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  • Monday..

    Holy cow you people either are sleeping in or off and starting the day early. I am still glumping around drinking coffee and thinking about moving. Yesterday I did not use any energy and made no effort to do anything...not even dress. I was home alone the entire day and evening since Jon worked a double and I am beginning to doubt Sierra even lives here. She comes in to drop off dirty clothes ad pick up clean. Sunday we are doing our family annual trek to Lambert's and then on to the Yule Cabin. Sierra was working and could not get the day off so her dad told me to invite her bf and see. Well, suddenly every one is free and now I have to buy this jerk dinner and spend a total of 6 hours in a car with him. But it proved a point that if we want her we have to take him. We despise him and that will never change.

    Today I need to do some grocery shopping. Going to put a soup together tonight for tomorrow. I am getting a haircut early tomorrow and then we will meet the bus and go vote so a nice pot of soup will be nice. I'll pick up some of those hard rolls too...yum. Jon is off today so cooking is his. Yay!!!

    Since I did not dress yesterday it is time to get up and get moving a little earlier today. Have a wonderful day everyone!! Don;t let those despicable political ads get you more day. How do these politicians live with themselves after all the lying they do?

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    Good morning....
    call me Lazybones. I am sleeping in later, as nights get pretty cold and mornings are slow to warm up. Doesnít appear we will have winds today. Yay! Still, I need a hot cuppa whatever to get me going.

    Nothing much new here to rejoice or complain about. Nothing on the calendar. Iím getting haircut reminders from my hairdresser, but my hair doesnít seem to have grown hardly at all. At her prices, i will wait another week or two and see if that changes.

    We we are getting an over abundance of political flyers. Itís all on thick, shiny, expensive card stock. Hate to think that comes from our taxes. Goodbye trees, hello landfills. We voted early anyway. About 15% of our calls come from pollsters, the rest is mostly spam calls and Senior related scams; thatís from 10 or more calls a day. Some Asian woman called demanding (on our answering machine) we tell her how we voted. Uhhhh, donít we have ďsecret ballotsĒ? Seldom do we get personal calls, what with emails and texts available. Will be glad when this midterm crap is over.

    On that sweet happy little note, I wish you all a wonderful day. LOL.
    Keep on smiling and make people wonder what you are up to.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


    • maxie
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      Editing a comment
      They want to know I tell them who I voted for and/or who I will vote for. Never anything secret in my politics!

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    usually, I tell them I voted already and thank them for being politically active and hang up.
    those big shiny flyers! Extra annoying when I already voted and am tired of the paper mss.
    of course, if they check out my Facebook page and what I share they could figure it out pretty easily! My day started BAD! Email saying my eBay email had been changed. I have been on calls with them and then thought of Pay Pal and called my. bank hotline. They act fast! They locked my account and after daycare I have to go in and get a new account. Because on eBay I have my pay pal linked to buy and that is the rotten world we live in.
    i donít want to close my eBay but I will as well as Pay Pal. Last month my Netflix email got changed and it took me quite a long time on the phone to fix that.

    makes me want to ditch my smart phone, but I donít want to live in fear of ya mere, either.

    orher than that it is great being back home. Mild temps and kids are all happy to see ea h other.

    hope your day is moving well!


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      good (early)evening ...
      .had a great weekend!!!!. this was wedding weekend, the first of my 4 Granddaughters got married. The Grandson ,whos wife was a bridesmaid, stayed overnight after the rehearsal Friday.. and Grandson who lives in Va. ( 8 hrs away) drove up, stay with us.. from Friday, very late night until today at noonish.. Love having the guys.. they sleep anywhere, eat anything . I'm still tired tho' ...did not get all my nap-time in .

      ....have started crocheting, making some crib sized afghans . using up the yarn Donna got me at a sale.. lots of different colors. tough on the finger joints but might be good for them in the long run ..

      a long time ago, I took all "Numbers" off of my computer.. Have no Money numbers or important numbers, like social security.etc on my phone or computer..... I printed them all off onto paper.. and filed in my little metal cabinet.. then deleted ... phone numbers of family and friends are in a notebook .when I get a number I want to keep it goes there also...Not into the computer.. Hackers can have fun reading recipies. and find out what books I read and borrow.. etc type stuff... I have that all on paper in a clip in notebook too... COMPUTERS CAN DIE , HAVE HAD THAT HAPPEN..
      Kiel got headed back to Va.. I snoozed. He texts me every major highway change.. and he is getting closer home , should be there by 7.30.--8pm..
      I will be at ease when I hear is he back to his house safely..

      Voting tomorrow.. we generally go early morning .. should be a busy year at the polls.