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Hump Day!!!

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  • Hump Day!!!

    Good morning...Anxiety seems a little bit better today...Work yesterday was fine...I am so thankful for the job and the great bosses...

    My mom gave her guardian Angels a run for their money yesterday...she and daddy are camping with cousins and some or all of them went on a hiking trail...well mom fell while they were hiking on a slick rock....she said nothing is broke nothing is sprained....lots of road rash type scrapes...

    Is anyone still on facebook with Pat...Did she and Erin and her Boyfriend Evacuate safely? I am so thankful that it was last week that my parents and family were there and not this week.

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    Good SUNNY Morning!

    Pie season at the stand is over, but I'm still getting pie orders. This week was suppose to be a quiet one, but that hasn't quite happened. I did get my kitchen counters Cloroxed and they are no longer have a brownish tint from the peaches & apples. I got the last of my wedding cookie orders done yesterday, and that's a big relief. We made these Hunkie cookies yesterday and they were so tender & good. Each recipe takes 1lb of butter. Melt in your mouth!

    Last night Blaise tested for his yellow belt. He made it! So proud of him. I'm going to miss the moms I usually sit & chat with since their sons got their camo belts and will now be going to a different class. December Blaise will have a chance to test for his camo belt, and we'll be back together. I'll find someone to talk with. Always room for another friend or two. Otherwise I'll be reading.

    Today we'll be baking more LL and wafer sandwich cookies. Need to make more pie dough. I have a doctor's appt this afternoon. Will take their pie in then. No karate now until Friday due to testing, so that'll be nice.

    Have a good one all!


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      I just found your recipe I asked about inmy post so don't worry about replying...thanks for posting it in the Kitchen.

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    I wrote this morning but not seeing it so wonder if I even hit the post button...Lordy my mind is shot! I think I need a vacation but going to stay away from the Gulf Coast for a while! Hope Pat and her family are in a safe place. The news just said it is moving in fast.

    No plans for the day. I do want to run out for ingredients to make up a big batch of meatballs ad maybe I will see something that wants to come home and be eaten for supper. There are no leftovers from last nights stew. My boys were hungry last night so good thing Sierra chose not to join us!

    It is a rainy morning here with temps in the 70s but dropping this afternoon. Time to turn off the a/c. Wish I could turn off the much political crap on tv and in the mail box. What ever happened to those great junk catalogs we used to get this time of the year? I really liked those catalogs.

    Well, guess I need to get moving..i am a little early for me this morning so that means another cup of coffee before my shower. Have a wonderful day people!!


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      It is another WEdnesday/trash/early child day! This is his last week as he is going to change to his mom's friend's daycare. And I don't have to tell them I can't take him when the new baby starts...which won't be for awhile, but no problem.

      Beth, I am on Facebook with Pat and have not seen her post anything about evacuating. Will let you know if I do. I am taking a break form Facebook, but looking at my Notifications in case there is something urgent or a family member posts.

      Donna, those hunkie cookies sound wonderful! And I have an Orange chicken question: do you use the recipe that calls for a bottle of Baby Ray's bbq sauce and a jar of orange marmalade in the crock pot? I want to make it for a dinner in the near future.

      have to get a move on, as Gary would always say. I hope this day goes well for all of us.


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        Pat has evacuated to her sister Vonda's in southern FL with all of them including the dog. Arrived safe & sound.

        Yes, that's the recipe I use. I don't do mine in the CP though. I fry my chicken in a big skillet, remove the oil afterwards, add the chicken back in, and add the sauce that I've simmered together. I use one normal size bottle of BR bbq sauce to one jar of orange marmalade plus the soy sauce. I sometimes squeeze some fresh orange juice in it too with the zest from the orange too. Everyone LOVES it!

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      Thanks! I was just coming to post what I read on Pat’s page.


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        Good morning.
        It is nice to see you up so early and posting.
        Not much going on here. Temps are higher than usual today, but will drop when the rain comes in a couple of days. Rain is unusual in October here, but the climate everywhere is looking unusual these days.
        Tomorrow we leave for stepdaughter‘s, and falling into even cooler temps.

        The orange chicken sounds so good. Am trying to clear out the fridge, use up stuff, before I do anything new. I have some leftover sirloin steaks that would probably make a great stew. I don’t have potatoes, but can thicken the base with onion soup mix and instant potatoes. Yes!

        The house is chilly this morning, so I’d better get my breakfast and get busy here.

        Pat is in my thoughts. Hope storm damage isn’t going to be as bad as they expect.
        Elaine is in my thoughts as well.
        anyone hear from Jostoy or Sharon?

        Have a very good day.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good evening.....I'm here at last..

          JUST READ THAT PAT HAD WENT TO FL..... HUGE HURRICANE DOWN THERE!... hope she did not drive into that!

          long busy day here... finally got the wooden door frames around basement door painted. second coat is on.. yea.. then went to Walmart ,.. hunting cover for new iphone.. but they did not have what I wanted... so got karen to order the one Grddaug. Bethany had picked out for me.. will get here next week.. from amazon... feel like I have been spinning in circles today....

          think I will just go to bed with library book and read till I go to sleep.. maybe I can keep off of the roads tomorrow.. and get chance to organize and throw out some "stuff"..