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Wednesday, December 05

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  • Wednesday, December 05

    Good morning Rounders. It's 47 degrees here and I had to turn off the fans. Oh, don't hate me, just remember how blue blazin' hot and humid it is here in the spring, summer and fall. We have to live through it and believe me I pray for cool weather. In fact, winter has become my next fav season now, after spring of course.

    I watched a great old movie on TCM earlier. I don't know the name of it, but Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon were the stars. Lovely movie about homeless children and one woman's love for them. I highly recommend this movie if you like TCM.

    Today is our trash pick-up day and not much else happening. I sure hope that all of you have a wonderful day. I will come back later to read all your posts.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning! It's snow...nice gentle flakes floating down....beautiful!

    Yesterday was good. We baked off approx. 70 doz sugar cookies. We did it all in a little over 4 hrs. We are good! Sue is a great partner. I then worked on order(s) paperwork. Called those that ordered last year, but not this year. Made a semi-decent dinner. Kathy was SUPPOSE to come out and have the oil changed in our Escape that we are lending her, but was a no go.

    Oh...a good portion of my late afternoon was spent talking to my SIL & niece. My niece is a sophomore in the same college that her brother & sister went to. She's dealing with depression & anxiety. (lucky her...she inherited that from me) Well yesterday she totally fell apart & my SIL went up to bring her home for the night. I talked to Maddie. I then called my friend Maureen who is a doctor to ask what they should do. Come to find out she had to take a year off med school due to adrenal fatigue syndrome, which makes it next to impossible to remember things when under pressure. I passed the information along and told them Maureen was willing to talk to them. I know they've put a butt load of money out in the school, but her life is worth more than that. If she has to take a year off or go to community college, in the grand scheme of things, it's not the end of the world.

    Today is mixing up day....doughs, fillings, and icing. I hope to also mix up and bake off a few misc. cookies that only have a few ordered. I might pop down to see Kathy's new apt. We'll see. Karate tonight. Leftovers for dinner.

    Have a good one all!


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      Morning! So nice to come here and see someone has already greeted us. Thanks for being an early riser Karlinann!!

      This morning I have been roped into going to the dietician with my son. I do not want to go and I did not want to get up and be moving this early and I do not know what I can do other than be there and listen. At least he can't blame me for his diet if I am sitting there. AND maybe I will get breakfast out. In fact I should get breakfast out since it is my birthday.

      Yesterday it flurried all day until around bus time then the sky opened up and covered the ground quickly. They call that a snow burst ...geeze remember when it was just plain old 'hey, it's snowing out'? Now it has a name...either way it needs to be swept or shoveled. We went to look at the Christmas lights in the park since it was snowing last night. I enjoy them so much but I can tell Andrew is out growing a lot of the Christmas stuff. Except that darn Elf. He insisted he came back and I really need ideas. He remembers all the past things and since he does not believe it but just wants the fun we are hard pressed to come it some sophisticated antics. I am getting past all this and I know this is my last grandbaby and he is 12 and no longer a little guy but I am just over all this. Ok, grouchy old grandma syndrome!

      Going to squeeze one more cup of coffee before we have to leave. Hope he is going to warm the car for me. I hate sitting in the car with cold air blowing on me. I always prestart my car and let it run but I am a delicate flower. Well, winter sucks and temps never rose from the 30s yesterday with snow and flurries all sun around here for days. I need hot sun on top of my head!

      Too early to have much to say ... have a wonderful, warm and sunny day.


      • Paula A
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        Ok, I am On that Elf mission!!! Can you hide him in the cereal box that Andrew pours out? Maybe take out the bag of cereal to put the elf in the box?

        Happy birthday!! It is y brother doug's birthday, too.

        And, ask the dietitician if a low carb diet is ok if he is keeping track of numbers. In fact, just ask what are the important food measures and carbs,etc you should know for home cooking and thenwe can come up with some good recipes! I have a lot!

      • cookielady
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        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm just sitting here reading your post about a snow burst, it suddenly got darker, I looked up, and we are having your snow burst here right this moment. CRAZY!!! Maybe this will be my excuse for not taking Blaise to karate...fat chance of that.

      • jostoy
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        HARRY BIRTHDAY, Maxie. I may be "a day short" ,and you can be assured "a dollar short" as well !!!

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      Good morning, earlybirds and all who follow.

      It should be a nice day today... sunny and warm for the most part. Itís 53į now and the sun isnít up yet.

