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Saturday, OCT 6

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  • Saturday, OCT 6

    good morning.

    yesterday I had my hair feels so good. I also managed to do most of the laundry, and only one load left to go.

    Today we plan for an early Gaslight show this afternoon, with nephew and his wife. It probably means dinner out afterwards.
    but first, when I’m done with this post, I need to go prune one of the small trees.
    E isn’t up yet, but I want to get this done before the day warms up.

    That’s about all that is going on here.

    have a great ☀️ Day!


    well, it’s 7:40 a.m. now. I’ve trimmed the small elm tree, and it’s branches at the lower part are thinned, and it looks happier now. I cut a dead branch off my dwarf apple tree, and am surprised that it has sprouted more branches and is a cute little bush now. It was too hot to produce any good apples this year, and another morning I’ will have to pick off the many 1/2” inch dried apples it tried to produce.

    E has a big job ahead, and I’ll recommend he hire someone to clean the yard. This storm has produced a lot of weeds that are oversized. Plus everything else that got messed up. We do get some super winds here now. Every major street around us has a lot of construction going on, there’s a large new shopping and fast food area that’s built and growing. Trees and natural land are going away far too fast. It’s adding much to our climate change.

    i have got the last load of laundry going, including my rubber indoor/outdoor sandals.
    I filled the ice maker with fresh water and we will have a lot of ice cubes soon.
    I feel like I’ve done a bunch of my work for today.

    Gaslight has a brand new show going for October. “Vampire”. They’re bound to have some new jokes for this. And new twists to familiar songs, made to fit the show.
    There are just a handful of familiar actors, the rest are new.
    I’ve noticed that a total of 7-9 actors are in any show. Though, in one show a few years ago, one actor played 3 different parts in one show......VERY difficult to do. But he did a perfect job of it.

    OK, I will quit babbling on now.
    hope someone else posts soon.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Morning...another warm day for us and suppose to be warm all week until Friday when the prediction is a high in the 60s and a low in the 40s. This weather sure cannot make up its mind! Jon and I hauled out the Halloween decorations last night so we have a few out. The pumpkins on the porch are terra cotta and Andrew finally got interested and found enough candles for them but they will not be lite tonight due to lack of candles. When the kids lose interest then it is really not worth dragging a lot of crap out. They sure do comment when the Frank head is empty!

    Jon is working and I suppose Sierra too. We never know much in advance what her schedule, plans are. Wish to hell she would grow up and get over this teenage crap, dump this bf and get a new job with adult people around. Her certification test is scheduled for December and paid for and only an hour drive from here. Yay!! I am sick of this McD's crap...they take advantage of these kids and pay them nothing for being responsible for crews, money, customer complaints. Crappy job for crappier pay.

    No plans for today. You would think since I put up some decorations I would have at least dusted but you would be thinking wrong. I don't know what has zapped my energy...hate to think it is old age...probably depression of some sort. I know I am crabby. And I know I want things my way and all this other stuff and extra expenses popping up around here is not of my choice. I hate the way the politicians are behaving. There is a right way and a wrong way and it is not suppose to be my way or the highway and I will fix it to make sure that is how it is. You teach your kids ethics and morals and values and right from wrong and compassion and then you look around at our politicians and bet their mothers thought they had done that too. Scary world and scary future. But that is my opinion and my worry.

    Blues play tonight so hope we have a better result. I have a week of ironing to do and a sink full of dishes to put in the dishwasher. Why doesn't anyone know to load the dishwasher? I know, how can someone who has a dishwasher complain about loading it? Well, guess someone who is crabby and out of all kinds of sorts can! Have a good day everyone. Be careful pruning Jo.


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      Hello, went to the parade this morning, mostly it is a big band competition but they had more floats this year. Larry's sister and family are up from Texas, so got to see their little one who 2 years ago decided I was Grandma, seems he didn't really remember me and kept looking sideways at me when I talked to him. Nothing exciting going on here, my life goes from Friday to Friday which is Football night. I don't understand the ins and outs but I love to hear the grandsons name over the speaker (which is quite often). Actually I'm looking forward to basketball, love the look on his face when he has the ball.