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Thursday Nov 1

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  • Thursday Nov 1

    well we had a great Halloween! Boys are up and ready for the day.

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    I read yesterdayís post and have no good reason I didnít make it here.
    i stayed by the door and gave out candy. So many kids and everyone was so polite! Lots of cars on the street; this neighborhood is very popular for treating.
    i was trying to hold the door and give out treats and one boy said, I can get that for you and held the door for me while I gave out candy to the crowd! The boys came home (parents were with them) and showed me all their candy.
    Now starts the countdown to the youngestís Birthday on 11/28.

    Today Spencer and Nikki are taking me shopping and wherever they want to go.
    This is Nikkiís one day off so we will eat out and do grown up stuff.

    The weather has been great! 66 last night at 6:00 when the boys went out! I have not worn my heavy sweater at all.

    The trees are just starting to change. I was hoping for more color but just seeing all the trees and Green grass is awesome.

    Take care and have a great day!


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      Good morning...My halloween was spent at work and then at home....Have I mentioned that I got a new lady that helps me in my house...she helps me stay on top of my chores and cook healthy meals or meals at home so that I am not eating out nearly as much...I absolutely love my lady....Just in the week we have been meeting we have gotten so much accomplished....and we made home made hamburger stroganoff last night...a favorite from my childhood...we cleaned the kitchen and washed my bedding...picked up meds and put my bed back together...She makes me want to do stuff because I am not doing it alone.

      Today is work then home to pack for my women's retreat with church...


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        Another rainy morning here and it was a rainy evening last night. We did not have one trick or treater out here. Andrew did not go out this year so not even he and his friends showed up. But we did manage to go through a lot of candy..go figure.

        Scott will be here this afternoon and I think he is leaving tomorrow. I had decided to let Sierra invite her bf to eat tonight but she did not ask. I thought if she sees his interaction with us maybe it will not all be out fault he is a jerk. But she did not ask and I do not have to look at him.

        Paula sounds like your trip is going great. Beth, glad you are happy with your new lady and your grandma is getting better. Need to start my will be nice to have everyone around the table today. we have seen so much more of Scott since he has been on sick leave and it has been nice. Have a good one everyone!!


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          Good morning, and welcome to November.

          We ended up staying home yesterday. Halloween was surprisingly void of trick-or-treaters. We didnít turn on any lights here, but apparently E saw only one light on at the other end of our neighborhood. I guess thatís where the action the other side of our neighborhood. It was eerily silent here all evening.

          I made a taco taco flavored chili for dinner. Very easy. Itís just onion and 1 lb of ground beef, browned in a pot, and a can of BBQ baked beans, and seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin (optional), and taco spice. Maybe about 1/4 cup of water if the beans donít have a lot of juice. It cooked slowly on the stove til dinner time.. Taco spice and cumin instead of chili spice takes out the heat and ďkickĒ out of it, while maintaining a Mexican flavor.

          Today should reach 75į (itís heading back up to the 80ís). Right now itís 45į. So it must be close to ďwinterĒ as we know it.....the birds seem to have migrated, which must be why the price of bird seed and suet is so doggone low now.

          This afternoon E sees his surgeon. The pain in his arm is less, particularly if he doesnít use it, but he still has trouble raising his arm. Before he does any arm/shoulder exercises, he wants to be sure that he hasnít damaged any bones or muscles. So he gets to see his MRI results today. Then he will pick up my prescription pills before he comes home.
          Tomorrow I have PT.
          E sent an email to my NP/doctor about taking a probiotic to eliminate the stomach distress I have been getting. I canít do my PT when Iím dealing with that problem. Canít do much else, either. I doubt that we will hear from her before Monday. One of the nurses once said thatís the only day she is in the Cancer Center. But she is so good at her job.

          So so that is what is going on here today.

          Hi Paula.
          Beth, I am glad you are so happy with the new lady who helps you.
          Maxie, we were typing together.
          Have a great day.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning.

            well, a rainy, yck cold morning. but morning.. and I am up and moving.. laundry day.. but that is a task I do not mind at all.. except for going up and down the steps 3-4 times .... keep telling myself that is "exercise" for the legs and knees.. yah, rolling eyes..

            going to Donna's later today , grease ball and chatting time.! yea!.. DAvid has been so grouchy lately ( or most of the time). will be nice to have some conversation with a pleasant tone ..
            I don't mind being housebound... because I read read read... PLUS I started crocheting again. Donna got me all that great assortment of colored yarns ( year sale!) .so going to make crib sized afghans in the cedar lined trunk for any Future babies.. or sale if my money runs out before I do... I do miss going to meetings, and mingling at church affairs.. but I Don't want to leave David alone at home very long. the falling and staggering steps are getting worse.
            PLUS I have you ladies to talk to... so glad you are here!!!

            Bethina , so glad you got help that is truly Helping.. thats great
            Paula, Maxie, JoG.. just keep putting on your family news. I follow it and enjoy..

            be back later to read..


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              Hey all! Man, this site looks weird today. Hope this posts.

              Yesterday was productive as far as cookies. We iced maybe 20 doz. Picked up Blaise from school & took him down to his Mom's for her to take him T&T. I mentioned to her that he'd like to have his friend over one day this weekend, and she took the hint that he didn't want to come down this weekend. He didn't seemed bothered by it.

              This morning was Bible study. Aunt J did come & scoop grease for me. Thank God she doesn't mind doing that. Taking Blaise for his annual check up as soon as he gets off the bus.

              Have a good one all!