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Thursday 10/11

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  • Thursday 10/11

    good Morning! it is starting well

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    I apologize for my poor grammar in the above post.
    Today is starting well because I didn't have a lot to do to get ready and had time to vacuum the daycare and get all the bottles ready.
    the sandbox is fun for the kids but even with taking off shoes as we come in and brushing off clothes there is always sand on the floor over by the cubbies.

    I have a wreath making project at the church Saturday along with a soup pot luck. I am going back and forth on what kind of soup to bring.
    I love the vegetable one I have been making here, but just not sure what others are bringing. chicken corn chowder sounds good, too.

    I can't wait to get the air fryer I ordered from QVC. I get my orders fairly fast: like in a week. I have a friend who does chicken in it as well as bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. Those looked so good when she sent me a picture. I like the idea of being able to fry without using a pan full of oil. Hearing how much your family likes it, Maxie, was the convincing power for me.

    The news on the hurricane and what pat was sharing is pretty awful. I don't think she was thinking it would be so bad by some of her posts when the news started talking about it before it really got there. She said the big magnolia at their house is gone. She would always tell us how she worked all morning raking up those leaves...I hope the condos where she works are still there and no damage.

    Have a good day,everybody. We like to call this Friday Eve. I am calling it Two More Days of the Early child.


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      Good morning! Think I may be pulling it together! Yesterday I ran the vac, dusted and mopped the kitchen floor. Cooked a really crappy really really crappy supper, mac and cheese and hot dogs and boy did I get a look from my grandson...he ask if dad cooked! I had to laugh but also had to take the blame. Today I will put on spaghetti meat sauce since I never did get out to make meatballs. We will do a big shopping this weekend.

      Heard from Scott yesterday and he is doing great but when he returns to work will have to train his replacement before he takes his new job. He is a little bummed about that since he knew he had the new job before his surgery and had thought he would just step right in. I had to laugh since this was a case where life did stop and wait for him! lol!!

      Sure is cold this morning. Temps really dropped yesterday afternoon with a lot of wind. Was not pleasant out! I am not hearing any wind but am feeling the cool in here. That means it is hockey weather! Yep, we finally play again tonight. So maybe they have gotten their stuff together and can get this game back on track. The shirts I ordered for Andrew should be in at Penney's today. I refuse to pay shipping so always have that order sent to the store. I could have shopped there but they had an on line order only coupon and I got 40% off the entire order. That made it worth my while to wait a week. I think I just saw the Kohl's is starting that but I could be wrong.

      Guess I'll go on and see the storm damage on tv this morning. Wow! How do they claim that there is no climate change when a storm can form that quickly and be that historically severe? Well on a good note, today is the Day of the Girl! What a wonderful day to celebrate!! Have a wonderful day each and every one of you. Maye good to see you post. Wish I had some of your energy.


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        Good morning.
        The car is packed. I have a mid-morning PT appointment (earlier than expected), then we head to NM.
        Tucson will have a wet 3-day weekend, if the forecast is right. I packed sweaters and long sleeve shirts and a coat for our trip. E is hot blooded so I didnít see what he packed, but he did throw in a jacket.
        Will be glad to see our stepdaughter, but not her weather. Looks like their weekend will be wet, and particularly on Sunday.
        I wonder how they handle the hot air balloon festival under those conditions....much less whatever the special breakfast there is like. Thank you, Mother Nature.....not!!í

        Time to get dressed and get E going, I guess.
        Itís going to be a 2 day drive for us. Each way. But the route is mostly scenic.

        Maye, yes it was nice to see your post from yesterday.

        That storm in FL caused a lot of destruction. Amazing that only 2 people were killed in it. I hope Patís home survived it.
        I am not really on Facebook, so didnít see what she said.
        The news showed an entire home tumbling away, til it broke along its way. Scary.
        You are right about climate change, Maxie.

        I do hope you all have a good day.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


        • maxie
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          Have a safe trip! Enjoy your family and dress warm!!

        • Paula A
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          Take care and enjoy the scenery and visit!

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        Hello all! It's a wet one here today but the temps are still in the 70's, so it's not so bad. It's to be COLD here then for the next several days.

        For this week supposedly being a relaxing one, that hasn't happened yet. Yesterday Sue & I baked off the ladylock & wafer sandwich cookie doughs, and made up some more pie dough.

        The bad news of the day. I went to my PCP for my 3 mo check on my A1C level, and boy did I get a lecture. My level was 11....heart attack range. It's all my fault & I know it. I've just been too busy and not paying attention to eating, eating right, taking my levels, or taking insulin at the right times. Big wake up call. My goal is to get down to 8. My BP and weight were OK, though I could always use losing a few pounds.

        This morning was Bible study. Starting back up for the year. We are doing the 40 Days of Prayer study. Called the apple guy and he's still in business, so I'm going either today or tomorrow and get 10 bushels of apples. Good thing I ask about the prices, because they went up a dollar. Oh my heavens, it's going to cost me $6 a bushel!!!! LOL! Worth every penny. I've been making to-do lists and hope to cross off everything. Tomorrow I'm delivering a big wedding order. Initially I was going to have to deliver to the venue which is 45 minutes away, but she found someone closer by tomorrow to take them up, and their house is only about 10 minutes away from me. Also have to make & bake 5 pies for someone tomorrow & deliver them to their church for their festival on Saturday.

        Have a good one all, and a very safe trip Jo!


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          I did go to PT today. He tried me on a new exercise. I barely begin it, and my leg muscles cramp up and hurt like the blazes. So I will bract ice arching my back a little when I do that exercise. But I will not push it if it continues to hurt.

          We left from there and headed out of AZ. We are now in NM. We stopped for cheeseburgers and a side. Mine was zucchini, fried. Love it. I need an air fryer after we move. We stopped for the night, and I told E just a small supper will do.
          We have 3 more hours of driving to get to Albequerque.

          The I-10 is very picturesque from SierraVista and into NM. My favorite part starts at Dragoon AZ, about up to the rest stop.
          That is where suddenly the mountains are gigantic piles of huge boulders, almost golden in color.......they begin and end abruptly. But so beautiful. The other thing I like about the wide open skies. It's like a billion miles of sky, and a million big clouds promising the weekend rain. There was no sunshine today. The rest of the way is mostly just highway and signs for whatever businesses are along the way. Not picturesque.

          I am tired. It's close to supper time, but I feel it's bedtime.
          Oh, early this morning I had checked the weather app, and it said there would be thunderstorms here this weekend......well, a couple hours later I checked again, and the storms will now be Friday & Saturday. So Sunday should be good for the balloon festival.

          Thank you for the good wishes.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.