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Good Morning, Sunday!

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  • Good Morning, Sunday!

    Another day full of sleepy heads! My guys did not get in until after 2 AM so it will be a quiet morning around here. They must have had a wonderful time being scared to each his own!

    Yesterday I did clean the house and mop a few floors. Laundry is done, folded and put away. Today I will iron. The Blues crushed the Hawks and it was a very good day for me. There is a lot of touch up painting to do but I need to have the paint hauled out. Asking someone to do anything around here is like talking to the wall. If I stare at it long enough the wall will be more apt to move than any member of this family.

    Need to catch up on the news. Lots of crazies out there...LOTS! Hope each of you has a peaceful Sunday.

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    Last night did not go well at all. Granny coughed all night— a dry, hacking cough, so at 4:30-5 they brought her some cough syrup. She aspirated it and has been coughing up her lungs since. In the last few minutes she’s been better, and is actually dozing some but still coughing intermittently. She is absolutely exhausted. Her vitals are good. Blood sugar is good. Oxygen saturation is better. I haven’t heard the latest kidney numbers, but they are doing the heart/lung scan this morning. Please pray for an answer.


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      Above is the latest granny up date. I wish I could do more for mom. If I still lived in Illinois I would be wth mom.


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        Good Morning! It's a wet, dreary, & cold one here today. BLAH!

        Yesterday was pretty productive. Got the cream pies made, cookies baked off, and laundry all done. Took Blaise to karate. He wasn't thrilled about going, but was happier afterwards. He was senior ranking student, so he lead several things. Took a nap. It was so dark & dreary, that it begged you to sleep. Had to meet Kathy and she took Blaise for the night. I had a relaxing evening then.

        Went to church AND SS today. I've got the pork roast & sauerkraut on in the crockpot for tonight's dinner. My SIL bought it and ask me to make it for cards tonight. Mid-afternoon Blaise & I are going to a local nursing home and my SS class is leading the service for those residents attending. Becca is coming down to be our 4th player.

        Sorry to hear about your Gram, Bethina.

        Have a good one all!


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          Good morning.
          I am doing better today, although I have been awake since 3:30. Just couldn’t get back to sleep. It happens once in a while. E discovered a new probiotic on the web which he ordered for not only takes care of the gastric problems, but also helps with a good night’s sleep, he tells me. I can use that, if it really works.

          Today its it’s supposed to get to 92°. (Tomorrow is back to the 80°’s). I have to get my butt going today to make up for the last 2 days that I’ve been feeling so poorly. Getting older is not great fun, but it beats the alternative, right?

          Maxie, yes there are far too many crazies out there. That includes the top man out there, yeah?

          Beth, I am sorry about your granny. And for what your mom must feel.

          Cookie, your dinner sounds great!

          To everyone, have a relaxing, good Sunday.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          ok, checking in while wat bing Joe do his magic show (ugh, but visiting grandma has to. Right?)
          sorry about Granny. Beth.
          Boone is oldest at 12 and is out walking the dog.
          Donna, I have missed the rain but can tell it has been rainy here! I love the weather!
          we had Chinese last night and then homemade Japanese after church today.
          I love the kitchen here! It was the selling point and I agree. Huge and all updated!
          i am baking with these kids this week.
          hope you are having a good weekend.
          i will be back in the morning.
          i was so tired when I got here I was in bed at 7:00! Got up a little after 6:00.