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Good morning Monday!

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  • Good morning Monday!

    By the time I finish this 3 more people will have started something. Oh well, give the consolidation gods something to do. I am sitting here wasting time and waiting for the mall to open. Have a grocery list made and my returns set out and am dressed and just watching the clock.

    This is a busy week for me. Tomorrow i am leaving to help my sister decide what to do with her windows. They are all tall windows and a lot of them but there needs to be a little something to block the sun and she would like a bit of privacy from the road even though they are set back far. Then Wednesday Scott is coming in and I will do some of the side dishes for Thursday. He has a place he wants to go Friday so I have something going on every day. I gotta say I do not like being on the go all week especially if it is something I would rather not do...

    Yesterday was a slow day. Jon stayed in the boy cave all day and nursed his sore legs and back from his Saturday adventure. I did not see him at all and just sat around switching from one movie to another until my evening programs came on. I did shower and dress but it turned out to be a waste since i barely left my chair.

    Paula have a nice visit wit your family and yes we grandmas do do things we'd rather not but we do them with a smile and a happy comment. Plus I always think that someday Andrew will not want to bather showing me anything...he already thinks I am completely out of the loop in his world. Which I am! But not enough that he did not get me to buy a stupid magazine. Ahhhh!!

    Hope all you feeling under the weather are perking up. Have no idea our weather today. Not sure if the sun is shining or not. No matter cuz I have to do what I have to do. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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    Good morning all...well at least Maxie. Maybe others will show up later, so better give them a shout as well.

    Just got through blowing the leaves off my porch and in front of the garage. Trying to get ahead of things before next Saturday. That is my open house. Just hope someone shows up as I haven't had 1 person to come see the house yet.

    If people only knew how bad I wanted to sell this house so I can move to be close to my family. Haven't been near family since I went out on my own when I was 18. People who have always had family around don't know how lonely it gets when it comes to Holidays.

    Enough of the "downer talk". I leave for F.W. on the 7th of Nov., have the walk through on the 8th, and close on the house up there on the 9th. Then on the 12th, I have a garage man coming to put up a garage door opener. Will have him to put up a new garage door after I get moved up there.

    Maxie, I hope you have fun tomorrow with your sister. To anyone else opening the door to our cyber home...have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good morning. Sunny day today, and it will be pretty warm.
      Last night E left a couple windows open to cool the house down.
      I woke very early again today, but Iím feeling the lack of sleep.
      Nothing exciting happening here today.

      Yes, have a good time with your sister, Maxie.
      Paula, have a wonderful time with family.
      Jostoy, you will be so glad to be moved into your new home, I know. Keeping you in my thoughts on the sale of the old house.

      Have a good day, everyone.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        I came earlier but no one yet here and on my phone is a bit hard.
        we went to the store again because Spencer could not find brown sugar or raisins and why not drive back to the store you were at yesterday? Baking essentials! I then came home and made up cookie dough.

        Windy and cool but I am ok with it.

        Jostoy, I sure hope you get people and offers from your Open House. I am glad you have already got your new home. Is FW Fort Wayne? Pretty sure it isnít Fort Worth..

        JoG, my pt worked wonders on my hip and I hope E is getting relief from his fall.
        Maxie, I do not like a schedule of something every night even if it is hair appointments! I need some nights with No Schedule.
        just me and a blank calendar page.

        keep well and hope Sharon is getting better!


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          Yes, Paula, it is Fort Wayne, Ind. Can't say I wished it was Fort Worth. That at least might be a warmer place to live.