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December 03, Monday

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  • December 03, Monday

    You are not going to believe this but I made a deep dish apple pie yesterday. Everything but the crusts. DH had bought the frozen double pie crusts a couple of months ago and I wanted to use it and I had McIntosh apples starting to ripen so I made the pie. It turned out so beautiful. Do you know how many years it has been since I made a pie? I think it was 2007. I even cut a little bell shape into the top crust for the venting. I had a choice of a reindeer or the bell. So pretty.

    I'm calling my doc today to see if I can get the Pain Management started. I can't stand this stiffness in my leg. If I stumble on something the pain is excruciating. It happened several times this past week.

    Hey Paula check out your private messages.

    I donated all my cute little pincushions to my neighbor to give to people at work for the holiday. I think they will enjoy them. I did not sell a single one at the craft fair and I thought they would be a hit for sure.

    Have a great day. Be sure to check out Home & Garden forum today.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning! We actually had some sunshine yesterday, but it's back to cold & dreary today. BLAH!!!

    Yesterday was not a very productive day. I took two naps. I did accomplish one major thing on my to-do list. I farmed out some of my extra frozen stuff to Aunt J's & my Mom's freezers so I have more space for cookies in the next few weeks. I FINALLY got some energy around 930 last night & made Corky's lunch food for the week and prepped ingredients to make 4 carrot cakes today. All I have to do is shred the carrots now.

    Today I have a very long to-do list. First thing was testing these Grand Biscuits I got at Sharp Shopper for .33. I froze them to see how they'd bake later, and they're fine. Our church is going to have a turkey & biscuit meal in January, and I wanted to see if I could buy these biscuits that are on sale & freeze them until we are ready for them. If they still have some, I'll be buying them today.

    Heading into town shortly to grocery shop, then home to mix, bake, & cook. Maybe I can get Cork to take Blaise to karate...probably not.

    This week we plan to make 60 doz sugar cookies & 60 doz lady locks. Think we'll start with the sugar cookies and that's what I'll mix up today.

    Have a good one all!


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        Good morning.

        Busy day ahead. Lab work, doctor, blood infusion if needed, then the pharmacy to get my prescription. That should cover most of the day.

        Hope your day is a good one.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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 sun here today either, but cold. Not going to leave the 30s today with flurries. Saturday it was in the 70s and there were tornado's all around and today we back into the deep freeze with flurries. Never boring in the midwest.

          Nothing going on for today. Did run out yesterday but I did not have to drive and worry about parking and then I got breakfast out for lunch. Came home and cannot remember what I did so thinking it was not very exciting. Today I am going to change my bed and maybe run the vac. If anything stimulating pops up I will be back to let you know but not expecting to be back today. Have a wonderful day and hope you finish everything you start..


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            good afternoon everyone...
            I been busy...I got my first order...She wanted Christmas wreath 20'...
            I will try too check in..
            And where is Aunt Maye..???


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              boy am I late! It was cold enough that the windshield was iced up. I will remake the mixture of rubbing alcohol and water so that spray bottle will save time and running back and forth with a pitcher or pan of water.

              Ecky is doing paid research for one of her professors so she wont be home till later and that means I can bake the rest of the zucchini bread.
              The sun is in and out but when we went outside it was out and felt nice. No wind makes 50s feel ok!

              Karlinann, I bought a really pretty embroidered vintage pin cushion for my hair stylist friend. She texted me a picture the next day of sewing with it sitting by her machine. I wonder how many sew? I do hand work and would buy a cute pin cushion. For sure.
              I hope your appointment goes well, Jo and no blood needed.

              i hope your day is going well!


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                Right here SassyG!... today was one of my "lazy,"days.. just could not get moving... even to write in here earlier.

                the tailbone is still giving me setting ,bending over. problems.. and must be what is draining me of energy... WE should have went shopping for Christmas gift items.. but I just did not feel like going anywhere..... I do not do good on days that are overcast, no sunshine.and the world is gray, and dirty brown .
                I am definitely a Summer, GREEN person...

                Paula, I did a lot of sewing .. made quilts. clothes .curtains. etc etc.. had my grandmother pin cushion she had made for herself... not the pretty one, but the everyday one ,, filled with her Hair.still have that pincushion and only I knew whyI called it a keepsake.

                I miss making grease balls at Donna's. I don't get to chat with female companions very much anymore.. will have to start making phone calls

                hope to see you tomorrow.. as the kids say... "hugs"


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