my spice racks need to get tossed. Today there is trash pickup, and the garbage bag smelled pretty good with some of my old spices in it. Ha ha!

      The furnace is running, but my toes are cold. A good day for oatmeal, and tea or mocha.

      Karlinann, when we lived in MS, I had some ugly bushes lining the house. In military housing, one doesnít make major changes to the inside or outside quarters. So I thought Iíd do something to kill the ugly bushes and theyíd take them away.
      I had about a gallon jar of pickle juice that I poured at the roots of those bushes. They didnít die though. They perked up and bloomed. I had loads of white camellias....thatís what I was told they were. All they needed was a more acidic soil, I guess.
      Live and learn.

      Beth, I hope itís not the flu you are getting. And I hope you are over it soon.

      Well, I hope you all are having a good start in the new year, and that today goes well for everyone. ☀️
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Yes, they do like an acidic soil. There are so many kinds of Camellia's and there are 3,000 hybrids. Can you imagine?

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      good morning. It is cold here:31* outside but nice and warm inside. I have my chai tea all ready and more like a latte with cream added.

      I should have a full house today, but you never know. The one schoolboy's family got back from a trip to Disneyland last night and I am not sure if he will really make it.

      I have chicken thighs cooking in the oven. A load of whites in the wash and just need to remember that our garbage will go out this evening on the holiday schedule. Mine will not smell as good as yours, Jo!

      I am fully on my cold meds and coughed throughout the night. Not a good night's sleep, but I feel ok to work. I just don't want any kids to get sick.

      Well, not much to talk about here. We will have a sunny day but only up to the low 50's.
      Maxie, I know Sierra will be feeling pretty sore and hope she can get rested and healed.

      Take care rounders!
      Karlinann, so many camellias here. Lots of shades of pink as well as white and shades of red. What color are yours?


      • karlinann
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        They are a red color, an orangey red when completely opened and they are double blooms. Huge! I stuck a couple of stems in the ground yesterday. Wish me luck. I tried doing the cut branches last year with the Rootone, but it was a bust. They really need to be layered, but with the dogs digging all around in their area it wouldn't work. Holy Jumpin' Paula. I just realized you post early.
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      Morning...looks like another gloomy one! Tree is still up and beginning to get on my nerves. Tonight is has to go!! One Hallmark channel is still playing Christmas movies but I have pretty much see them all over and over and over this season. I did notice that we have another Hallmark channel so now that makes 3...this is the drama one.

      Made a followup appointment with the family doctor for Sierra this morning for a check up tomorrow. Last night I was helping her take her shirt off and found a bunch of small cuts on the top of her head. We haven't been able to get a brush across her scalp to get the glass so it is always a treasure hunt with what will fall out. Guess the fun will start today with dealing with the insurance company. I am worried about that. Any time you deal with any insurance you are the one intimidated. I checked on her this morning and she is sleeping laying down so she is getting some motion back. Will check out the Smoothie recipe Karlinann..thank you.

      Today I have laundry and need to find the Christmas boxes...hope I can find where he stashed them AND that I can get to them. Once the decorations are all down I will vac good and mop up these floors. Time to move on and bring in another season. Funny how empty the house looks when you take Christmas down.

      Going to make another cup of coffee and check in with my sister. Then get this tree down. Beth hope you don't have the flu and get over what you have quickly. Jo, you are really working at cleaning out stuff. It is hard work so don't over do. Thank you all for the good wishes for Sierra. It was scary and she was so lucky. Hope she realizes that. She had excellent medical attention and they ran all types of tests and x-rays but I will feel better after her followup tomorrow.


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        on daycare days I am up by 5:00 to wake up. Clean up and get ready.
        my laundry is now done and I am waiting for the fist child to arrive


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          A bit more snow here than I thought. These are newspaper pics, more scenic than our yard, but at our end of Tucson.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Very pretty Jo. Snow here just seems to cover up the ugly of winter but thank goodness there has been no snow for a long sun either!