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Sunday, December 02

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  • Sunday, December 02

    Yesterday was rainy and bleary, but we went to Piesano's for lunch and the whole day brightened up. Yes, Piesano's, "A play on pie cuz they serve pizza pies and pints of beer" was out of this world delicious! We didn't even know that there are 2 restaurants in Ocala. That's how stay at home we are. Anyway the place is so nice with the stacked stone walls and ambiance and the padded booths and cozy lighting. We knew right away it was going to be good. Our waitress brought out their signature garlic rolls to start. I love them and they are far better than three other restaurants in the area. We gobbled those up and there was quite a wait on their stone pizza oven to warm up, so she said they would give us dessert for our wait. How can you be so lucky? We loved the supreme pizza and only ate 2 pieces and she boxed up the rest. Then she brought out the Spumoni Bomba. Wow! That was so delicious and it made our day. If you don't have a Piesano's near you I would go to their website at and ask for them to build one in your area. It was great and we'll be going back soon.

    I got to watch 2 Hallmark movies yesterday between DH football games, "It's Christmas, Eve" and "Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe". These movies are both great. I can't say the same for all their new movies though.

    It is like walking into a different yard now with that huge tree gone. I will definitely have to mulch heavily and water more frequently with all that added sun, but it will be worth it.
    Shout Out to all ~ Be sure to check out my Chalkboard Paint recipe in todays Home & Garden forum.

    Have a peaceful day.
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Morning! Well again we paid for a warm day with tornado's all around us. One formed over Staunton and touched down at the edge of town. Several areas had damage north of us. We did not even know there was bad weather in the vicinity until the power went out of course that means the internet was out so we knew nothing for a while. But we were fortunate that all the storms went just north of us. We tried to contact Sierra at work but it was several hours before she called...there were so many people without power that they were overrun with customers. I do think she could have sent a quick text to let us know she was ok but she did not. We are not at all important on her list and we get no consideration. Hope she grows the hell up someday before I die so I can say I have a responsible granddaughter. Anyway, this weather is crazy..tornadoes one day and shoveling snow the next. Welcome to Illinois!!

    Only left the house long enough to walk to the mailbox yesterday and with no mail on Sunday I may not have to leave the house at all! Unless someone would like to take me to lunch...I could make the sacrifice. Blues lost terrible last night. So depressing. Same-o around here. We do not have a Piesano's around here..glad you enjoyed yours Karlinann. To those of you to come have a wonderful day.


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      Sierra's dad needs to tell her to at the very least text the word OK when things go bad.
      He can say it for you and get the message across.

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    Good morning...stayed in the bed until the last possible minute today! I am headed out the door in about 5 minutes for Bible study...then home to put my work shirt and pants in the dryer...then I shall see what book I can get from the libary and read this afternoon.

    Yesterday morning I went to sam's with my mom dad and sis..I was able to pick up the biggest part of dad's Christmas gift..the ingredients for his trail to find a pretty jar so he can keep it by his chair...


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      Good Sunny (so far) Sunday! It is cold now in the 30's and going into the 50's.

      I said I wasn't going to bake this weekend but I decided to do a test batch of the zucchini bread for the funeral. I found that Pam spray is not as good as my friend meant when she said "grease the pans". One stuck a bit and the other a lot. So I wrapped the good one in Saran and we ate on the other one just to be sure it tasted good, right? So I will now do a better job on the next two and hopefully, they both will come out of their pans better. It was a tradition that Dee would make zucchini bread for the 4th of July and fried chicken and take it all down to the city park for the day. She would share with anyone and everyone who came by. And it was always with a touchy oven and in 100*+ heat! So that is one reason I want to have zucchini bread at the funeral for her son.

      I agree, Karlinann about the Hallmark movies this year. I have been a bit disappointed in the actors as well as the story lines. If there is just no chemistry between people it is hard to keep watching. I watched the Shoe Addict's Christmas yesterday on DVR and liked it. I did it in two parts...
      One of the ways I have started to recognize that the story isn't really holding me is when I find myself finding fault with scenery or props not looking right. but I do enjoy the effort Hallmark puts into making these movies that just bring a good feeling.

      I have church and then I am going to the cemetery. With all the wind and rain I am sure our family graves need some cleaning up.

      this year I took a name off the Veteran's Giving Tree from the Veteran's Home in Redding. He wants a Timex watch and a blue hoodie. I got the watch but want to find a warm blue USMC hoodie. I haven't found that, yet...If any of you have an idea where to get one, please let me know.

      I hope we all have a great day and stay safe! Not just an empty phrase, either with all the weather and other stuff going on in this world!


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        Hey, glad I am not the only unhappy with the new hallmark movies. Using the same actors in every movie is getting pretty familiar. Like they are contract actors from the old big studio days. I can understand the plots being familiar but lets do some change up in the characters. Jon just came up and ask if I wanted to do some shopping. It is so gloomy and windy and cold out so I might take him up on his driving. I think he has plans for the evening and is placating his old mom. Whatever..if it means lunch out I will feel very placated!


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          Good Sunday morning , everyone.

          Yesterday we only accomplished shed half of what we wanted to. I am winded too soon, too fast, lately. I need to make myself go out and walk a bit more, even if it’s just getting the mail.
          We walked from one end of Macy’s to the other. While E got in line to pick up his order, I sat in a chair. Then we walked to the mall entrance, and I made it almost to the center of the hall before breathing got rough. So made it back almost to Macy’s entrance before I could snag a seat. Caught my breath, and went through Macy’s to our exit. E got the car and picked me up at the door. He offered to pick up something quick for dinner, wherever, but I declined. It was too early, and he had frozen dinners at home anyway. Frozen dinners are perfectly small anyway, and I had no appetite anyway. He did make one stop for See’s candies. I’ve barely touched them, so far.

          Karlinann, are you aware that the name of that pizza restaurant also means “friend” or “good friend” in Italian. I recall that because one of my teenage friends was very Italian, and told us that. I’d love to taste one of their pizzas. We have many pizzerias, even gourmet pizzerias, but they never came close to the pizzas I grew up with. We can probably make better homemade pizzas ourselves, than what most of these places serve.

          Beth, I’m glad to hear most of your shopping is done. It’s really hectic out there. While we were shopping yesterday, it was hard to find a parking spot, then the store was pretty packed, the mall itself was packed (heaven help that the youth taking up all the mall benches would give up a seat to an older woman who needed to sit a bit), and those hallways were packed with shoppers who jostle everyone in their path! LOL

          Maxie, about children and grandchildren, there’s a saying for them: So quick they grow up, so late they get smart.
          And you are right about new actors making a difference. I noticed that our Gaslight theater, using the same old stories over many times, the new actors with their different personalities and quirky expressions keep it all fresh.

          Paula, have you tried spraying pans with Baker’s’s the “grease & flour” treatment in a can. I like it.

          yesterday we watched the clouds spread and darken throughout the day. But no rain.
          today should be about the same. No rainforecasted for a few days, til the last two weekdays.
          I see my oncologist Monday, get a haircut on Tuesday, and PT on Wednesday this week.

          i wish you all a beautiful day.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.