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  • Monday Already???

    Good morning I am up and almost ready to leave to work out....My allergies/sinuses are horrible this morning unless I have a sinus infection. Work will be really busy today Mondays always are....I have extra prep that I have to do on Monday but if I do enough of it then I don't have to do most of it all week.

    After work a nap....then tonight a trip to walmart for meds and groceries.

  • #2 is haircut day! I do love haircut day!! No Andrew so no cooking and, other than the banks being closed, it is a shaping up to being a pretty good day.

    I did finally finish up all the ironing yesterday while watching an afternoon of Hallmark. The pile of laundry is in a manageable stack so do not need to think about rushing around having to do anything. Think I will call my sister and catch her view on the weekend move. Have a good Monday!


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      Yes, it is Monday here, too and I have laundry in the washer. I thought I had mine all done, but I think the hamper grows it or something. It seems all kitchen towels and such end up in my hamper so it is what it is and I have the sound of the wash as my background noise this morning.

      Sharon, whenever you get to the RT, please let us know if you have heard from Jostoy. I am wondering hw she is coping with her grief.
      And Ihope your health and the cats is improving.

      I am not sure exactly who will be here this morning. One thing I do know is the State gets the day off so no surprise visits for food or licensing. I think my child whose mom works for County services gets the day off, too. Our schools do not get it off so the ones I could really use a break from will be here and the mom who works from hom efor an insurance company Always brings her child.
      But, all in all,it makes for a good day.

      After a lot of rain we have none in the forecast for the week. And our temps will be in the 80's. So really nice for outside time for the daycare.

      I didn't see any Hallmark movies this weekend, maxie, but they recorded so I know there will be evenings when I can just erlax and enjoy!
      Beth, I hope it is allergies, not an infection.
      To all who check in this morning or anytime: I hope you are doing well and enjoying Life.


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        Good morning.
        Busy, busy, busy here. Still have tons of stuff to sort and dispose of most of it.
        Plus I have to face my big tree for pruning. Fortunately it is all lower branches that need trimming. One side is overlapping property lines and the neighbors, when everyone is home, need that driveway space. They havenít said anything yet, but we like being good neighbors. Last time I paid someone to trim it, it cost $75 and they didnít do a good job of it. If I call the arborist, itíll cost twice that. But I can do it. I may need help with a couple of branches, but the rest is easy enough.
        then I think Iíll chop out the prickly pear cactus that has begun to grow under the tree. Itís a hazard if you done notice it.

        That, plus be ready for out trip to stepdaughterís in a few days. Iíll miss the 3-day weekend of rain here.

        Guess Iíll have breakfast now, then get busy.

        Have a a great day!
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I forgot to say I ordered an air fryer!


          • maxie
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            I love ours! The kids make french fries and I am hooked on toasted ravioli. Jon cooks fish and stuff for his lunch and I have even cooked steaks in it. Love it!!

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          Let us know how you like it. Iím tempted, but not til after our move.

          oh, wow, Maxie. Definitely on my list.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I want to do chicken and fish in it. And now steak!