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Good Morning, Sunday!

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  • Good Morning, Sunday!

    Raining again...I should go read the rain gauge for this weeks total but that would take an effort. Effort is not a word I am going to use today. No effort, no plans, no nothing!

    Hope someone someplace is getting some sun cuz we aren't!

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    The women's retreat with church was wonderful...I learned ALOT! This morning I am headed to Bible Study...brownies in hand. Then coming home and I am thinking that I will snuggle in for a nap with cori or just read and watch tv.


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      Beth, Becky had made brownies to welcome me home. so good! She used 3 eggs in the regular box and they were perfect!

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    Good morning.
    The house feels chillier each morning. Goodbye to the last vestiges of summer. I think we will be turning up the thermostat very soon.

    Daylight Saving Time ends tonight. Dont forget to turn your clock back today. (“Fall back!”).
    I am glad that AZ doesn’t follow DST.

    Things here are quiet. I’ve been reading since 6, and lost track of time. But E will be up in an hour, as is his habit. So I will read a bit more.

    Have a a very good day.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Daylight Saving time ended this am. And we wil lsee what happens in our election. There is a measure on the ballot to allow the state to set what time we will follow. It felt good to have standard time back this morning with a lighter sky.

      This was the best time to have taken a week off. Three days off from October and two form November so no big loss of a pay period. also, having the time change really helps with the adjusting to Pacific time form eastern time. I woke up on EST but have the dya to get used to it.

      Not really getting my excitement back to work, but since tomorrow is Pay day that should help. 4 parents will owe, so that is something to look forward to.

      My son's house and especially, the kitchen is so much larger than mine. It took a little time to get used to it last night when I walked in. This morning all seemed as usual, but just funny how one week can change my perspective.

      It was in the 80's yesterday and super nice when I got outside waiting for Becky to drive up to the curb and get me. She had snacks in the car and we just drove the 2 hours home. Boy, were the dogs happy!

      I have my laundry in the dryer and so glad I changed my bedding before I left.
      the trees changed colors while I was back in MD. I arrived and there wasn't much to see, but by midweek and the end of the week, it was beautiful. Spencer and I drove into Baltimore and saw so many gorgeous trees and the city!

      I will have church today and visit with my mom. Seeing the airport from her perspective I am not sure she can do any of it by herself. I still need to find out how to get permission to accompany her to the gate. Becky will be taking her to the airport later this month and I will be picking her up. I am hoping she will consent to a wheelchair so a Southwest agent can take her to the FL brother made all the arrangements and does not realize how she is in an unfamiliar situation.

      I hope you stay dry and warm and enjoy the day.