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Saturday, December 1

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  • Saturday, December 1

    First of all I'm glad to see Aunt Maye checked in yesterday evening. I wish you well for December Aunt Maye.

    They did a fab job on the tree and clean-up. Hard working guys! We now have so much light out there my neighbor says she can see our roof.

    DH is playing Pickleball this morning and then we are going to try out a new restaurant for lunch. It's a stone pizza place.

    Be sure to check out my lotion recipe in the Home & Garden forum. Have a wonderful day.
    Paula, be sure to check your private messages. It's at the top right. Just click on it.
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning, and Happy December.
    Another day in the low 60ís today, and gonna be colder tomorrow. The house is very chilly again this morning....but Iím glad to have a house and a working furnace. But it has been so cloudy that the days are rather dreary. The other day we had a light rainfall that measured only 1/8Ē on the rain gauge. More rain is forecasted sometime this coming week, and the trees could do with a better drink than that. I just hope it doesnít happen on the days I have my appointments. The winds kick up when rain comes.

    E has a couple of places to go today, and Iíll go with him just for the exercise and fresh air. If we donít end up eating out, I have BBQ beef and can nuke some potatoes and veggies for tonight.

    Maye, we were going through books yesterday. We are donating far more than we are keeping. I thought of you....wish you were among my neighbors to offer them to. Our neighbors give them to their church sales. I donít know many avid readers here. I also discovered that I have a dozen or so books that I have overlooked...not yet read...price stickers still on them. Iíll keep them a while, at least til I have time to read them.

    Karlinann, you must feel like you are in a new house, with the brighter landscaping.

    Hope you all have a nice Saturday, and are feeling good/better.

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      thanks for the head's up on the message, Karlinann!

      I have a to do List today that is half normal errands and half fun. Grocery shopping is not fun, but running out after daycare is definitely not fun! I have to go to the post office to send a couple of things to my friend whose house burned in the Camp fire. she finally said the one thing friends could do is send an ornament for their tree. They lost all the ornaments that had been collected over the years in their travels and if any of us had something we could spare they would love it. I emailed our other roommates and one told me right away she would be sending something today also. Both of these friends have travelled all over. Shannon, whose house is gone, has travelled to Great Britain and Wendy has travelled all over, so I am hoping Wendy has something to send from her travel. I have a Wedgewood bell that I am giving her. That is as close to GB as I will get for now. I also have some new Disney kitchen towels and one new towel that uses books to make a clever Christmas tree featuring The Twelve Days of Christmas...Shannon is in a book club and reads a lot (more than I do and that is a lot!). Ok, so that is the fun part, besides taking someone to the two shops she wants to go to: my favorite House of Design and another with booths and homemade and antique items.
      Who cares that it is raining?

      Floors are also on the To do list. those muddy puppy paws left on the mats and towel still leave wet prints down the hall.

      No baking for me this weekend; I will be focusing on the funeral food and getting friends to volunteer to bring side dishes and planning the details.
      I am making the zucchini bread that their mother made. And buying the ham, but that is because I hate asking someone to do that...

      Ok, I need to get my self in gear. I have one appointment at 8:30 and it is 8:03 now...

      I hope you all have a good day. Enjoy your tree and your view! Take care of yourself and stay away from the germs!


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        Morning! It's going to be a rainy day with afternoon storms but 70*! How messed up is this weather? Last night it was foggy driving home but made it with no mishaps...except my night vision is not getting any better and with the deer running it is not a relaxing drive. Seeing a deer run in front of you is common around here but in the dark you sometimes don't see them until they are in front of you. Fast little buggers!

        Had a wonderful visit with my friend. She is one you just pick up right where you left off months and months ago. She is thinking of retiring so we can schedule our visits in the daylight but her husband has been retired for several years and I think that is why she is in no hurry.

        No plans for today. Jon made some kind apple bread last night and it smelled good when I came in but the piece this morning is missing something. Wonder if it is one of those healthy recipes? I am not an apple pie fan so maybe it that? Anyway, he will have plenty for himself! I have laundry to keep my busy today. Came in early enough to see some of the Blues game and we won in OT. Play again tonight so 2 in a row would be wonderful.

        Hear this morning where President G.H.W. Bush passed away. Sad...I do like to see the past Presidents together at functions and how they manage to get along with dignity and respect. Something this present guy will never understand.

        Maye, you did have a pretty bad November...December has got to be better! Karlinann, might take a while to get used to your new view. Funny what a difference a change makes but how fast we adapt. JoGee, going to be warmer here in Illinois that where you are today...70 here but severe weather may end that this afternoon. Always have to pay for a warm winters day. Enjoy riding along while your E does his errands. I remember those being some of our best days and you ended up someplace that was not on the agenda. We once rode to the lumber yard and ended up along the river counting change on the truck floor to get a drink. He never carried money and I didn;t grab a purse since we were just going to the lumber yard where he ran a bill. No cell phones in those days. Hope you have one of those days today! In fact I hope each of you have one of those wonderful days that become a memory. I'm off to read about making lotion, thanks Karlinann.


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          Good morning everyone.

          Well my surgeon yesterday was a great guy. He showed me where the bones had not separated, and since the swelling was gone, he put me in a full cast. So I guess I treated my arm with respect even while working outside.

          I do know that I could "cold-cock" anyone who messes with me now. I never saw as hard a cast as this is. They also have various colors for you to choose from. I chose the black so it wouldn't show dirt.

          Anyway, I have already done 2 loads of laundry, and have 2 more to go. Went with my neighbor to a small town east of us to the deer processing company. I asked if they got a "donated" deer, if I could get a small one. The lady said they are getting a lot of donated deer this year. So I told her what I wanted made out of it. I use to hunt myself, but quit about 8 years ago. I do like deer meat, and if you marinate it right, you get the wild taste out of the meat. I have marinated it both in milk and vinegar. Think I like the milk better.

          Enough of the blabber...hope all have a great day.
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


          • Paula A
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            I have had hunting daycare dads who always brought me jerky from their venison.

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          You are right, Maxie. GHW will be missed, he was one of the good ones. I think the current guy has broke. The tradition of dignity. In one interview he said he was going to attend the funeral in WAshington D.C.......but in another one he said ďmaybeĒ. I wonder if he will be banned from this funeral, too. As for his Eulogistic comments, I sincerely doubt he wrote any of it. There were no comments of himself throughout it. Some member of his staff is a good writer with some heart.

          Jostoy, I guess we have to sign your cast with colored markers.
          i hope you are all past the worst part of the healing process.
          You hunted? Good golly! You must have tried ďeverythingĒ, and a good survivalist. Right? I am very impressed.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


          • Paula A
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            Jo, that is exactly what I said one time after hearing the president make a very nice sympathetic statement: good job, staff member!

          • jostoy
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            Yes I hunted for several years. Still have my shotgun, but doubt I'll ever use it again.

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          I am late getting here today...I made a trip to sam's this morning with my parents and sister...I got most of my daddy's Christmas gift at sam's....He loves trail mix but only when he makes his I got him all the ingredients....and I will be getting him a big contrainer to sit by his recliner to hold his trail will help me pick out the container.

          I think that I am down to little here and there gifts now...should be finished after a trip to walmart and shopping next week with cousins