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It's election day!!

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  • It's election day!!

    Yay!! Now all the ads and lies and mail and lies will stop....well maybe not the lies but at least I don;t have to burn a lot of it every night. We will vote after Jon gets home from work and Sierra from school. Have my pot of soup on and will be leaving soon for my haircut. Yesterday Jon went out to a dead battery and we have already changed Sierra's plus her alternator and since my car is the oldest of them all I am going to stop and have the garage check mine. Then on to pick up some Christmas money and get this shopping seriously started.

    Jon was to cook last night but a dead battery threw him off schedule so we had a carry out night. Andrew chose IHOP so we had breakfast. Is there anything better than breakfast for supper? We do it pretty often here. Making the drive we saw a Christmas tree up! I think ours may go up early this year. I do not have to cook Thanksgiving and that does clear my holiday schedule.

    Need to slick down my bed head and get moving...lots of stops to make while home. I have a doctors appointment next week so could save some of it but when you have I list you gotta go through it!! Still raining here...mud everywhere and now they are mentioning the 's' word. Better be as in flurries!! Have a great day everyone....

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    Good WET Morning! I've already voted. I was in & out in 2 minutes. Had a nice chat with the ladies.

    Yesterday morning I was up & moving, but after a quick breakfast, I headed out the door to work the book fair at the school. Can't say I got a whole lot done during the afternoon. Just not motivated. If I had my cookie orders & KNEW for sure what needed done, I'd be chugging along, but the unknown bugs me. I like to be in control.

    Today Sue & I are going to finish icing the sugar cookies and then work on the list of other items needing done. Love that I don't have to be out this evening. It was pitch black when we were leaving karate at 6pm. Blah! I binge watched my recorded Saving Hope.

    Have a good one all!

    BTW used the "f" word, which is bad too!


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      We commented on the early dark last night. It was a rainy dreary night and then it was so dark at 5:00. Going to be a long winter!

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    Good morning....Working right after work...then home to give the house a quick pick up...then I am headed to an activity...we are writing letters to veterans. I am taking the chance to send a letter to one of my good friends back in IL.

    Then home to house full of company...My mom and dad will be here and my uncle. He is flying back to Organ tomarrow...My mom needs to take some time to rest...she is still so tired from helping granny.I have things I want her to do for me but feel bad asking knowing how tired she my stuff will just wait.


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      good chilly morning from my house. the news app said another day of mild temps with breezy winds...I am not a fan of any kind of wind.

      Yesterday Becky went to walmart for our new tree. she said she had to ask for help to get the box down and the lady in the line behind her said, bless your heart; I put mine up last week! As the checker and the lady and Becky chatted, Becky said it was like a Hallmark movie moment! Small town and just a good neighbor kind of feeling. I might have to use the checkers in the garden area more!

      Besides the endless ads and signs, I will be happy to not see some of the over the top angry posts on Facebook. I have limited my time there but still see some pretty awful stuff. So, enough is enough from me and except for all the endless analysis (which this year we will have on because Becky has to come to classes prepared to discuss the election results, it will be over.

      It took me a full hour at the bank to get a new account set up and transfer money from the old one that the bank froze and make sure the two checks that were out are paid...and on a Monday that was a big pay day for a lot of people and a training day for the bank so only 2 tellers were working and only one could do all that I required. She was very capable but zero customer service. the morning phone call to the bank 800 number was much more reassuring and customer service oriented. This teller did not smile once or in any way reassure me that I was not at fault for taking up time...I was so stressed over all tis that I didn't even realize the difference until I was safely in bed thinking about it. My normal teller I see on Saturdays is so friendly and one other time after Gary died and some things were looking strange in my account the manager just said, I am giving you another account so you and your money are protected. He could see I was in the emotional place of not wanting to delete an account that Gary and I had...It sounds strange, but that Widow's fog was a real thing for me for awhile.

      Anyway, I have a call into a computer guy to help secure my information and see what I can do going forward.

      As soon as the sun come s up I am putting out our flag. No matter how much I might complain, I am proud to be an American and so thankful for the Freedom to vote!
      Hope today goes well and all that energy we are looking for comes our way!


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        Oh I remember those first weeks after my husband died...the sweetest teller seemed to always be available to me. You just do not know how hard it is to deposit insurance checks and pay funeral expenses. All the things that needed changing...she once even held my hand while I had a little breakdown taking his name off something. You always remember those kindnesses.

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      Good morning.
      I voted week’s ago by mail-in ballot. Us older people have that privilege. No lines to wait in.
      A sunny day ahead, here. It should reach 84° today, if the forecast is accurate. But tomorrow the temps are going down, and by Friday we will be in the 70°’s again.

      I have stomach distress again today. That means I will be in the vicinity of the bathroom much of the day. I hate this.

      Well, I will be seeing what I can accomplish today.

      Are you really putting up trees this early? We never put one up til after thanksgiving.

      Have a a good day, everyone.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good evening

        alive and kicking.... just rebuilding my energy level.. company, house guest , wedding ..used it all up... we did get out to vote today... then I set down, with the books, and the crochet needle,yarn and cup of coffee. daughter Karen stopped in with "food".. and dessert... so this has a been a lazy , great day... HOWEVER,,, I must get back on track.. and do some final wiping, swiping and organizing. Mike and wife get here for a week stay from 17-24.. I don't mind having a few dust balls left somewhere ,but I do want ,fridge clean and food of some sort planned .....

        Becky, I love to find something to chat with people who work in stores.. I guess I am a people oriented, and people watcher type of person. which is kind of funny, since I also like time alone and can spend hours by myself.. actually need to have that solitude.

        hey time for bed, not necessary to sleep but to read for a while.. see you all tomorrow ..