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  • Sleep In Saturday

    Boy you all must be taking advantage of the sleeping in part. I tried, but two other people decided it was time to get up....EARLY. Turds.

    Yesterday was productive. Sue came and we maked & baked. Relaxed during the afternoon then. Took Blaise to karate for the first time in 2 weeks. We stopped and got Subway for dinner on the way home. Once the guys all got to bed, I made & baked 2 pies for a customer coming today.

    This morning I'm baking off the rest of the sugar cookies and making a few PB pies for the freezer. Blaise has karate at noon. Other than that, hoping for a quiet day.

    Have a good one all!

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    Morning...I am waiting for the gang to leave so I can start digging into the corners and riding the house of dirt. The floor is getting crunch and the waste baskets over flowing. Need a truck or strong man to haul the laundry downstairs. The Christmas movies are on but I have seen the old ones so often I can work around and never miss anything in the plot line. And some I like better than others so it is good that I have 2 Hallmark channels with different movies!

    So I will probably stay in my jams and do my housework before showering. Scott said he will come up Thursday and stay over Friday so we are eating turkey Thursday. They are excited around here...for one because it is turkey dinner and for 2 because I normally cook crap so they are looking forward to something good. They have no expectations around here so turkey is a treat since I go all out.

    Well, they have left to pick up the boys and will be gone until late tonight so no more excuses for me. The dust bunnies are safe but the crunches should beware. Have a wonderful Saturday. Happy to hear Blaise is getting his stamina back.


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      Just checking in.
      Still not feeling great from whatever bug I picked up the other day.
      Hope your day is a good one.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.