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  • Wednesday...

    A rainy morning here...not suppose to be near as warm as yesterday where the temps soared to 80! Trees are beginning to turn but I am not sure they are as pretty as other years. But I could be wrong...I don;t see as well as I have in other years!

    Yesterday was a beautiful day and my sister and I sat on her front porch and watched the traffic and wildlife. The field in front of them has been harvested so everything has a different view. We talked curtains and decided we had no idea what to do. Her living level is all one big area with kitchen, dining and living room all open and the windows are all along that one huge wall. The windows are tall and beautifully trimmed...who wants to cover that? The new furniture is not in yet so it is an empty area...we decided to wait for the furniture and see if it changes the feel. So then we ate cake and talked...wonderful day. And I beat the rush hour. Was home in time for carry out night which was pizza. I don;t now why Andrew always gets to choose...guess it is that cute little face.

    Today I am going to peel potatoes and tonight I will put my turkey in the crock pot. Scott is coming in tomorrow. His sick leave has been extended until November 17 but he is doing so well. Guess i need to get moving. Andrew has trashed his room so that needs picked up...the boy does not even live here but sure can make a mess. I saw a pile of clothes so he must have been rooting in a drawer and I know no clothes here will be fitting him...he must have thought the same way and made a pile. Now Sierra goes through his shirts and can pull out some that fit her.

    We are 6 days from the election and I cannot wait for the lying and crap to finally be over. Being on the river we get both Missouri and Illinois and we know all the candidates. Talk about your head hurting! We have a long drive to early vote so will hang in until election day. We vote rural out here and it is not convenient but we will vote by golly!!!!

    Enough wasting time...have rooms to clean and potatoes to peel...laundry to do and ironing to hide. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

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    Good morning. BOO. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    Today will be only in the 70’s. Tomorrow, too. Night temps dropped to the 40’s. However, the weekend will bring back temps in the 80’s. As long as the winds don’t start up, I will be happy with it.

    today I won’t have to cook. Sandwiches for lunch. Out somewhere for dinner. Movies, if anything good is on. Otherwise browsing the mall. Haven’t been there in ages. I wonder if there still is a Chinese kiosk? Egg roll sounds good.

    I am sick of the candidates, too, Maxi. I was glad to see that PA wouldn’t allow a publicity photo shoot at the funerals, nor the “inappropriate comments”. Ha! Will be glad when this is over, and the spam of Polling calls will stop.

    Cookie, what’s Blaise’s costume today?

    have a good day, everyone.

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      I am late today...better late than not at all. Work is ok. Mom finally got to come home last night granny is all settled in for a round of in patient pt and speech therapy.

      plan for this evening wash blanket and cook dinner.