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Wednesday Hump Day!

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  • Wednesday Hump Day!

    I don't think that I have been here this week....ooops...honestly its been about all I can do to get through work....just plain wore out....Being so sick last week really took it out of hasn't been horrible...its looking like we may be down a server again... They hired a new one about a month or so ago...she has been really really good when she comes to work....but she has called in so much that now her job is in jeopardy. I am hoping that they straightens out and stops missing work....I hate working one short. I am also afraid that being one short will hurt my chances of getting Thanksgiving off. :/

    I have meetings and church after work tonight so it will be a late long evening...

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    Ok, this is the third start to this...I hit another wrong button and I am done! Not that I have anything else better to do. I am going to the mall and return Adrew's shirts and pick out a couple others. I ask him to go with me after school but he said NO and that was that.

    Yesterday I was waiting for the bus and a guy came out and ask me to move from his yard. There is a huge rut from where the mailman has pulled in to his mailbox for years and I park just off the road on that rut and he sorta took me back with his nastiness. He also smelled of booze but I just pulled up on the road since the bus was there. That stop is the drop off point for the subdivision and people park down there some days more people than other days depending on the weather. I hope he was having a bad drunk and just picking on the grandma but him being so nasty with that many kids getting off the bus is worrisome. I always thought they were nice people who had questionable taste in yard decorations but I never held that against them. I may have to rethink being silent about their yard ornaments.

    Dishwasher is crammed full that just got started and Sierra made a crack about wearing a dirty shirt to work this morning. Well, she knows where the wash machine is. Plus when you don;t put your shirts into the basket I am not going to look for them and make a work shirt count. So I told her to spray with some bath and body scent in the bathroom. Bet that shirt hits the laundry this afternoon.

    Tomorrow Andrew's parents have his parent teacher conference so I will just make a pot of chili for supper...there tomorrow is planned but have no idea about tonight. I need to pick up chili beans so maybe something will fall into the cart for tonight. Seems like $100 of things are always falling into my cart.

    No sun this morning so not hopeful for the rest of the day. Have a good one and hope the sun shines on all your heads. Beth good to see you back posting.


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      Lol! Questionable taste in yard art...maxie, you always say something to give me a smile, and this time I was glad I had just set my tea down

      We turned on the heater for the first time last night. And I also decided I have to find my winter pajamas. And blanket. the lightweight stuff is not going to do the trick. I just have a bit too much to do before I leave at 4:30 Saturday morning. I won't be relaxed until I find the right seat on that plane...aisle with the restroom plainly in sight! After this I think I will opt for a flight with a stop instead of nonstop..
      old people problems.

      Vertigo seems to be in check and I am being careful, but who knows what brings it on?

      Beth, good to see you back. I remember the first year we were married and I had to work on Thanksgiving and we had Gary's family for dinner! Only a new wife would think she could do that. His aunt wanted to use my mixer but Gary could not find the beaters. I followed what my grandmother and mother did: mixer in a lower cupboard and the beaters in a drawer..I have no idea how and where that came from, but that was what I grew up with. And I had been living with my grandmother while I was engaged..

      I hope this day goes well for all of us. Yesterday Spencer said his presentation to the Big Wigs went very well, but not without a huge amount of anxiety and nerves on his part! Some fo the people present he had spoken to only on video conferences and some of the foreign ones were really hard to understand on video to answer questions. In real time he said he could see this one guy (Romanian) as he spoke and that helped. Anyway, it was his birthday and he said to celebrate he is bringing in food this morning to his whole staff and was askin gme wha the could get for his gluten free secretary. What?! I told him where to look at is store but to Notice what she brings herself...

      Ok, leaving this wonderful chat for now and hoping all is well with you and yours and the parking at the bus stop!


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        I have dug out the winter pj's but will be putting the flannel sheets on the bed with the next changing. We have had 2 heavy frost and the plants vegetation left is showing they took a hit. Tell your son to go to Amazon and type in glutten free...lots of things pop up and even gift boxes.

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      Good morning.
      Yesterday was a pretty dreary day. We both felt tired all day, so not much got done. It started raining about noon, and the clouds broke at sunset revealing an azure sky with salmon color clouds. So beautiful. I don’t thing the temp got anywhere near the 80° mark, as it was only 62° before sunset.
      It looks like we had rain in the early hours this morning. The streets were wet, the car had drops of rain all over it. It’s 54°outside right now (I just brought in the newspaper), but 83° is still in today’s forecast.

      After I get through with the newspaper, I hope to do better today.
      I also need to wash my casual pants, as I have PT tomorrow. I also need some new casual pants, or yoga pants, whatever. My current ones are beginning to look worn, and really need to be replaced. I hate shopping. One brand name pant may fit, another the same size, etc., are 4” too long, yet another brand a totally unflattering fit. If I order from catalogs, I hate the trouble and TIME it takes to return or exchange it. But going through stores these days is a different headache. Plus E has to drive me, and he is impatient in stores.
      i think I still need to replace last year’s sweaters, too....even though our winters here are relatively short.

      Its about breakfast time, so I’ll get that in hand along with the newspaper. Looks like we will have sunshine today.

      Hope your day goes well. Zippity-do-dah, my friends.

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        good morning

        will be back later, but a quick hello..
        . let you know i'm alive, trying to clean out one drawer for shelf a day.. I will get some of the "stuff" out of this I can relax and read read read.. and hopefully crochet crochet crochet... Donna found me all that yarn at a yard sale.. I have bags of it ready to go to to church for those ladies. and Donna's Mom took a big bunch but I still have lots and lots . and all colors. so I want to make Crib sized afghans this winter. to store for future great-grandkids..

        Hi Bethina.. good to see you here
        Maxie, there are some nasty people out there!!. beware of that Dude!

        see you later.


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          Paula.....guess we were typing at the same time.
          one of my daughters has vertigo. The doc told her it comes from something in the eardrum. She has a nonstop tintinitis that she has had to learn to ignore. Most people can do something about these. Apparently, after several doctors, exams, tests, etc., she decided that she has to live with it; they’ve only made it worse for her. She has also developed a hearing loss, which may or may not contribute.

          have you seen a doctor about yours?
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Yes, I have as well as all the exercises and diagrams on Google.
            i Amy h better and hoping for the best.
            thank you, Jo!