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Sunday 10/7

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  • Sunday 10/7

    Good morning...sorry I am not around much just havenít had much to Bible Study this morning...reading this afternoon. I had big plans for taking my trike to get groceries. Well my trike is out of commission. I went to get it out yesterday a complete flat front tire. Daddy will fix it. He didnít have tools he needed yesterday.

    Also got hair cut yesterday and had my eye brows done. I will go back Tuesday for her to put color on them. They are still pink today.

    work is still going well with about 1 day a week being stressful.

    every one have a great day!

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    Morning...looks sunny out there. I have no plans for today either Beth. Just do not have much energy to do much and it would take a lot of talking to get me up and out today.

    I started laundry yesterday but never finished...still a load in the washer and dryer and a pile of Jon;s shirts waiting to be ironed. Wonder if that is why he went out and bought a couple the other day? Oh, well, as the lady who does his ironing he needed new shirts anyway. I have got to snap out of this and get back to normal, not that I am going to turn into a tornado and clean this place up. Tired of being the only cleaner around here especially since it does not bother the messers. The only thing these people have going for them is they know I cannot stand the mess and will eventually get it cleaned up. Ahhhh!

    Jon went after work to help my sister with her move and he and my nieces' SO were fresh backs and carried and but together beds. He said it was a comedy of errors with the moving truck being stuck in the mud and the nephew and his wife fighting. Sounds like a fun day and I am glad I stayed home but Jon loved the excitement. I will hear about it tomorrow since they do not have tv or internet hookup and all she has is her cell phone.

    I am getting a haircut tomorrow and sure do need it. How can it grow so fast? No Andrew tomorrow since it is a holiday but not sure which one...Columbus Day maybe. That means no cooking and since I will finally be getting to the bank maybe it will mean a carryout night.

    My beloved Blues lost in over time last night. It was a good game but I hate losing to Chicago in anything. Guess I will go make another cup of coffee and go sit outside. Jon is working a double and Sierra is always gone so the day is probably not to going to bring much. Hope yours is exciting!!


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      Banks will be closed tomorrow...sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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    Good morning.

    Maxie, I hear you about the cleaning. We tend to be taken for granted for that. The only way I survived my family was giving them assigned daily chores, or no allowance or special favors til itís done. They were free to trade chores, as long as it was done on time. And pick up their mess before going to bed, or out somewhere.

    Well, today is cloudy, with scattered showers and high winds forecasted. The tempsdropped to the 70ís for these next few days. This is so weird. We never get rains in October....... it usually is in February.
    SD says when we come to NM, wear layers of clothes, as it warms up during the day. I checked the weather app, and the night temps in the 40ís, and daily high temps in the 60ís. To me, that is winter!!! Here the 70ís are cool, or chilly. Iím taking long sleeve tops, and sweaters. I will take a couple sleeveless, camisole-like tops as undershirts.

    No particular plans for today. I will do things that need doing. Probably going to use up leftovers in a chicken broth based soup, to make room in the fridge. Will be going through my clothes to see what I need to take with me to NM, and have it ready before we pack.

    Oh, yesterdayís theater was amazing. The female actors were okay, each had a different trait of expertise in her talent. Itís the guys who were hilarious, though. The 4 seasoned actors kept trying to mis-cue or mess up each other in subtle ways.
    At one point the ďdyingĒ old man kept popping back to life, messing with the other charactersí props, til one of them pushed him back on the slab and held a pillow over his head so he would stop. The couple of newer male actors pretty much stepped aside and out of the action. Familiar songs were twisted. Hilarious jokes created. Some were impromptu, no doubt. Makeup was outstanding. As we left the theater, I shook hands with the oldest actor there, one of the ditzy actresses, and with a returned favorite seasoned actor we love who played Count Dracula. Made my day.
    Then we went out to dinner. We talked a lot about the show, and everything. Got home late.

    So, this morning I woke too early, after only 5 hours of sleep. No doubt Iíll need a short nap later on.....or not. We will see.
    E gets his full 9 hours, so itís quiet here yet.

    Have a a great day, whatever you will be doing today.

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning! I meant to post yesterday but you can see that didn't happen. I had an eyebrow, eyelash appointment, Beth in the morning, bright and early. My hip is still hurting and I was just limping across the small parking area...luckily, my esthetician (had to look that us!) saw me at the nearer door and unlocked it for me. I was at the church in the evening for a broadcast and my friend's son who is a physical therapist saw mw and talked to me. He said it didn't sound like hip replacement needed and he would have his secretary (his mom) call me and have me come in after daycare. jAnd he said, And we're just doing this like I do for all family, no billing. He also right there in church showed me a stretch to do so I did that last night and this morning. Around the house I feel like it is getting better but when I walked form the parking place at church I was having a hard time. I always park in the middle facing out for an easy pulling out. I should have parked right up by the sidewalk. Afterwards I had Becky pull up to the sidewalk so I didn't have that far.

      anyway, always something, right? But not surgery, so I am grateful.

