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Thursday..November 8

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  • Thursday..November 8

    Good morning. This is my shopping day with the girls. I plan to make a dent in the ole Christmas list. But we will laid plans and all that.

    Been trying to get some weather since they are predicting out first 'snow' with rain changing to snow this afternoon. Last I heard was less than an inch accumulations but just seeing the stuff fall at all is depressing. Anyway there is so much news on that I am not getting any weather. Another mass shooting, political news and a big truck turned over on a local commuting highway here so not catching a weather report. Not that I care but I will be out driving in it this afternoon.

    We bought our new tree yesterday and for some reason it in its box is sitting right here in front of me. Sierra carried it in and we thought either Jon or his son would carry it down but not so far. I think Andrew will be happy to put it up and I guess if it sits here long enough I just might. Going to look for a new door wreath today anyway! I think I will miss my big full tree but space is limited and the boys want the train around it so we have a tall skinny tree. I love a big, tall, fat tree!!

    Well guess it is shower time...we always have breakfast first but I still need my coffee to get to the shower. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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    Good morning...I have to be at work a whole hour early! I have to go in and sign some sort of paper work saying I don't want their insurance. Work hasn't great this week...just long and I think we are all tired and crabby. Today may not be so bad...Atleast my meeting in the same building as star bucks....I shall get breakfast at the other cafeteria on campus for something different...not excited to walk from that cafeteria to my cafeteria...I only know how to go the long way..I am really really hoping I don't get lost on campus

    My parents will be here today when I get off work...they are planning to pick me up I am just very greatful to not have to wait on the bus and then walk home.


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      Good FROSTY Morning! The sun is shining though, so it shouldn't last long.

      Yesterday morning was productive, and somewhat during the afternoon, but I totally vegged out during the evening. Watched 4 episodes of Night Shift on Netflix. Was suppose to be baking off the wafer cookies, but that didn't happen. I did cook a decent salmon dinner & took Blaise to karate. Boy was Mr M ticked. There was a young lady trying a class out and she just wouldn't try. She left crying about half way through. He didn't yell or anything. He feels if you don't try, you fail yourself, and she brought the whole classes attitude down.

      Did have one bit of great news yesterday. Last week Cork put in a weeks notice because he was offered another job elsewhere. Well they ask him what it would take to keep him. After almost a week of him hawing around, they FINALLY came thru with a better offer than he anticipated. He got promoted to training line leader and got a raise. Still not enough for me to back off my orders, but a good start.

      Baking off the sandwich cookies before heading to Bible study this morning. Not sure what the afternoon will bring. Think I'll make spaghetti for supper.

      Have a good one all!

      Maxie...there were NO RIOTS yesterday...that was the point. Some of those I voted for lost, but there was no rioting or protests about it then. I just don't understand destroying other people's property and being so hateful. I'm more of a mumble grumblier and prayer person. But I vote so I have the right to moan & groan. LOL!


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        Good morning everyone.

        I know it has been a while since I posted...again. But it's not easy trying to make your way out of all this paperwork. The "lender's" caused the housing "drop" back in 2007 or 2008. But they act like it was the buyers fault. At least they don't take your word for nothing. My lender keeps asking for proof of this and that. I finally got fed up and told him I'm from the generation that your word was your contract. When I told him that I had sold the place on the Lake last spring, he wanted to talk to the club president. So I asked him what made the president's mouth more of a Bible than mine.

        Anyway, I'm here in F.W. to sign my life away tomorrow. This afternoon we make the final walk through with the inspector to insure everything that I required to be done is done and done correctly. I will not be moving up here until my house is sold in Rob. I did get a call yesterday evening from my realtor down there that she will be showing the house Friday to a new hire at Marathon petroleum, of which I live about 2 blocks. So if you are a believer in prayer, please say one for me and the "looker".

        Maxie, please keep the rain/snow down there with you. don't send it a little north and east of you. We are also "scheduled" for rain/snow here in F.W. tonight and tomorrow morning.

        I would sure like to be living up here by January.. Not caring for moving in the winter, but at this point, I wouldn't care if we had to sit with the truck loaded for a day or 2. I've already got the mover on board, and he knows that I won't be able to give him a lot of notice.

        You know what the best part is...I will only be a wee bit over an hour from Sharon. Look out comes a couple of, and maybe 3, nuts your way. Sharon, her hubby, and I always have a good time together.

        Time to get off here. Will bid you all a good day, and for those of you who are shopping, think of me for I'll be shopping for new door handles so the looks can be changed on the house tomorrow.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          My new tree is in its box in the living room, too. I thought about moving the box to in front of the sofa and calling it a coffee table, but it might make it hard for the dog to jump on the sofa and the dogs rule here...actually, I wouldn't put it there, but do need to figure out what it moving out of the way so the tree can be put up...some chair will have to move.

          Ugh. The news this morning is awful.
          but prayers are always helpful, Jostoy, so you and the realtor and the lookers are on my list. That close to their workplace is a total bonus! I know when I had to talk to bank people it was one long list of proof of income and sending statements and tax returns.

