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  • Tuesday

    Morning! I am up early to grab a cup of coffee before a shower then off for a doctor appointment. Is there anything else that can get me up this early? Nope!

    I have no idea what to do for supper...maybe tuna casserole. Not a fav of mine but simple and easy and I have the ingredients. Got my haircut yesterday and am a happy camper. After my appointment I will stop at the bank and Dollar Store. Have you noticed the Dollar Stores are carrying more and more? I am shopping there much more often and they are full of name brands at cheaper prices...always buy dishwasher and laundry detergent there. Since the remodel there is a big dairy section now. However, today I will probably not pass further than the Halloween candy.

    I did talk with my sister yesterday and they poured the sidewalks around the house yesterday so she had to park in her lane and said while walking to the car a armadillo ran in front of her. I was shocked they are so close to the city now and she was shocked to see one up close and personal! She was prepared for the deer but not the other varmints. They are getting a big dog!

    Time to hit the shower and get moving. More road construction around here and sometimes you have to sit in traffic 10 minutes or more to go through on one lane roads so need to allow for that. Always an inconvenience! No idea what the weather is going to be so will be surprised...have a good one!

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    Good morning...I havenít made it to far from bed yet. I need to be getting ready for work but I am all about not getting out of bed today.

    I am really struggling with anxiety and blues..this too shall pass like I told mom when I have struggled through this before I come through stronger and usually learn something new.

    I got a call yesterday they are wanting to change the person that comes to my house a couple days a week to help me with stuff. They want to switch me back to my old person. I am refusing to switch back to her. If it comes down to it my mom and I will be requesting a meeting and fighting it. I really hope that it doesnít come to that. :/

    off to the ahower and forward into my day.


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      Yay! Tuesday has started with my hip feeling so much better! I almost cancelled the physical therapy, not wanting to bother him when I felt it getting better, but I am so glad I did go. I limped into the office and he gave me a full treatment. Ultrasound waves into the hip area and then heat and this morning I am walking almost normally. Such a blessing!

      Today is just another Tuesday: no appointments, trying to get things into the garbage for tomorrow, and taking care of little kids while trying to teach and do activities with the older ones. Yesterday only three kids! yay for Columbus Day! ONe I thought wasn't going to be there was here, but he is a good companion to the almost 3 year old so I could do things with both of them.
      A good day to be getting over the hip pain. I am Never sitting in one of the little chairs and working at the table again (while holding a chubby baby). tim, the PT, said it sounded like tht was the thingthat hurt my hip.

      A friend sent me a picture. She is on a business trip to San Diego and she looks fabulous! she has been dieting and just seeing her is enough to keep me motivated. I a m with you, maxie: that Halloween candy aisle draws me in fast.

      I will check in and see what all is going on throughout the day. Hope it is all good! But if not, remember we all have friends here and you are in my thoughts!


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        Jo, the Deep Blue cream really helped! I bought some on Amazon, the sample pack of ten for 8.00 and something on Prime. You could try it for your daughter or email me your address and Saturday I can mail you a couple of the samples for her to try.


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          Good morning.
          Fall is really here, cooling our temperatures. But it will be even cooler (colder) in NM, high temps in the 60ís and even 50ís....with night temps in the 30ís and 40ís while we are there. We leave Thursday. Now I am feeling not so anxious to go, but just to keep a promise to be there. Oh well, if I survived Alaska even being out at night, I can survive this trip. The coldest days will be the Sunday and especially Monday. On Sunday I canít imagine an outdoor sunrise breakfast.
          This morning I put cereal crumbs out for the was 49į out there. Brrrrrr,

          Thanks, Paula. I think Iíll order that sample pack of Deep Blue.
          I am glad your hip is already healing.

          yes, those Dollar stores are doing quite a business these days. I have a couple of daughters who shop there first, and what they donít carry the supermarket does.

          Well, I guess Iím going to have an ongoing diet. A side effect of my new medication is weight gain. I donít want to say how much Iíve gained, but my choices are changing, Iíve cut back greatly on sweets and starchy carbs. Meals are smaller, too; sometimes itís just a snack. and keeping up with exercises. My PT is boring, though. Not sure how effective it is any more.

          No no real news of the day here. Still getting stuff done, slowly but surely.

          Have a good day!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I am home and already have a stew on to cook. Instead of the dollar store I hit the grocery store and got my asiago and stew meat. It was bread delivery day from the bakery so I picked up a loaf of 'good bread' for Andrew and for the rest of us to sop up the stew one wants to be a guest at our house when it is stew night! Tables manners are out the door!

            The spot on my leg is an infection and it took me going to the old gp to get that diagnosis. He has ordered a big dose of antibiotics since it is several weeks old and I will see him again in 2 weeks. It never showed outside symptoms of an infection and he has not yet ruled out lancing it. My regular doctor wanted it cut out, yada yada yada and that is why he sent me to this other doctor. I hope between these two gps I can get it cleared up.

            Sierra is still in about that? I have been up and out and back again and put a stew on and even broke a darn jar of gravy and cleaned that up and she is still in the sack! That jar hit the basement floor and not only shattered but splat. A roll of paper towels and a sore back got that cleaned up. I will check it every time I walk through to make sure no glass is hiding. I hate when I do damn dumb things like that!!

            Andrew has early dismissal so I will meet the bus and then on to pick up my scribt. Paula so happy your hip is better...Jo take warm clothes...Wish I could blame meds on my weight gain. Afraid it is my own fault and a weakness for halloween candy and cake and pie and cookies. Beth hope you can figure out a way to cope with the stress...lots of things going around so maybe you just don;t feel well?

            Have a wonderful day all of you out there!