      Got my haircut yesterday, and it feels so good. She found a new makeup line thatís good for your skin.... that tells me it will be expensive. She is going to order me a personal palate, supposedly, and give me samples and a facial do. Not sure when. But she will call. I do like the hair products that she uses, and I do use the basics but not everything she keeps on hand. She charges the same as Amazon. Iíve taken note of the facial products, and thereís only 3 Iím interested in.
      I do have my favorites from other companies, which are light and donít have hard ingredients in them.

      So today, Iíve redone the laundry from the other day (I forgot and left them in the machines). I used up all the ice, so Iíve got my ice maker running. Am about to have breakfast. Then later this morning I have PT, after which E wants to go to the movies. he probably wonít be up for a couple of hours.

      So so thatís my dayís plans for today.

      Oh, today is an official federal holiday, honoring former President George H.W. Bush, for the day of his burial. It will be broadcast on C-Span and major news stations, according to the news on the iPad.

      Have a good day, everyone.


      i take back what I said about the weather. It may get warm, but I canít see any sunshine, just a gray heavily overcast day. Yuk!
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


      • Paula A
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        So, no mail today? I watched all the arrival of his casket on my phone while the kids were doing things in the daycare. It should be easy to follow again today.
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      Good morning! It rained during the night and may be off and on today.
      It is trash day here as well as where Karlinann is. I did the bills yesterday (finally had my money in the new account) and decided I am having the company pickup my second trash can. I had only filled one and I doubt I am going to use them the way I thought I would (alternative to going to the dump as I declutter). It will save money and Becky has found that she can take things to the dump if and when we need her to.

      I will check out the Greer Garson movie. I like a lot of old movies, just not the silent ones. Or the slapstick comedies...No Marx brothers for me.

      I did an art project yesterday of evergreen trees with fingerprint white snow on them. It was a three sided stand up tree and the parents Loved it! I had some old costume jewelry that I let the kids glue a few red crystal beads on for berries and they all looked so cute standing on the counter waiting to go home.

      I had a surprise text from a friend who woks at our Dept of Ed for the county: they had been collecting money to donate and the homeless shelter was their choice. She is bringing over a check today to help buy food for the dinners we make! Last year they all donated Tons of canned and non perishable food which was brought to me...and took up a whole wall in my little daycare room. And some of it just didn't work. It is sad and also a bit surprising what some people think is an ok food donation (a can of spinach, some out of date stuff...) and the check will be easier to use than try and fit some of the donated foods into our menu.

      Donna, I will be emailing you today.
      Happy Birthday, maxie! Breakfast out and then buy lunch to take home and get some cake! Angel food is a good choice for your son, too.
      Take care and be happy!


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        Paula, thatís apparently up to your post office, if and how they want to deliver. Donít expect mail, but packages might be delivered. (People send perishable goods.). But the executive orders were signed yesterday for this, and only absolutely crucial workers are required to work. They left mail delivery to basically a skeleton crew, it sounded like, so however they want to handle it.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Yes, from what I understand the post office will not be delivering mail but some packages may still go out. A day without a bill is a nice midweek break!

          Paula, the dietician went well. She was a nice lady and right now Jon is concentrating on quantity and frequency. He is watching carbs and sugar and portion sizes. She said try using a small plate. I liked that! His sugar is way to high and the main jest of the visit is it is up to him to help himself with the guidance of the diet. He has got to get himself under control. His next step is going to be insulin. He has a fish allergy so cannot eat all types of fish which means a lot of chicken around here.

          WE did have some excitement on the trip and were late for his appointment. We were first on the scene of a roll over accident. Poor little girl had 3 deer run out in front of her and slid off the road, rolled over and into a field. The roads were ice covered and we were moving slow. We did not see the actual accident but did see her crawl out of the car. She was shaken but seemed ok, Jon called 911 and we waited with her until the police came. Her boyfriend came but since Jon had made the call he waited and then the guy who owned the field came over. He was really nice and hugged the girl when we all left her in the hands of the police. She came over and hugged Jon to thank him for stopping and staying with her. Turns out she works for the firm my good friend Barb works for which is a testament to what a small world it is. Roads this morning were a sheet of ice.

          So now I am going to start laundry and make my clean bed. Need to run to Penney's and look for a nice shirt for Andrew to wear to his Christmas program. He will not dress up but I can make sure he has a nice new buttoned shirt. That child will not dress decent ever.

          Been watching the funeral...beautiful.


          • Paula A
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            What a morning! You were wonderful to stay with that girl!

            I have a friend who Swears by the deer alarm thing on the front of her car. She had hit two and then tried this and no deer jumping in front anymore.
            Amazon and they are under 20.00. Around here the automotive stores sell them.

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          And I really enjoyed the service for GHWB and hope to see his Texas one tomorrow.
          what a wonderful man! I loved the story about asking his friend to a weekend at Camp David