          Yesterday was a good day: the babies each got picked up earlier than usual (one right after lunch) and the second one's mom said that when she is out on maternity leave she will be bringing him only a few days a week. And that is great! the other baby's mom is out on maternity leave now but she brings the 18 month old every day, which I understand, but it will be nice to have a little break.

          I can't believe we have baked ourselves out of eggs! I thought I had another carton in the outside frig, but no! I usually eat a boiled egg for a snack and offer scrambled for breakfast to kids, but it will be a run to the store after daycare before I can. Yesterday Becky didn't get home until 8:00pm and I didn't feel like going out in the dark and wind.
          Her internship took its trip to Folsom Prison yesterday and she said the guard who took them through looked at her and said, Don't I remember you from last year? The teacher and a few thought that was pretty Oh, yeah, 7482239, you were that one we had trouble with. I guess it is prison show humor. But they were taken in more areas of the facility and areas with the prisoners , as well. Her professor had told the students, this is their home, no matter how they got here so show respect for it. I thought that was very sensitive and kind. I was happy too get the text they were eating lunch at round Table and then would be on their way back to campus.
          Where she had her evening class...this last semester with 18 credits is going to be over soon, but it is almost as hard on this mom as on the senior!

          I can hear the wind outside. Because of the wind and the dry conditions we are in a Red Fire warning stage.
          Send your snow this way
          Maxie, have fun shopping. Any ideas for what to get a boy of 10 and one of 7? Donna, any ideas from you? I need ideas! The boys in MD like computer games too much (in my grandma opinion) and I am hoping to find some ideas that get them to other activities.

          Have a good day!
          Take care and keep warm and dry! (except for me: let it rain or whatever!)


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            Well around here, I get Blaise books (Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Captain Underpants, Pokťmon, Dog Man), Lego sets (even though I know afterwards they'll just get tossed into the big container of Lego pc), Pokťmon things. For his BD we got him (could be for both of them) a tether ball set.

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            Andrew loves his legos! We have a village downstairs with houses and trains and he leaves them up and that is how he plays with them. No box of pieces around here! Building them is something he and his dad do together. He also loves his remote control cars and flying his drones. Boys are easy to buy for...they like things that move!

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          Good morning.
          I tossed and turned all night. About 3a.m. I got up and played scrabble solitaire for an hour. It took a while to fall asleep, but I woke at 7:30. We have a dinner with Eís friend about 5 or 5:30 tonight, so no doubt I will feel like a zombie. I am not looking forward to it, but what the heck. I will be the one face down in my mashed potatoes, right?
          We will be at a micro brewery restaurant, so the A/C will be I have to dress fairly warm. Maybe a big heavy sweater over a regular outfit. I wonít be getting all dressed up for this.

          Yesterday was good. I took a late morning shower, and after lunch we went to Target. I got a few things I needed, and some things just because. (Halloween Candy is 70% off!). I found 2 pair of pajamas. Bottoms were on clearance, but the tops made up for it. E totally forgot he wanted something there. So we went to the restaurant for a small dinner and free pie. BBB was in the same strip mall, so he picked up a safety grip for the bathtub. THEN he remembered what he needed at Target. So we went back (I waited in the car) and he got what he needed. I never saw it, and he didnít clearly say.

          As we arrived home, he wanted to show me an area that will be a legal cannibus farm. A 5 minute drive from our house. It will be 40,000 acres, but they are intending 4000,000 acres when they are done. I can only imagine the problems that will arise. Oh, they will also have 24 hour guards on duty. They will need that! Iím glad we are moving.

          Politics and canditates. You win a few, you lose a few. I hate the news. I just wonder if we will ever be comfortable with it again? Are these continuing shootings going to be the norm now? Iím not at all comfortable with this. But i have had a gun pulled on me twice, and it isnít something you get used to.

          *Paula, ask your son or his wife what interests the boys have, not computer related. Would they enjoy board games that test their skills?
          *Jostoy, I didnít realize how complicated they make it to buy a house. Hubby did all that for me. I thought the bank acknowledged your trustworthiness and you signed some real estate papers, and that was it. Hope you get yours settled soon.
          *Cookie, Iím so glad for Corkyís promotion! Congratulations .
          *Beth, can you get a map of the campus? Try to get one, and mark the important spots in red pen or pencil. Look for landmarks, or particular buildings, in the areas you need to be in. That should help.
          *Snow already, Maxie? Wow. Our temps are slowly dropping. Monday & Tuesday we should see highs in the 60įís. I need more socks.
          I doubt we will put up a tree this year for the holiday. Not with moving on our schedule. I need to tell my brother to not sent gifts this year, as we donít need more stuff! Not even the fruit baskets. We need to get rid of one more ton of stuff anyway.

          Well, I have written a book again here.
          Have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing today. Be happy.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            love that tether ball idea! Thanks.
            yep, the Legos bin!


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              Both can be ordered thru Amazon and delivered to their house. Their Mom or Dad can wrap them then. Free shipping if you have Prime.