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Friday is finally here! 10/12

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  • Friday is finally here! 10/12

    Good morning...its been a pretty long week at work....we didn't realize exactly how much we depend on our 3 person until she hasn't been there a couple of days..

    off to exercise then off to work.

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    Yes, it is Friday and I am happy! Not too many things on my To do list today other than daycare and making a chicken corn chowder for a craft pot luck tomorrow at church.

    My air fryer arrived yesterday and today I will be reading the material that cam ewith it. I haven'topened it up yet; my UPS comes at the end of the day and I brought it in and then at the end of daycare had other thigs to do and kind of forgot it.

    Washing the pillows and throw rugs today.
    It is my early boys last day and so we are having a little party. Everyone but the crying baby will be here today so that means a little ( a lot) less stress.

    I will check inlater and see what all you are up to. Hope it is fun.


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      A cold morning the 40s and in the 60s in my house. I do not know how to switch this thermostat over to heat so will have to wait for Jon to come home later. Going to be a fuzzy robe morning!! So much for Spring we went straight from winter to summer.

      Andrew has early dismissal today but his mother texted that he is going to his grandpa's after school. That is fine with me. I do not have to cook and we can grocery shop. I had no idea what to cook anyway. Need to pick up Drew's shirts from Penney's and he sure does need a new hoodie! Yesterday it was a little short and snug. But mom did say last years coat still fits so looks like the boy is getting ready for winter. Sadly we are all getting ready for winter..

      Well, coffee cooled quickly this morning and my nose is cold. Better put furnace filters on the store list. Maye talking of painting has me noticing all the spots around here that need touched up. The front door is especially looking grubby. But I am hoping to get some yard work done tomorrow. Transplanting and trimming back. Everyone hates to do it now but it will look so much better in the Spring. I have a start of a new clematis from my sister and it is a rapid spreader so need to move out the old one. The old purple one I will mix into the pink one and maybe they will do better mated.

      Blues won last night! Always a good night when they play well. Have a good day! One weather guy said we will barely hit 50 today...what a difference a day makes in the midwest!


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        Hello! It's FREEZING here and no sunshine. BLAH!

        Yesterday was a semi-productive day. After Bible study I came home and got lunch and called the orchard guy. Making sure he's still in business before I drive clear out into no mans land. Spent a better part of my afternoon going there. I felt so bad for him. He had a bad apple year. They got apple scab. I still got 10 bushels, but his cellars were just about empty. He looked & sounded so defeated. I've been going to him for probably 15 years, and this hasn't happened in that time.

        Came home and got busy making the fillings for the pies I had to make for today. Got them baked & right now I'm finishing off the coconut cream pie....toasting the meringue.

        This morning my plans got all switched around, but that was OK...still worked. I needed 3 C of milk for the coconut pudding, so I delivered the wedding cookies, then went to Aldi's, and NOW I'm making the pie. Will be delivering it to a local church along with the other 5 pies as soon as the pie comes out of the oven. Have to get pies ready & cake iced for the restaurant after that. THEN I think I can putter around the house cleaning & starting some laundry. Karate tonight.

        Have a good one all!


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          Good late afternoon.

          We couldn’t sleep well in the hotel last night, so we got an early start. Very noisy. The traffic sounded much closer than it was, plus there was lots of clanging inside the walls. The room wasn’t listed on the directional wall off the elevator. We both woke up frequently during the night. Breakfast in the hotel was the worst ever in any hotel. The scrambled eggs were cooked to rubbery pebbles, the turkey sausage had no discernible flavor except for something hot and spicy. Nothing except the coffee was hot....the food was tepid. The biscuits crumbled easily in the middle, and stale on the edges. Probably yesterday’s leftovers. E is cancelling our return stay.

          We stopped in San Antonio, NM not TX, for lunch. Really good hamburgers. Big (around, not tall) ones. The town had 2 restaurants, this hamburger place and a pizza place, and a handful of other buildings. It was 2-1/2 streets deep.

          we got to the B&B we are staying at. Lovely people there. Across the narrow road are horse ranches.

          E just got in touch with our SD to meet them for dinner, so we need to get back to the B&B and unpack. (We are having coffee and donuts at Dunkin’s right now.). Then meet them at their house. Traffic willing, it should be 15 minutes away.

          Hope you have a good night.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            GOOD AFTERNOON.

            second time .. lost the first message...

            a good, not so good day... ruined a pair of Davids fairly new jeans.. thought I was cutting off the excess on the Brand new ,needing hemmed jeans, but had cut off the bottom of a pair I was using for measurement.. agggggggggggg..... so now I owe him a pair of jeans.. I stopped .laid all aside and will finish on a bright sunny day... thank heavens he was not too upset. and I will just put the mistake jeans away and make them into a pr of shorts next spring... ..
            we did go out for a few forgotten items. had 3 light bulbs go bad this week!.. and when did they get so expensive to replace????
            had lunch out.. so no cooking . the place where we normally eat , was selling a Quart of their soup. ( 4 different kind ).. for $5.99.. their veg. soup is soo have that in fridge for "supper " today or maybe tomorrow's lunch..

            I did get painting job #1 done. two coats of white on the wooden framework of the downstairs kitchen door.. Now the other is a smaller job on the garage regular side door... the window on the door is in small panels with trim around each .its yellow now, and just needs to be Green like the new roof.. thats tomorrow or next week.
            and Maxie, talking of grubby.. I just started to notice how the all the doors suddenly look that way.. in fact,,,with a daughter in law about to visit ,I notice a lot of grubby... lol. lol. lol... will have to get busy with a bucket and a rag!!.

            ~~~~~ at JoG, Paula ,Bethina, and Donna... and all who stop to read and visit..