      I am hoping to find time to go shopping for some clothes for my trip. I need some regular pants. right now I have one pair of jeans and everything else is capris. And I noticed last time I went to Maryland that I didn't see jeans! But that was summer...

      This whole weekend has been the Monster Trucks in town. I live about 4 miles or so from the fairgrounds (as the crow flies) but it takes about 10 minutes or more to get there because of lights and stop signs. However, last night the noise of those trucks was like they were at the school down the road! Lots of people attend. When we were leaving the church around 7:15, the cars in the opposite direction were bumper to bumper for a mile! Like Game day traffic in the Bay Area!
      We also used to have a Boat Drag event over Memorial Day weekend but environmentalists shut that down when they got our dam taken more Lake Red Bluff and one third of the events that brought in good money to town was Gone!

      I had to change my Facebook password. A friend of mine got hacked and then I did and others were telling me they got Friend requests,

      Not yelling, just saying. I can't stand that on top of everything else I have no control over, someone gets into my account and starts making anew one...I did the new two step security password.
      I think I am going to take the time to reset most of my jpasswords.

      Did you all see on facebook that Pat said she and Chris are engaged? I am really happy for her.

      I have to go get breakfast and start the day. I hope your days are great. No hacks, no whacks!


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        Hideehoo! I'm alive. I've made it to the other side.

        Pie season is officially OVER! It's a long 11 weeks, but then at times it seems to fly. Didn't sell as many pies as other years, but I did have some call me personally & order. Whatever. I was kept busy with other orders and things. This weekend I made 2 BD cakes. Today's was a simple 2 layer white cake w/raspberry filling...easy peasy. Friday's was a multi layered cake with all kinds of icing and choc fluffy icing btw the layers. Oh my....that icing is soooooo good...if I should say so myself.

        I think the garage sale & flea market season is about over too. Fine by me. Though I did get some real pretty plates for $.25 each at an estate sale yesterday and used the cake plate I got for the BD cake I made. Blaise had karate at noon. He got the stripes he needed Friday to qualify for testing for the next belt color on Tuesday. He was so excited! Kathy was SUPPOSE to be there to pick him up, but of course she wasn't. GRRRRRRR!!!!! Matt did meet me part way, but I still didn't get home until almost 2pm. That did not make me happy. Cork & I took a "field trip" to a grocery store about a half an hour away. They have their flour on sale for $.99/5 lbs and their walnuts for $3.88/lb. I stocked up on both. It was worth the trip. Now I need the sugars to go on sale. When we got home at 4pm, I FINALLY started making & baking pies.

        I bottomed out thru the night and I woke feeling really sluggish, so I didn't go to church with Cork. I just wanted to stay home and move slowly all by myself. I did get the cake & pies delivered to the stand. Picked up some fresh veggies. We swapped cake for for me! Came home and found my energy...FINALLY. I've got a big pot of chili simmering and in the process of making a pot of chicken & rice soup per Corky's request. I love chili & he doesn't. Of course I'll share some of the soups with my Mom and brother & SIL. I don't know how to make a small pot of soup. Kathy will get some of the chili too when she drops Blaise off.

        Tonight is cards. I'm going to make up some of my homemade pierogies that I found in the freezer the other day....lots of butter & onions. Also going to take some kinds of dessert (probably pie) and cook some of the fresh green beans I got today. I still have icing leftover, so I may make cupcakes instead of pie. We'll see. Also need to make Corky's lunch food for this week. Didn't do it last week because he had leftovers for most of the week. I've got to get back into the cooking dinner mode. I've been slacking off big time.

        Blaise is off school tomorrow (Columbus Day) and I promised him lunch out. He's got it narrowed down to either Arby's or Chinese buffet. Becca is off on Mondays, so I called & ask her if she'd like to meet us in town for lunch. I'll take her some soup too.

        Have a good one all! Hugs to you all!


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          Well, thanks Cookie. Looks like no carry out for us tomorrow and I will have to write a check for my haircut. I do not use my debit card since moving here. Good thing I have to go back to the dr. Tuesday so will get to the bank then. I really should think about changing to a bank closer but with all the direct deposits and withdrawals it is just easier to keep things as is.

          I do not see Pat on fb but happy for her and Chris. Sorry your hip is still bothering you Paula. I think 40s are winter temps too Jo. We have that in store for us later this week according to the weather guy...these summer temps have a fall feel with hot days and cooler nights. Normally around here in the summer a hot day means a hot night. We do not open windows evenings though with all the allergies. We just go from a/c to heat and can do it all in the same day in the fall and spring!


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            Chili is good. I made a small batch to go with hot dogs the other day. Yummy.

            Paula, Iím sorry you still are hurting. Sounds like it has gotten noisy in your neighborhood. Put some relaxing music on in your home. Maybe itíll help.

            Beth, keep a positive attitude as much as you can. The day will go by better, usually.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Question, why are the banks closed today. Never heard of a holiday for whatever it is. Maybe I'm just missing out on something.


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                Banks and schools are closed today for Columbus Day.