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Tuesday 10/30

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  • Tuesday 10/30

    I am up and on Eastern time!

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    ok, my tea is steeping and one boy is playing with the dog, one is on the couch and one is still upstairs. A lot of boy noise this morning!

    the cookies turned out good but when I went to make the glaze there was only 1/4 cup powdered sugar. This is not a baking house! More of a savory cooking style here. So I am off to another store today for powdered sugar and a big bag of chocolate chips and some more chai tea bags. Everyone likes Nanaís chai tea!

    I am definitely enjoying the rest from heavy babies.
    I love this Goldendoodle of my sonís. She rings a bell by the back deck when she wants to go out. A very soft and fluffy dog.

    i hope you all are well and or getting better!
    I will check back and see what is happening. I have no idea how I managed to make this post in double space but I like it!


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      That is what? a three hour difference for you? I am central time so you are an hour ahead of me this morning. Passing through with a cup of coffee this morning then heading to the shower. I won't be home until late afternoon so today is a carryout night. We have not had a carry out night in a while.

      Today we are talking curtains. Remember when you would dig out the catalogs and spread them out? Now you hardly ever even get a catalog. I did get a tee shirt catalog yesterday and it was great fun sitting here and reading the shirts. I matched shirt sayings to family members! Now if I just knew who 'Bob' was...and that was not the only shirt I did not understand. Oh well, I don't understand a lot of birthday cards either.

      Suppose to be a nice day with rain this evening. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Evidently i missed Trick or Treaters...ask Andrew when he was going out and was told our town only had Friday and Saturday of the last weekend. Oops! Have a good day today..


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        Good morning...sorry for not updating on Granny....Yesterday was just one of those days for me yesterday....I ended the day with the lady that helps me we went to old main street for pumpkin ice cream. I needed to get out of the house after work....

        Anyways update on Granny is doing much blood clot...she has pnemonia and a uti all at once...they gave her antibotics that come cover both...she also has new eating rules and thickened liquids due to choking on cough meds in the Sunday...They are hoping that she will let out of the hospital today....she is headed for intense in patient rehab. PT and Speech therapy....Granny being in the rehab facility will give mom and break. She won't have to worry quite so much...she is definately ready for her bed and a long hot hot shower.


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          Good morning.
          Can you post a picture of the Goldendoodle, Paula? She sounds cute.

          Yesterday E picked up the backyard stuff for the trash. I got the branch cutters back and did most of the trimming of the front yard tree. E did the thicker branches that I couldnít handle. Had to explain my version of tree trimming to him....that I wasnít removing all the branches. Just the ones that were growing straight down, and the ones that were going to obstruct the sidewalk or hit the house. It looks much, much nicer now. The neighbors should be happy that itís not obstructing their driveway, either, now.
          Today is our trash pickup day, so the bins are out front.

          Tomorrow is Halloween. We will have dinner out, and probably see a movie. E wants to get a motel room, but I say to just come home after 9 or 9:30. We hate to miss the trick-or-treaters, most of them are fun, but with his bad arm and my own limitations, itís too much of an effort. We have counted around 200 kids each year, more or less. There are several schools in this area. The few teens who try to distract you and take away extra. And there are the Hispanics who come in truckloads, or parents driving them in from other areas. Sometimes we run out of stuff before the stragglers come around, so yeah itís an awful lot of kids. SeŮor La Bamba will not be making an appearance this year.
          i did buy some fun size candy bars, and they are delicious.

          Today, not much new. Same-o same-o. Maybe a bit of laundry.

          Hope you all all have a great day.

          hi Maxi and Beth. Didnít see you when I began typing.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning all.

            Paula, I answered your question on your post yesterday. Like I said, I would much prefer Fort Worth for the warmer climate.

            Today is scrub down the shower, and the glass doors. Then it's outside to mulch leaves. It is supposedly to rain through Friday. If it doesn't, then I'll mulch again Friday.

            Considering the time already, I better gat my behind in gear. Will just say....everyone enjoy your day.
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.