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11/7 the day after

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  • 11/7 the day after

    Just starting the day

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    I woke up to election results and immediately decided I will not let the losses bother me and will listen to Christmas music on spotify while recording the results for Becky. Today her internship is doing their trip to Folsom Prison and then she comes back to her afternoon late class, so I have to record results so she will know what her Thursday classes will be discussing.
    I will just say one comment: How in the world can jpeople vote to keep the horrible gas tax with its added registration fees is beyond me. It must really benefit Southern CA in some way I can't see, but I did not see that one coming!

    My dogs are barking to go out...Becky left so early that they are way off their schedule.

    I hope you all are waking to better results and can keep your great attitude no matter what. Growing up my parents had a reord, Music box Christmas and that is the type of music I have on my spotify right now. Just sweet.

    Going for a cup of chai and gingerbread tea (two separate bags) and get my game face on!


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      So maybe things will go back to normal. We changed governors last night and that is a good thing but these politicians have a way of turning on the people who elected them. I also hope with a bunch of women being elected last night there is some common sense and decency brought back into government. Again we will see.....

      Last night I watched the hockey game some election returns then went to bed early. Also watched the weather and they are still talking the 's' word for tomorrow night. Actually I do not care but tomorrow is our shopping day and I have high hopes of filling the trunk with packages. Today Sierra is home all day or should I say suppose to be home all day and promised to go to walmart and then on to Home Depot if necessary to look for a tree. I need someone to carry and shove it into the car. Going to put in a piece of ham to heat in the crock pot for supper and then settle in with laundry.

      Time to start my day. Have a good one!!


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        I cannot believe we started the post with the same title. Merge the two please.


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          Good morning.
          okay, Iím up. Have not had my cuppa, yet. I will let E bring in the newspaper when he wakes up. Have not seen our election results yet. Not really anxious about it. Good or bad, I will see them later.

          E wants to go shopping today. I will go along just to walk around the store for the exercise. I do not have signs of stomach distress today. Yay for that.

          I know I will be facing a bunch of laundry later today...or tomorrow.

          Yesterday I made a one pot dinner. I cooked a half box of macaroni. While that drained, I browned about 3/4 lb ground beef in that same pot. Added a teaspoon of beefy onion soup (dry), a jar of sliced mushrooms, a cup of frozen peas, and a jar of pizza sauce. Then I stirred in about 2/3 of the cooked macaroni. And it was GOOD! I have leftovers for another meal, plus the plain cooked mac to drop into soup.

          So thatís my news for today. Now to go get my cuppa. ☕️

          Have a a good day, everyone.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Sharon, how are you doing? You are still in my thoughts.
            Cookie, are you busy making us cookies?
            Maye, I do look for your evening posts. Hope you are settling in getting comfy at home, after your busy time with family.
            Beth, I hope all is going well for you and your parents.
            Elaine, we are missing you.
            and I wish we had some word on Nalani, too.
            Jostoy, Iím sure you are enjoying moving into your new home. Keep us updated, please.

            Well, I still donít hear E getting up. No doubt heís reading his email news reports. Guess Iíll go pester him for a bit.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good SUNNY Afternoon! It's a chilly one, but I can handle it as long as it's sunny.

              Yes, I'm baking, baking, and more baking. Today once I've baked off all the cookies, we'll have made 75 doz or there aboutsÖ.brownie salted caramel cups, choc chip, and sandwich wafer cookies. Sue is a slave driver! LOL!!!! Karate tonight.

              Yesterday after we baked, I headed into town to grocery shop. Came home with about $200 worth of groceries and had hardly anything to eat. LOL! Nuts, sugars, and all the other baking supplies just cost a lot. My mega deal of the day yesterday was a 3lb box of Phili Crm Cheese for $3.99. That's like getting an 8oz block for $.66 each. I picked up 4 boxes. I use lots of crm cheese.

              Spent a good part of the evening making 20lb of taco meat for Sunday's Meat & Greet lunch after late service. Then onto baking & decorating 3 doz cupcakes for today's order.

              Our state re-elected the Governor that jacked our gas taxes up so high, that you can cross the border into Ohio and get gas $.50-$.60 cheaper per gallon. I will also say you don't see the losing party rioting or marching.

              Have a good one all!


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                There was rioting someplace?

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              It has been a good day...can smell the ham cooking! We did go to walmart and found a tree. Sierra went down one side and I went down the other and both found a tree...mine with white lights and hers with colored lights but the same tree! That was a sign so we bought it. The one with the white lights of course. Then out to lunch. Last load of laundry is in the wash machine and no bills in the mail. It has been a pretty darn good day!