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Thursday 10/4

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  • Thursday 10/4

    Good morning and it is starting out with geese honking and cool temperatures!

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    So, my thoughts about starting a post is to make a short one and then post it and get the date started a nd then come right back and post...Does that make sense? Then we have just one thread??? I don't know, but that is why I did it.

    My early boy was picked up yesterday by both parents who said he will start going to their friend's daycare. The mom said he is so hard to get going in the morning and asks to play with their friend's child that they think they should change him. Ugh. right when you try and accommodate someone and then this.
    They said he would stay to the end of the month so I would have time to find someone to fill his spot, but after thinking about it I texted them to say I am ok with the normal two week notice and if it makes him happier then that is what I want. (Actually, it just makes it easier for me. )

    But there is just something that grates on my nerves...he left last year when one mom got a different shift, then she saw me in Walmart and wanted him to com eback and I had to wait until school kids went to Kindergarten, then the early morning start (which makes other parents think they should be able to drop off earlier), and now saying he is resisting coming in the morning. He gets here with totally dry eyes (no crying) and happy to get into the it makes me wonder if there is something else...I have to stop. It will just drive me nuts.

    My neighbors across the street are remodeling and Saturday they put in sod. Wow! It looks so nice! They also put down a huge amount of top soil, but I am literally green with envy. the rain we are getting will help the corners and tight spots that are hard to get watered here.

    Ok, I ranted to you all enough. I haven't said anything to Becky because she will just either worry or get mad for me and it isn't a big deal at all.

    I Didn't get the phone alert yesterday. Neither did Becky. Our phones were on and I was holding mine but did not get anything. My mom did and said it was more jarring than the weather alert (which I did get one of those due to possible flash floods and mudslides)

    Ok, really going now! Have a great day!


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      Yes Paula I thought that was what you were doing with the short greeting this morning. I appreciate that because when I start I always seem to overlap what someone else has started. I have so much to say it takes me a while to say it all and others are waking up by then! I would not let losing that little boy bother me...I would say they have other reasons and if you don't mind losing him then don't worry about the will fill his spot quickly. I know people around here are always looking for a good daycare. Sierra's aunt is always turning kids away...good safe places are hard to find! Good to hear that others did not receive the message yesterday..I wondered if I should take it

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    No geese but lots cooler here this morning. Looks like it is breezy too. Tonight is the beginning of hockey season and I am ready and waiting...been a long off season!

    No plans for today. Always something I could do and I do plan on making a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs for supper. I am guessing that my phone was not smart enough to get the presidents message and that in itself is sorta funny if you think about it...but all my kiddos received it so I should be warned in the event of a catastrophe.

    This cool front and rain is going to be a nice change but I still need to get some things cut back and transplanted. I am afraid we are going to go straight into winter after all these summer extensions we have had around here just like we went straight from winter into summer. Oh well, we will enjoy the cool while we have it. Have a great day!


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      Good morning..I went home early yesterday with an upset stomach and bad head ache. I am feeling a bit better this morning. Going to try to make it through my work day.


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        Good morning.
        I am surprised that you both didnít get that text call. I did, but I felt my phone vibrate and didnít look til later. Eís phone rang a moment later, and he glanced at it..... but we were in the middle of a home tour.

        today is our last day here in Phx. We have one late-morning tour today. But as soon as we check out we will be without Wi-Fi for the rest of the day.

        And I need a shower now before E wakens. The Rain has stopped, but the humidity is still unusually high. The weather app says Tucson still has flash flood warnings through this morning. Iím wondering what we are going home to?

        Well, Iíd better get started. We will not be going out for breakfast, E bought some individual cereal bowls and a few bananas. Yes, the hotel does offer the usual breakfast, but who wants rubbery eggs and greasy bacon or sausage, or the cheap tasteless cereals they offer! Right? And the mini danish are dry under all the icing, and no matter what flavor you pick they all taste the same, even the bit of fruit or cheese on them have lost their taste (I swear they get their bread products from the day-old store for the discount).

        Well, I better get moving.

        Hope you all all have a great day.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.