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Friday, OCT 5th

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  • Friday, OCT 5th

    Good morning!

    I am home. I am tired and a bit sore from all the walking tours through each facility.
    In my mind, I like best the last three places we were at. Nice friendly people, nice rooms, and cost-wise good. Both of the first two would have quick access to doctors, or the hospital. (I think my GD is a nurse at the hospital.) The last place was the only gated place, and it had larger rooms. It was an Embassy Suites Hotel, which is converted to a Senior home for assisted and independent living. Amenities were about the same in all three. E said we will probably go back for a second visit. Or check out a few more for comparison.??? After a bit, all the senior homes begin to look alike. One thing Maxie would like is the meals will be free. You don’t need to cook unless you want something not on the menu, or a special dish of your own. I think I can live with that. But I’ll still take my recipes and some books with me. Just in case.

    i have 2 trees to trim, and have my pruning shears borrowed back from my DD. But today I have a hair appointment, and tomorrow we have an early Gaslight show. Sunday rain is predicted again. After that I’ll get the pruning done, before the week-long prediction of rain comes. But I won’t need to do this sort of thing once we move. At best, I may do a bit of patio or balcony gardening in pots. I will just need smaller clippers.

    Thats about all that is newsworthy here. The past week’s rain has messed up our yard a bit. The bird bath is broken. There is litter that blew in as well, which needs to be disposed of.

    So, that’s what is going on here.
    Overall, things here are just Tickety-Boo.

    have a great day!

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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good morning today is going to be a good day at work....Fridays are a slower day and its pay day....I have a couple bills to take care of online and then I have a little bit of shopping on Amazon....then plan to hold on to the rest.

    Tommarrow I am supposed to spend time with a friend from my old job.


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      Yay, it's Friday!

      I pulled a muscle yesterday or pinched a nerve or Something in my right hip. I had been sitting in a small chair at the kids' table and when I got up I could hardly take a step. I was grabbing onto the stroller handle for balance...and no child was in it so it wasn't very weigthed down, but after limping through the rest of the day and across the parking lot at my nail appointment like some old cowboy sidekick, my friend gave me a cream form the doTerra oils that really helped last night. I used some this morning and will buy some to have on hand. It is better but not completely. I told Becky as soon as daycare is over I need togo to the bank and she said she could today. That makes a big difference because the bank is in the grocery store and it will save me a big walk. I did stretching yoga stuff this morning as I could but yikes! All I could think of is the idea of a hip replacement and I don't have time for that and don't really want to do one (who does, right?)

      So I am happy to have a couple of days ahead with no real agenda. Becky is also shopping for us for food and also the daycare so that gives me time to take care of my leg. And no sitting in a low chair for me...I hope it is that simple of a fix.

      I hope your day is much better and the sun is shining or the rain falling: whichever you need the most (including emotional needs!)


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        If that cream helped your leg, Paula, I’d like to try some of that on my lower back.
        My PT daughter has a similar problem as mine, I forgot the name she has for it, but I wonder if it would help her......her pain is constant but she learned to live with it. I’ve been thinking about getting “Icy Hot” patches for my back.
        I am not familiar with the doTerra oils.

        hope you feel better soon. I wonder if a chiropractor could help you?
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Morning! Got my car back yesterday. Yay! It had a lot more internal damage than we thought but I also got notice that the insurance company has already paid them so it is final and closed. All that is left is my insurance going up! And it will since they will blame it on my age I am sure...the old lady that hit the gas instead of the brake is how it is probably being viewed and will cost me plenty! The things we grandmas do....

          So with my car back I am going to call for a haircut which I need. I also have a doctors appointment next week back home so maybe I can synchronize the appointments. Be nice if they were all Monday since there is no school but doctor is Tuesday which is an early dismissal day so time may be a problem. Hate to make two trips back but gotta do what you gotta do and I need a haircut.

          Tonight is chili per Andrew;s request. He normally does not eat with us of Friday but he thought he was getting chili last night and no one told the cook so he wants it tonight even if he goes out to eat later with his mom. It is easy enough and Jon worked up the hamburger last night so all I need to do it put it together. I will need to run out for milk and oyster crackers later but need stamps anyway.

          I got nothing new from here. Same-0 crap from this end of the world. Glad the oils helped your hip Paula. Jo glad you found a couple of places to give second looks at. Anyplace that provided meals would be ok with me as long as I did not have to travel to the dining room to get them...I am still holding our for room service! Besides I am to antisocial for all that old folks gathering. Beth payday is the best day!

          Blues lost last night but it is only game one. Lots more to go! Sunny and cool today but looks like it rained last night. Time to shower and get my chili on. Have a great FRIDAY!!


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            good evening.

            Friday , a long day for me.. we made it into Walmart. and I hunted the toy section and little girls clothing section for a little Play purse ...wanted it as a a gift for great-granddaughters birthday.. to carry around and I will put money inside for her Mama to buy bunches of diapers ( or whatever).. 1/2hr later, I had found nothing... must be a Christmas item...

            we ate lunch out... so no cooking today.. big smile.. big long nap this afternoon.. Because... someone, and his cat,, were up at 3am and managed to wake me... never got back to sleep ,finally give up trying at 4:40am and got up , read and read no working in house today.. just more snoozing.
            Have a master plan on clearing out the house drawers, shelves. closets. do one little space a day.. and throw something in the thrash container every day.. but today was a lost day.. maybe....

            Chili sounds good Maxie, have not made that in a while..
            Terra oils.???? explain what and where to get... would like to try on my knees.
            hoping for a day of so of continuous sunshine this week but did not get two little Paint jobs are still waiting on me.. I like to do the actual painting,, just getting ready, and then cleaning up afterwards is the part I wish someone else would do.. .

            back to my reading 4 library books and one on the Kindle.. but Im a fast reader , Plus I do not read boring books.... IF a book does not hold my interest , It gets returned.. and crossed off in my big recording book as "a Skim".. and author gets a low,.low rating..May the Lord Bless me with eyesight and mental facilities to keep on reading..

            see you all later.


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              Maye, I found doTerra oils on Amazon. I think it’s too expensive for me, but I seem to get by with an ibuprofen or Icy Hot cream.

              My daughter told her daughter about the big carton of stuffed toys I left there for daughter was anxious to take them to her daughters kids, knowing the girl (Alora) would be so excited. The boy (Wyatt) is almost 2 months old now. But granddaughter asked her to hold them til Christmas (the toys are all in new condition), as it willl be a “very budgeted” holiday.
              But granddaughter did send an email of thanks for the toys, and for the online ad for Michal’s crafts for the fabric 2 yards of fabric and get a yard for free. She sews, and she makes beautiful clothes without patterns! How amazing is that! I gave her one of my sewing machines, a Singer, earlier this year, and she was so delighted.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.